Mastering Time: How to Change the Random Tick Speed in Minecraft?


A gameplay feature in Minecraft known as “random tick rate” controls how often specific unplanned events occur in the environment. These include things like plant growth, fire spread, and crop or leaf decomposition. Players can manipulate the speed at which these processes occur by adjusting the random tick rate.

The rapid growth and decline are a consequence of the more frequent occurrence of these events, which are associated with a higher rate of random ticking. On the other hand, these processes are slowed down by a reduced ticking rate. This feature has a big impact on gameplay. For example, increasing the tick speed can lead to faster resource generation, making the game more active.

This post will explain the concept of random ticks and how the Random Tick Speed ​​command works in Minecraft. We’ll also show you how to change the random tick speed. Finally, we’ll go over the reasons why you might want to change this setting. Keep reading to learn more about it!

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What Does the randomTickSpeed Command Do in Minecraft?

what does random tick do

The randomTickSpeed ​​command in Minecraft allows users and server administrators to change how often certain random occurrences, or “random ticks”, occur in the game environment. Internal game events such as plant and crop development, leaf decay, fire spread, and other similar natural phenomena are controlled by these ticks.

The frequency of these random ticks will effectively speed up when randomTickSpeed ​​is increased. As a result, crops and plants grow faster, leaves decompose faster, and fire spreads faster. On the other hand, increasing randomTickSpeed ​​slows down these procedures.

How to Change the Random Tick Speed in Minecraft?

The random tick rate in Minecraft can be changed using Minecraft commands that normally require operator-level rights on a server or in a single-player world. To change the random tick speed, follow these steps:

➡️ Open the Chat Window

access comand

To open a chat window in Minecraft, press the / key on your keyboard. This is where you enter commands.

➡️ Enter Command Mode

random tick speed

Type the command and then type /. Use the /gamerule randomTickSpeed ​​command to adjust the random tick speed.

➡️ Set the Random Tick Speed

add value

Enter the command, followed by a space, and then the desired tick speed. For example, you would enter the following to set the random tick rate to 100.

➡️ Press Enter

Press Enter on your keyboard to execute the given command. Random tick speed will now be adjusted.

➡️ Monitor Changes

The random tick speed has been adjusted, and you should see a notification in the chat window. Now that the effects are visible in the game, you can see things like rapid plant growth and leaf deterioration.

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Why Should One Change the Random Tick Speed in Minecraft?

Players and server admins can benefit from changing the random tick speed in Minecraft, as it can have a number of creative and useful effects.

#1. Resource Management

By speeding up plant growth and farming, the speed of ticks can be increased to facilitate more efficient resource gathering. Players interested in utilizing their Minecraft farms and sustainable resource management will find this extremely useful.

#2. Game Customization

The player can adjust the pace of the game according to their own taste. While a lower speed creates a slower and more methodical play style, a higher random tick speed creates a more dynamic and faster experience. Combine this with the best Minecraft mods, and you’ve got plenty of new content to play with!

#3. Creative Building


Creative makers who want to achieve specific visual effects can benefit from reducing the tick rate. To preserve a fresh, colorful landscape, for example, the decomposition of leaves can be slowed down.

#4. Environmental Control

In some biomes, increasing tick speed can make difficulties worse and harder to survive. Higher tick speeds can be used by players looking for a more difficult experience to increase the chance of fire spreading.

#5. Experiment and testing

Players, especially those interested in Redstone gear and game mechanics, can change the tick speed to see how different processes interact and fine-tune their inventions.

#6. Performance Optimization

Reducing the tick rate can help reduce latency and increase overall performance under certain circumstances, especially on servers with complex Redstone devices or densely populated locations.

#7. Creating Maps and Custom Adventures

To create interesting challenges, puzzles, or experiences that players will enjoy, map designers and adventure creators can adjust the ticking pace. This gives you more control over the pace of the adventure. You can also add numerous Minecraft Bedrock Seeds and check how the landscape changes with an adjusted random tick speed!

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Players have a powerful tool to customize their gaming experience when they know how to adjust random tick speed in Minecraft. You can create customized obstacles and inventive possibilities by changing the speed at which natural processes such as plant growth and fire spread occur.

Discipline plays a role in ensuring that excessively high values do not have unknown side effects that may hinder performance. Whether it’s resource optimization, imaginative construction, or creating unique experiences for themselves and other players, players can achieve the ideal balance through rigorous experimentation that makes the game more fun.

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