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GTA, or Grand Theft Auto, can be hailed as one of the most popular series of all time. And keeping that in mind, it comes as no surprise that the GTA VI is one of the most anticipated games of recent times. A strong reason behind this is that it has already been 10 years since the release of GTA V. As of now, the fans are trying hard to wait for the game that is going to take the gaming industry by storm.

The leaks and rumors regarding GTA VI have already flooded the internet. The early leaks of the upcoming Rockstar prodigy suggest that it is all set to get a female protagonist, for the first time ever in the GTA universe, named Lucia. Here in this post, we will talk about anything and everything related to Lucia so that you can get a better idea of what it is going to be like in the near future.

Who is Lucia, and What Will be Her Role in GTA VI?


There is no official statement regarding the character of Lucia from Rockstar. Nonetheless, what we can figure out from the leaks suggests that Lucia is going to be a Latina partner-in-crime of Jason, who again is a new entrant in the world of Grand Theft Auto. It is also being said that the characters of Lucia and Jason will be based on real-life infamous robbers Bonnie and Clyde.

Another major element of the latest GTA installment will be that the main characters, in this case Lucia and Jason, will have a romantic angle, and it will play a vital role in the game, too. The leaked gameplay video of the two main characters clearly shows that the player is active in the game with Lucia on the way to rob a diner, and Jason is watching the customers as an NPC.

There is not a lot to say about Lucia’s exact role in the game or how the story is going to revolve around her and Jason. But one thing which we are very clear of is that the sixth installment of GTA is going serve a freshly baked story to the fans as compared to previous rags to riches kind of setups.

Introducing a female protagonist in GTA VI was the best card that Rockstar could have played at this point in time. The reason is that the character is going to be strong enough to have a neck-to-neck fight with any of the past protagonists from past GTA games. And even before any kind of official announcement, Lucia has already garnered a lot of fans. We can only imagine what is going to happen once the game hits the market.

What’s Going to Change with Lucia Being the Main Character in GTA VI?


There are two main impacts that we could get to see if Lucia becomes a reality. The first one is that Lucia will change the narrative of GTA games and the way they have been represented until now. The second one is that a female protagonist is definitely going to offer a one-of-a-kind POV to all the gamers who have been in the habit of seeing male protagonists ruling the Grand Theft Auto empire until now.

➡️ Lucia Could Bring a New Viewpoint to GTA


The leaked videos of the gameplay show Lucia in multiple outfits, and the region looked pretty inspired by what Miami looked like in the 1980s. It can also be seen that a lot of Red Dead Redemption 2 aspects will be included in GTA VI. For example, the option to choose dialogues while interacting with the NPCs.

The scene shows Jason and Lucia going to rob a diner, and the player has interaction options at the time of facing victims. Lucia will surely have different tricks up her sleeves to deal with the officials and perform criminal activities.

Moreover, it will be great to see a woman not getting objectified in the game and playing a crucial role. Previously, all the GTA games failed to show women in good light, let alone in power. The entry of Lucia could also open up the possibility of new female characters playing a vital role in GTA VI.

➡️ Lucia is Going to Have a ‘Braze Your Own Trail’ Personality


Until now, GTA protagonists were simply small-scale thugs aiming to reach the top of criminalism and be the boss. Without being harsh here, the previous installment of GTA were the stories of men with sick temper and greed for power. However, things are going to change on a considerable level with the entry of Lucia in GTA 6, or as we want to think at this point in time.

Lucia could garner a lot more fans compared to the previous protagonists of the game because she will bring something (or, we can say, all the things) new to the table. No doubt, the expectations from GTA VI are on an unmatchable level as it will hit the market more than a decade after its predecessor’s launch. The introduction of Lucia will play a major role in gaining an audience for the game, as strong women protagonists in AAA titles are something that we rarely get to see.

What Else are the Rumor Mills Churning?


GTA VI fans could also get to see something entirely different in the upcoming Rockstar title – dynamic relationship meter. The meter will play a major role in shaping the storyline and opening new dialogue options depending on the players’ actions and choices in the game. Rumors mills are churning that the missions in the game will be accomplished in a pragmatic, calm, or romantic relationship between Jason and Lucia in GTA 6.

One of the most popular GTA 6 leaksters, Matheus Victor, revealed that Jason and Lucia in GTA 6 will have contrasting personalities in the game. And this could be a reason behind their conflict as soon as the story moves forward. As for Jason, he is going to be a chain smoker in love with riding ATV bikes, topped with a keen interest in fishing.

In addition to that, it is also being said that Jason and Lucia in GTA 6 will be a part of a fully operational gang, which Lucia wants to seriously leave, but she still completes all her duties as a gang member. Not only this, but rumors have it that Lucia is the youngest member of this unnamed gang. There is no detail available regarding the other crew members from the gang.

A Little About GTA 6 Now


Rockstar Games officially announced GTA 6 in February 2022, and the game is currently under development right now. The game crossed paths with a massive leak that made the fans think the game would be delayed. Nonetheless, Rockstar Games issued a statement saying that they are not going to postpone the game or change their strategies for it.

In the current scenario, it is being said that GTA 6 will make its debut on the latest generation of consoles, which means that the game will be only available for Xbox Series X|S and PS5. The release of the game for PS4 and Xbox One completely depends on the realistic release date of the same. (If it takes a couple more years, then forget about playing the game on older consoles).

As mentioned by Rockstar Insider Tez2, the game will be making its entry into the market with a 2024 holiday release. Nothing to get super excited as the same insider quoted that the game’s release could also be shifted to Early 2025.

A hacker last year released more than 90 videos of the GTA VI, which came as a shocker for the whole gaming fraternity. These leaked videos confirmed that the game will get Vice City back in the picture. And it is going to serve as a portion of the entire map in the game. This clearly hints that the whole Florida map will be involved.

Wrapping up

Until now, there is only a limited amount of information available regarding the upcoming characters. The involvement of Lucia in GTA 6 is almost confirmed if the leaked videos are authentic. In the end, we can say that the leaks have raised the heat around the release of the game, and fans are eagerly waiting for the latest installment of Grand Theft Auto.

Whatever the case, we are sure that GTA VI will be one hell of a ride for all the players who want a bakery-fresh approach to the series. That being said, if you can’t wait for some open-world action, check out our list of the best games like GTA!

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