Warframe: How to Find Moonlight Dragonlily?


Moonlight Dragonlilies in Warframe are plants found in the Grineer Forest tileset near grassy areas or water bodies. They are used for creating Antitoxins and Apothics and can be difficult to farm if you are not familiar with the game’s Day and Night cycles. Our guide will go over the uses of Moonlight Dragonlily in Warframe, and you will be able to farm these rare plants in no time.

What is a Moonlight Dragonlily?


Moonlight Dragonlilies are plants that are located on the Grineer Forests tileset only during the Night cycles. Scanning a Moonlight Dragonlily grants you at least one Moonlight Dragonlily Extract, which can be used for farming Apothics and Antitoxins

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How to Find Moonlight Dragonlily? 

Moonlight Dragonlilies can be farmed only during the Night cycle, so you need to track Warframe’s Cycle Timers. You can use websites like Warframe Hub to find out when the next Night cycle is.

Moonlight Dragonlilies are available only on the Grineer Forest tileset, and if you queue into the undersea version of the maps, you should abort immediately. Warframe maps are randomized, with multiple tilesets on each planet. Refer to the image below, and if your tileset looks similar, you can obtain Moonlight Dragonlilies. 


If you need Sunlight Jadeleaf as well, you can follow the same steps, but you need to enter the missions during the Day cycle instead. Here are the missions that are recommended for farming Moonlight Dragonlilies in Warframe: 

  • Mantle, Earth (2-4) – Capture Mission
  • Lith, Earth (1-6) – Defense Mission (RECOMMENDED)
  • Earth Prime, Earth (1-3) – Exterminate Mission
  • Cervantes, Earth (4-6) – Sabotage Mission

How to Harvest Moonlight Dragonlily?

To harvest Moonlight Dragonlilies, you need to obtain a Synthesis Scanner, a special device from Cephalon Simaris. The scanner lets you see enemies, destructible objects, and other important items through walls.


You can scan the plants when you spot them and obtain at least one Moonlight Dragonlily Extract from each plant. 

Here are some tips that will help you locate the plants easily and scan them: 

  • Use the Cross-Matrix Widget upgrade for your Synthesis Scanner. It will add a 45% chance for all scans with the Synthesis Scanner to count as two scans. The Cross-Matrix Widget upgrade costs 50,000 Standing at Cephalon Simaris. 
  • Farm at least six Moonlight Dragonlilies as they are needed for The Silver Grove questline. We recommend farming the plants on Earth Prime as it is a very low-level mission that even new players can clear without difficulty. 
  • Use the Oxylus Companion with the Botanist mod to find plants easily. The mod can be purchased from Cephalon Simiaris for 75,000 Standing
  • Change the matchmaking setting to Solo if you do not want to be forcefully extracted by other players. 
  • Farm Moonlight Dragonlilies on Lith, Earth. If you move while hugging the left border of the map, you will always find two Moonlight Dragonlilies. You can abort as soon as you find them and restart the mission to quickly farm the plants.

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What are Moonlight Dragonlilies Used For?

Here are all of the items that require Moonlight Dragonlilies: 

  • Nightfall Apothic: Requires 6x Moonlight Dragonlily (Silver Grove quest) 
  • Lapis Antitoxin: Requires 1x Moonlight Dragonlily
  • Topaz Antitoxin: Requires 2x Moonlight Dragonlily
  • Vermillion Antitoxin: Requires 4x Moonlight Dragonlily

The Nightfall Apothic is a quest item that is needed to complete The Silver Grove quest. And you need to craft it only once. Antitoxins are used to boost the Affinity rewards in Injector Sabotage missions

All Antitoxins serve the same purpose, but the type of Antitoxin you use affects the Antitoxin Strength. If you are farming Moonlight Dragonlilies, we recommend crafting the Lapis Antitoxin, which offers a massive +50% Antitoxin Strength bonus.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know what Moonlight Dragonlilies in Warframe are used for, and how to find them and harvest them, you shouldn’t have any trouble with these items in the game. Make sure to check out our guide on how to farm Neurodes in Warframe as well!

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