9 Best Apple Watch Games for On-The-Go Fun


If somebody had told me a decade ago that you could play cool games on your watch, I would’ve laughed at their idiocy.

Now the times have changed. It’s incredibly easy to play games on your smartwatch, namely the Apple Watch, because it’s arguably the best.

The Apple Watch does much more than tell you the time, track your steps, monitor your health, and play music. The smartwatch also has an extensive library of enthralling games that can keep you entertained on the go.

Having played several Apple Watch games, I have rounded some of my favorites that you would enjoy just as much as I did. Read on to know my take on these games to have on-the-go fun.

Apple Watch Games – A New Genre of Fun

Apple Watch games offer entertainment like no other. You don’t need a sophisticated system, nor do you need additional equipment to play on it. The games are on your wrist at all times.


Getting bored to death in a Zoom meeting? Have some time to kill? Launch a game on your Apple Watch and notice the time fly by.

Apple Watch games are quick and casual games that focus on short bursts of gameplay, perfect for the device’s small screen size and wearable nature.

These games are not as sophisticated as those on iPhone, iPad, or gaming consoles, but they provide a quick gateway to fun.

You can enjoy basic puzzle games, virtual pet simulators, and watch-centric versions of popular mobile games, such as chess and solitaire.

Benefits of Apple Watch Games

The games on your Apple Watch are perfect for on-the-go fun because of their sheer convenience. Here are some of their many benefits:

➡️ Portability

These games are always available on the wrist, no matter where you go. You don’t need any additional equipment. All in all, these games redefine portability.

➡️ Quick Gameplay

Apple Watch games come with short and straightforward gameplay. You can get the hang of them in a matter of seconds and spend the rest of the time playing and winning.

➡️ Fitness Integration

Some games are health-focused, which means you can play and get fit at the same time. This promotes a healthy lifestyle like no other since the progress and rewards are right in front of your eyes.

➡️ Frequent Updates

Apple is quite frequent when it comes to their updates, which also means more games and additions to the Apple Watch game library. Each update comes with new tools and APIs to enhance the device’s capabilities.

If you notice a new WatchOS update, you can check out the App Store to see what new games have been introduced into the system and be the first one to try out the fresh additions. This is the perfect way of staying on top of trends while having loads of fun.

Now that we know the benefits of Apple Watch games, let’s dive into reviewing some of the best games you can install right now.


If you don’t like math, you can move to the next game because this one is all about additions.


The idea of 2048 is to merge numbered tiles around to get a sum of 2048 in just one tile. For example, if you merge 2 tiles of 4, it becomes 8. 2 tiles of 8 become 16, and as you go on merging the tiles of the same numbers, they keep summing up. You win the game once you reach 2048.

The goal of the game is simple enough, though achieving the prize is tricky. Not everyone can crack the game, but you’d surely get there with some trial and error. It’s a fun game to keep you occupied for hours, even though you don’t essentially win the game. Or you may. Let’s see.

➡️ Download: Apple Watch


Arcadia is a collection of 22 enthralling games inspired by some of the most iconic video games that will keep you glued to your Apple Watch.


These games need no introduction since you must’ve already played most of them in your childhood, such as Snake, Tap-a-mole, PongPong, Treasure Map, and Galaxy Invaders (one of my personal favorites.) 

Arcadia is the perfect destination for you if you want to kill some time playing the absolute classic on your Apple Watch. Here are some of my favorite games from the Arcadia: 

  • FastRun: Dodge traffic to get to your destination.
  • RainBowling: Smash the bowling pins to get a strike.
  • Yarr!: As a pirate (Arr!), you’d have to destroy the enemy ships.
  • Bricko: Remove the bricks by color-matching them vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. The more you remove, the more points you get.
  • Fruity Snake: Control the snake and eat as many fruits as possible. 

Explore the 22 games and find out which one you found the best. 

➡️ Download: Apple Watch

Bubblegum Hero

Bubblegum Hero has simple yet addictive gameplay where you have to blow the biggest bubblegum and score the most points. You can choose from 15 characters and their funny animations, 5 different worlds, and 30 bubble gums with varying characteristics. 


You have to blow a bubble gum of just the perfect size, not too small, or you’ll lose and not too big, lest it bursts on your face.

While the gameplay is quite simple, it can be challenging enough to make you serious about the game once you start playing. The best part is it also comes with a realistic mode in which you can blow into the microphone to control the gameplay.

➡️ Download: Apple Watch


Easily one of the most popular board games out there, Chess has many modes, including 2-player matches where you can play with friends or strangers. 


You can have a battle of wits on the go with your friends or with so-called grandmasters in the tournaments. If you like chess as much as I do and have the wits to beat others in their own game, you HAVE to install this game and enjoy chess matches.

Remember, anybody can take the cake because chess can sometimes be unpredictable.

➡️ Download: Apple Watch


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I don’t think I have to introduce the Solitaire game to you.


If you love playing the patience game, you’d love the Apple Watch version of this iOS game that allows you to take on daily challenges, play random deals, and compete with your friends on the leaderboard.

The features on the Watch are way limited compared to iPhone or iPad versions, but they’re enough to keep you busy for a few hours. If you already love the game, you’d like its interface on the watch too.

➡️ Download: Apple Watch

Lifeline 2

Lifeline 2 is an adventure game that’s fully optimized for WatchOS, allowing you to have the best experience playing the game on your Apple Watch.


The game’s plot revolves around Arika – a girl on a journey to avenge her parents and save her long-lost brother. You help Arika on her quest by making choices to keep her alive.

On the way, she faces mortal danger, and your choices will bring her closer to success until the final showdown, where she has to confront forces that threaten the whole of humanity.

Lifeline 2 comes with a gripping story and enthralling gameplay, which will keep you committed to reaching the suspenseful end. If you’re tired of mundane puzzles and want to add some drama and suspense to the games you play, Lifeline 2 is perfect for you.

➡️ Download: Apple Watch

Magic 8 Bit 8 Ball

You must have heard of the ancient concept of the magical 8 ball that can answer all questions for you, right? It has an excellent success rate when it comes to answering questions about love, career, restaurant choices, and more.


Earlier, you needed the physical 8 balls to answer your personal questions, but now you can use the Apple Watch’s Magic 8 Bit 8 Ball to have all your questions answered anytime, anywhere.

Ask the game where you should have dinner tonight or if the movie you’re considering watching on Sunday is worth it.

You can also ask if your crush likes you back but be prepared for the answer. I am not taking responsibility for any answers it gives you, and neither will Richard Shilton, the app’s developer.

➡️ Download: Apple Watch

Ping Pong

Ready for a classic match of Ping Pong? This game is calling you. The Ping Pong game offers various game modes, including classic match, versus, breakout, invader, jump, and fall. You can play as per your mood, but each mode promises unlimited fun.


If you have nothing else to do, you can launch the Ping Pong game and get instant gratification by earning points against your competitors. You can also choose the level of difficulty.

➡️ Download: Apple Watch

Truth or Dare?

How could I possibly miss out on the all-time classic? Truth or Dare? is a staple game to play when you’re out with your friends and have no idea what to do. Trust me; your gang will thank you for having such a useful game on your Watch because it has a lot of fun questions to ask you.


The questions and dares in the game are very creative, so I can guarantee that you won’t get bored once you start playing it. You can pick a category ranging from Kids to Extreme and then play the game.

➡️ Download: Apple Watch

Closing Thoughts

Playing games is a surefire way to kill time and boost your mood. While you don’t always have your phone or console with you to play those high-end games, if you do have an Apple Watch, you’re sorted.

The game library of the Apple Watch is packed with some of the most exciting games to keep you occupied for hours on end. The games mentioned in this post should definitely be installed on your Watch for unlimited fun on the go!

By the way, if you’re a loyal Apple device user and own an iPhone as well, you should check out the best iPhone puzzle games to challenge your problem-solving skills!

Adnan Rehan
Adnan Rehan
Adnan is a BMS graduate and a senior games writer at Sparkian. He's a gaming enthusiast with plenty of knowledge of the gaming world, including the latest games, strategies, and epic adventures. Besides gaming, he loves to write about tech over at Geekflare.

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