9 Best Gaming Tablets for Gamers on the Move [2023]


“Gaming on the go” is a term that gained immense popularity with the introduction of games on smaller screens.

But the community was still stuck between two extremes – gaming on PC/console and gaming on mobile. To this came our hero to save the day, the tablet. A tablet functions almost like a PC yet is compact and easy to carry, like a smartphone.

Thanks to technological advancements, we now have numerous high-end games on tablets, giving us a portable gaming experience without compromising performance.

If you’ve been considering buying a gaming tablet to play games while you’re on the move, you’ll love the options I will present to you in this post. These tablets are ideal to use while you’re commuting, lounging, traveling, or enjoying the breeze in a park.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Tablet?


With tons of options floating in the market, it can be overwhelming to make the correct choice. However, irrespective of which tablet you choose, there are certain things to keep in mind before making a purchase. These quick tips will help you pick the best possible device for your gaming.

➡️ Display

One of the most important aspects, a high-resolution display with HD resolution, brightness of 400 nits or more, and a fast refresh rate are some of the key components of an immersive gaming experience.

➡️ RAM & Processor

Substantial RAM equals strong performance. Also, the job of a good processor is to ensure a lag-free experience and fast functioning of all apps and features, including games.

➡️ Size and Weight

As you’ll be using the tablet on the go, picking one that’s comfortable in your hand should be of utmost priority. Keep in mind the size and weight of it, and check if you can handle its weight without straining yourself and if it fits fine in your daily bag.

➡️ Battery Life

Another crucial aspect, as gaming tends to be resource-intensive, go for a gaming tablet that offers a prolonged battery life.

➡️ Operating System

While Android and iOS both come with their own perks, it’s important to note that specific titles are exclusively available on either of them. They also offer different compatibility capabilities with gaming accessories like earphones, stylus, gaming controllers, etc.

➡️ Price

Gaming is all cool and fun, but it shouldn’t make a big hole in your wallet. Planning your finances is probably the most important element that can help you filter your search for the perfect gaming buddy you’re looking for.

Now that we’re well aware of the selection criteria, let’s jump into the list of our top gaming tablet recommendations that you may want to lay your hands on right now.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet

One of the most robust yet affordable tablets you can grab, the Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet is equipped with a powerful and fast octa-core processor and 3 GB RAM for lag-free gaming.

In terms of storage, it comes in 32 GB and 64 GB variants, and you can get a 1TB microSD Card if you want more external space.

Source: Amazon

Its 10.1-inch full HD display ensures vibrant visuals with more than 2 million pixels, while the 12-hour long-lasting battery life allows extended gaming sessions,

As far as looks are concerned, it’s compact, sleek, and thin; making it a light device to roam around with. Since it runs on Amazon OS, you can offload your instructions to Alexa, and it’ll assist you anytime, anywhere.

Moreover, the split screen function of this tablet allows you to multitask when you’re using social media, writing an email, or watching Netflix while studying.

Overall, Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet is an absolute steal at this price.

Apple iPad 10th Generation

One of the most popular devices worldwide, Apple never fails to disappoint with its line of products. Compared to its previous model, Apple iPad 10th Generation is flatter with a 10.9-inch Retina display. Its true tone feature adjusts the display according to the room’s color for comfortable viewing.

Source: Amazon

It features the A14 Bionic chip and has 64GB or 256GB storage options. This chip enables impressive gaming performance, allowing gamers like you and me to play high-end games without stuttering.

In addition, it also supports Apple Pencil, which is a great companion to jot down notes, draw, or use as an accessory to play games with precision in your downtime.

The 10th Generation streams games hitch-free and gives you fast access to files with swift downloads and uploads.

This versatile product is an ideal choice for gamers who’re also students or working professionals – thanks to its capability to serve productive as well as entertainment needs.

Dragon Touch Notepad K10 Tablet

The Dragon Touch Notepad K10 Tablet is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise gaming performance.

It has a strong quad-core processor of up to 1.3GHz with 2GB RAM that can easily handle most games. It also benefits multitasking if you want to accomplish certain tasks while playing.

Source: Amazon

The storage capacity lies at 32 GB, which is ample room to store some of your gaming titles. But it doesn’t end there. You can extend it to 128 GB via an external microSD card. The dual speakers of this tablet amplify your gaming experience with robust sound, and you can use the 8MP camera to flaunt your crisp picture quality.

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This device functions on Android Pie, meaning you can access Google Play to download a wide variety of games and apps.

While the name might not be as well known, it’s an excellent option for gamers and students who want a basic tablet for decent usage.

Lenovo Tab M10 Plus

This post would be incomplete without Lenovo, but that’s not the only reason the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus made it to the list.

It’s loaded with goodness, including a 10.3-inch full HD display with slim bezels and a lightweight body, providing a captivating gaming experience. The tablet is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core processor combined with 4 GB RAM, delivering smooth functioning of apps and games.

Source: Amazon

One of the most spoken elements of this device is its premium build, and you’ll feel it instantly when you hold it in your hands.

Lenovo has gone the extra mile to incorporate eye protection features to make long gaming hours more comfortable. This is a huge selling point for gamers concerned with blue light coming from the screen.

Not to mention, it’s powered by a decent battery life of up to 7 hours of video playback and 8 hours of web browsing that can easily last on a busy day. You can expand its storage up to 256GB and store more games to compete with your gaming buddies and have fun on the go!

Lenovo Tab P12 Pro

The Lenovo Tab P12 Pro can be labeled as a high-end gaming tablet designed for heavy gamers who demand top-notch performance. It features the exclusive Kyro 585 processor and 8GB RAM that can handle most high-performing games without a sweat.

Source: Amazon

One of the most applauded features of this device is its bright and colorful AMOLED panel with a 12.6’’ screen area that gives you a larger-than-life gaming experience. Imagine playing Call of Duty on that screen! 😍

It comes with Precision Pen 3 that can be your buddy at work or school apart from the fun gaming sessions you enjoy during your free time.

Lenovo has furnished the tablet with 4 JBL speakers and Dolby Atmos support with volume controls to enhance your gaming/viewing experience.

As it features Android 11, you’re in for a treat with an array of famous mobile games without worrying about options.

Microsoft Surface Go 2

Microsoft Surface Go 2 is an ultra-compact 10.5-inch tablet that runs on Windows 10 and weighs just 1.2 pounds (excluding Type Cover.)

It boasts a 10-hour battery life inclusive of heavy usage, making it the perfect selection for hardcore gamers and working professionals. It can seamlessly handle games from the Microsoft Store and other popular platforms.

Source: Amazon

Additionally, it’s compatible with other Microsoft accessories, such as the Surface Pen and Mouse, to elevate your gaming experience further. 

Talking about the processor, it’s powered by Intel Pentium Gold 4425Y 8th Gen Intel Core M3 – known for its excellent support for gaming and other usual daily activities.

Along with the tablet, you get an adjustable kickstand and a signature type cover to help you get a good grip and view of things while working. The cherry on the cake is that the device is pretty good-looking. While it may not be built “exclusively” for gaming, it does not restrict you from using it for a vivid gaming experience.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

A budgeted brilliance, Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is fast, compact, and beautiful to look at. It’s available in 3 beautiful colors: Pink Gold, Silver, and Dark Gray.

It comes with a USB C-type port that offers quick charging. A single charge could last for hours, depending on your usage.

Source: Amazon

The tablet features a 10.5-inch display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, providing excellent and bright visuals for gaming and streaming content. The IPS LCD panels produce great colors and viewing angles that can elevate your viewing experience.

If you have other Samsung devices, you can experience the Galaxy ecosystem in full swing. It allows seamless data transfer within minutes from one Samsung device to another.

In addition, the quad speakers with Dolby Atmos and undoubtedly good cameras are the absolute steal for this price.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Considered the best iPad Pro competitor by users, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is a beautiful piece from the Galaxy lineup you might want to lay your hands on. The device features a fantastic 8000mAh battery life with type-C support.

Source: Amazon

It promises a true PC experience with the DeX mode and an optional keyboard with an extended trackpad. The Pogo pin connector ensures the laptop stays in place during heavy gaming and working hours.

This tablet, by far, gives you the best immersive gaming experience – thanks to its cinematic viewing with a larger edge-to-edge display on a TFT LCD screen. You also get to enjoy AKG quad speakers with Dolby Atmos surround sound.

The Galaxy Tab S7 has stunning 13MP and ultra-wide 5MP dual back and 8MP front-facing cameras supported by the famous S-pen. Be sure to check this one out for an all-round experience!

Xiaomi Pad 5

Xiaomi Pad 5 is a premium mid-range gaming tablet that competes with some of the industry’s best. It features a 10.95-inch display with a fast 120Hz refresh rate, delivering smooth graphics and an enjoyable gaming experience.

Source: Amazon

The tablet is powered by a Snapdragon 870 processor and 6GB of RAM to enjoy a powerful gaming performance. Besides, 128GB of internal storage and a sizeable 8720mAh battery make this tablet the best of both worlds – with ample space for games and extended gaming sessions on a single charge.

Additionally, Xiaomi’s MIUI provides a unique user experience with various customization options. The sleek design, premium build quality, and impressive performance make it an outstanding choice for gamers who want a top-tier gaming tablet.

Closing Thoughts

Like mobile phones and computers, tablets have evolved to offer exceptional gaming performances on portable devices.

Irrespective of whether you enjoy casual gaming sessions or you’re the next eSports Champion, the gaming tablets mentioned in this post offer outstanding performance along with an immersive gaming experience. Go ahead, select one, and start your gaming voyage now.

Next, check out the best gifts for PC gamers to enhance your friend’s gaming experience.

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