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After I added Artifact Zeta to the Collection at The Lodge and got the Power of Anti-Gravity in Temple Eta, I went with Walter for the All That Money Can Buy quest. We came back with Artifact Nu and the knowledge that a group that calls itself The Starborns doesn’t want us near any artifact in the future. Thus begins the Further Into The Unknown quest in Starfield. It is a two-part mission where I have to first go to find Augur and then Kindi, both moons of Bode and Lumos respectively, in search of new artifacts. Let’s start the mission!

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How to Find Artifact Theta in Starfield?

Below, you’ll find all the steps to get Artifact Theta from Augur. Let’s check it out!

Grav-Jump to the Delta Pavonis Sytem

First, we’re going to Augur for Artifact Theta. Augur is a moon of Bode in the Delta Pavonis system. From Jemison’s orbit, you can make the grav-jump to this planetary system.

Grav-Jump to the Delta Pavonis Sytem

That’s where at least one artifact is located. You’ll have to grav-jump to Augur.

Grav-jump to Augur Starfield

It looks to be an icy moon from the outside, and you would do well to expect frigid conditions here.

Land near the Unexplored Geophysical Feature on Augur

Open up the planetary scan. As per Vladimir, the artifact should be located somewhere in the Unexplored Geophysical Feature. You have to land there.

Unexplored Geophysical Feature on Augur

Augur is the very definition of an inclement climate. As you step out of your ship, you would find yourself in an environment where ice-draped land could be seen for miles.

Follow the light blue marker to the location. The Geophysical Feature seems to be behind a hillock. Or maybe it is the hillock itself. There would be no enemies outside the Geophysical Feature, so chill and trudge to the spot with ease.

The Unexplored Geophysical Feature

➡️ Beware of the Toxic Pool Near the Cave

Once you discover the Geophysical Feature, go around it to find a cave entrance. But beware of the pool of corrosive liquid just near the entrance of the cave, as it can cause serious burns. During the day, you should be able to spot it by its muddy yellow color. See on the right side of the image, on the ground. That’s the one.

Beware of the Toxic Pool Near the Cave - starfield further into the unknown quest

The pool gives off toxic fumes. So, if you move around the cave cautiously, you should be able to pinpoint its location at night as well.

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Enter The Cave

Once you have reached the mouth of the cave without any trouble, enter the cave. It would be nearly pitch dark inside, so switching on your gun’s flashlight is recommended. You can do so by long pressing ‘F’. To switch it off, long press the same key again.

Enter the cave on Augur

➡️ Pro Tip #1 – Use the Scanner Inside the Cave

Though I don’t advise using it always in Starfield, using the scanner inside this cave is really helpful. Everything is very dark, and even the gun’s light does not help that much. The scanner is really helpful, especially in one area where you actually have to take the path that turns to the right and descends further into the cave.

Use scanner inside the cave starfield

If you don’t pull up your scanner and see the path that descends to the right, the one you should be taking, you might falter by going straight ahead, and if not careful, you can even fall as the rocky path ends up abruptly.

Fight The Starborn

Follow the route the scanner shows you, and you will reach the artifact site. One good (or bad?) thing about the Artifact Theta mission is that there are no enemies or traps to be encountered on the way to the exact location of the artifact.

But there is someone who would try to stop you once you reach close to destroy the mineral deposits around the Artifact Theta: One Starborn.

The Starborn Artifact Theta

This Starborn guy would materialize out of the air and start shooting at you. You would have no other option but to engage. There would be just him and no one else.

➡️ Pro Tip #2

Shoot at the Starborn from the entrance of the mini cave where Artifact Theta is. Why I suggest this is because further ahead in your path, there is another toxic pool of corrosive liquid. Best not to get singed while fighting. Therefore, try to kill him from outside the mini cave area.

Kill The Starborn

➡️ Blood But No Body: The Mystery of the Starborn

After you kill him, you will notice that the spot where you felled him has got some blood, but there is no body! Are the Starborns some form of spirits who can use physical world weapons and ships but have no corporeal form? And if they had no physical body, how come my bullets hurt this Starborn? That’s a riddle that needs to be solved.

Who are the Starborns Starfield

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Get Artifact Theta

With the coast clear, grab Artifact Theta from the rock just the way you got the other artifacts till now.

Get Artifact Theta

The visions will again come, with the music, and maybe this time, you will be able to recognize the dotted pattern of the three rotating rings in space, the ones you saw while trying to solve the puzzle of Temple Eta.

visions from artifact theta starfield

Exit from the Thermal Rise

Make your way back the same way you came, and you will exit from the same spot you entered. Take in a bit of the desolate and beautiful scenery around you if you want, or else, just go and board your ship. You have successfully secured the artifact at Augur. Mission complete.

Artifact Theta secured

With Artifact Theta in your safe possession, it’s time to take off now.

Take off from Augur Starfield

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The Next Part

With the first part of Starfield’s Further Into The Unknown quest over, next up is my trip to Kindi, another moon, to collect another artifact. This one, the trip to Augur and my mission to secure Artifact Theta, posed not much of a great difficulty. The way it went, I now think that probably a bunch of Starborns guarding the artifact would have provided a better challenge.

But who knows? Maybe they ARE waiting for me at Kindi, enraged over the death of their colleague, itching to mete out some retribution to me. I would only know once I land on Kindi. Valo system, here I grav-jump!

You can also check out our guide on how to get Artifact Iota, in case you haven’t secured it already!

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