In Wolf’s Clothing: The Witcher 3 – Kill the Morkvarg or Lift its Curse?


In Wolf’s Clothing is one of the secondary quests in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The quest showcases the brilliant storytelling of the Witcher games and gives you a lot of chances to define Geralt’s character.

In Wolf’s Clothing is a quest where Geralt has to find and kill a cursed werewolf called Morkvarg and save Hindar from his terror. But it is not as simple as it sounds!

Given that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the best story-driven games on PC, and of our generation, In Wolf’s Clothing is nothing short of a compelling chapter out of an exceptional story.

In this In Wolf’s Clothing walkthrough, I will share everything with you: should you kill Morkvarg or not, what to feed Morkvarg, how to lift his curse, should you kill Morkvarg after lifting the curse, EVERYTHING!

If you make the rookie mistake, which I did in my first Witcher 3 playthrough, you’ll only be rewarded 50 XP and 85 Crowns from the NPC that assigns you this quest.

But today, I will show you how to make the best choices in In Wolf’s Clothing quest to maximize your rewards to 260 XP, an alchemy formula, and up to 145 Crowns

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How to Start In Wolf’s Clothing Quest?

The In Wolf’s Clothing quest can be picked up through either of the main quests: Missing Persons or Nameless. The Nameless quest will lead you into Freya’s Garden anyway, so it is the best option to start the In Wolf’s Clothing quest.

Once you reach Freya’s Garden, you can talk with an NPC named Josta. You will find her praying in the temple premises with other priestesses. Talk with her, and she will mention Morkvarg. This will be your cue to pick up the In Wolf’s Clothing quest.

However, you can also pick up the In Wolf’s Clothing quest from the notice board at Larvik and then head to Josta to get more details about Morkvarg. This is what I did.


Once you pick up the Contract: Morkvarg document, the quest will be assigned to you.


The contract alone will not reveal much information about the In Wolf’s Clothing quest, so to get some more details about Morkvarg, you need to find Josta.

Find Josta in Freya’s Garden

Since you are in Larvik currently, you need to head to Freya’s Garden to find Josta. The garden is located in the Hindarsfjall region of Skellige country. Before you traverse, I recommend you put a custom marker on the map to help you navigate the route.


Now, get on your Roach and gallop towards the Freya’s Garden.


As the route you see on the mini-map is the long route to Freya’s Garden, you can go through the forests to reach the destination quickly.


Once you reach Freya’s Garden, you will see some priestesses in the temple area. You can go inside the temple and talk to these NPCs. 


If you want to indulge in the story about Freya’s Temple, then you can talk to this other NPC that is standing left of Josta.


If you don’t want to do that, you can directly head to Josta and get to the business. Choose the dialogue option: Heard you’re having problems with Morkvarg.


Josta will reveal some crucial information about Morkvarg and his evil deeds. She will also tell you how Priestess Ulve cursed him for attacking Freya’s Garden, a sacred place.

Furthermore, Josta reveals that due to Ulve’s curse, Morkvarg is eternally bound to Freya’s Garden and keeps regenerating no matter how many times he is killed. 


Since Geralt is not from Skellige, and the Contract: Morkvarg document does not mention any curse, he will not know much about Morkvarg or his curse. You can interact more with Josta and find as much information as possible about Morkvarg and his curse. 


At the end of the conversation, she will direct you to Einar, the sole survivor of the massacre that Morkvarg caused in Freya’s Garden.


Josta will ensure that she will pay you if you get rid of the werewolf once and for all. She will also try to warn you by mentioning that killing Morkvarg is no small feat; a lot of warriors have tried and failed.

But Morkvarg hasn’t faced our Geralt of Rivia till now, has he?! 😎

Now, bid farewell to Josta and leave for Larvik, where you’ll find Einar getting ready for one of his sea adventures.

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Find Einar in Larvik

Einar is another NPC in Skellige that you need to talk to, and you must talk to him. You will find out soon why I said so.

Since Einar is a sailor-cum-pirate, he will be found at the port of Skellige. So, place a custom marker before you head to Larvik to easily navigate the route while on your Roach.


Get on your Roach and follow the mini-map to reach Einar’s location.


The moment you come close to Einar, a cutscene will start. Einar will reveal that he’s getting ready for his next sail, but the moment Geralt mentions Morkvarg, you will get his attention.


You can ask Einar about what happened in Freya’s Garden, and he will narrate the whole incident. He will tell you how the Great Mother was looking out for him, and that’s why he managed to flee.

This will trigger a sarcastic comment from Geralt. Hah, classic Geralt! 😂


Furthermore, Einar will tell you about how Morkvarg bound the Priestesses and slit their throats like horses for sacrifice, and then he laughed. Understand? He laughed!

He will also tell you how the Archpriestess Ulve cursed Morkvarg and turned him into a beast – a werewolf – that he is now.


Now, you get two dialogue options. You can ask about either Morkvarg or the Priestesses. If you choose to know more about Morkvarg, Einar will tell you how he saw Morkvarg turn into a werewolf. How he howled, long and grieving, then lunged at his men.


But if you choose the Priestesses dialogue option, Geralt will question Einar about why he didn’t help the priestesses. Einar’s answer is a little suspicious. It might not seem to you now, but wait till you find the Morkvarg’s Journal.

There’s a big plot twist in this story!

Go to Freya’s Garden to Find Morkvarg’s Lair

If you were wondering whether Morkvarg was good or bad, now you must have a pretty good picture in your head, right?

Morkvarg was a bad person. He ravaged villages, killed everyone in his sight, pillaged food, trampled children, and even had the guts to raid a sacred place like Freya’s Garden and kill those saintly priestesses.

Since Morkvarg is bound to Freya’s Garden, you need to go to his lair located around the garden to kill the werewolf in The Witcher 3’s In Wolf’s Clothing quest.

After talking to Einar, the quest will be updated, and you will be tasked to head to the gardens and kill the werewolf. You can ride the paved roads or take some shortcuts through the forest.


Once you are at the entrance of Freya’s Garden, get off your Roach and take the stairs you see in front of you.


The gate in your front will be locked, so you need to take a right and climb the stairs.


Here, just keep following the white-dotted path that you see on the mini-map. Otherwise, it is very easy to get lost in this garden.

You will come across a large tree in the middle of the compound and a hut on your right. There’s a lot to loot in this hut, but the doors will be locked currently, so just keep heading straight; to be precise, head northwest.


You will reach a bridge. From the edges, you can see an area beneath the bridge with wolves wandering the place. Come back to the entrance of the bridge and jump down the stairs.


There will be 3 or 4 wolves in the garden, so kill them with your sword. They are easy to beat; just hit them 2-3 times, and they are gone.


It is possible that you might get lost in Freya’s Garden, as it is vast, but keep heading northeast till you find a wooden roof and bridge in front of you.


After you cross the bridge and jump over the wall in the front, you will see these gate-controlling mechanisms. These are two levers that control the three floodgates in this area.


Right now, you don’t need to do anything here. Just follow my instructions.

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Kill Morkvarg for the First Time

From the mechanism, turn right, and you will see a mysterious cave. This is Morkvarg’s Lair. This is where you will encounter Morkvarg for the first time.


A cutscene will start playing, and you will see Morkvarg yelling about a key. This is an important item that will help you open the gates of an important location.


After the cutscene ends, you must fight Morkvarg and kill him. I used my Silver Sword for this fight — didn’t need any alchemy for this fight.


As you bring Morkvarg to his knees, he will howl in pain and plead with you to undo his curse. He also mentions that if you undo his curse, he will reward you.


This is a character-defining moment for you as a player. You can either chat with Morkvarg about being a werewolf or ask more about the reward he mentioned. If you don’t want to waste time, you can finish him off right away.


If you choose to chat with Morkvarg about being a werewolf, he will rave about how his curse has turned him into a blood-thirsty beast, and he always wants to eat. But whenever he devours anything, it turns to ashes in his mouth, making him hungry forever.


After this brief conversation, you will get two dialogue options: See What I Can Do and Wouldn’t Count On It. If you choose the first one, a brief conversation will follow.

After that brief conversation, you will get an additional option to Feed Morkvarg. You need to have some meat in your inventory if you want to choose this option.

No matter which dialogue option you choose, you will have to kill Morkvarg anyway. So, choose Finish Morkvarg off and end the conversation.

Geralt will pull out his sword and do what a Witcher ought to.


After killing Morkvarg, collect all the items left behind. Most importantly, collect the Werewolf meat. You will need that item to feed Morkvarg when he regenerates because of the curse.


Once you have collected all the items, exit Morkvarg’s Lair.


Remember the key that Morkvarg mentioned? We need to find that now.

Find the Padlock Key that Morkvarg Mentioned

Once you exit Morkvarg’s cave, return to the switches controlling the floodgates. This is where most players either abandon the quest or get stuck, as they don’t know which floodgate to open.

First, go to the right switch and use it. This switch selects the floodgate. You will see three wooden logs that arise from the mechanism; the one that’s raised will tell you which floodgate is selected.

We need to open the right floodgate, so keep using the right switch till the right wooden log is raised.


Now, go to the left switch and use it to open the selected floodgate.


Once the gate is open, jump into the canal and swim towards the right floodgate.


The cave we’re going to is hidden underwater, so you need to take a deep dive and keep swimming forward.


Once inside the underwater cave, you will find the padlock key that Morkvarg mentioned. You can also loot the treasure chest next to you for more collectibles.


This padlock key is an important quest item you will need to unlock the hut you first saw when you entered Freya’s Garden.

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Find & Read Morkvarg’s Journal

Once you exit the cave and climb out of the canal, start heading west. You need to find the house you first saw when you entered the garden.


The house will be located on the eastern side of the garden. So, you can find it easily. Or, you can place a custom marker on the map when you first discovered the house.


Inside the house, there will be two rooms. You can find many collectibles in the right room, but the left room holds an important item, so go there first.


Here, you will find Morkvarg’s Journal.


Now, here’s the plot twist I was referring to. Upon reading Morkvarg’s journal, you will discover that Einar lied to you. He made up the story he told you and intentionally hid the truth that he was a part of Morkvarg’s crew that looted and killed the priestesses in Freya’s Garden. 


Now that you have discovered Einar’s lies, you need to confront him. There are two ways to exit Freya’s Garden. You can find your way back to the garden entrance or come back to the floodgate switches.

If you choose to come back to the switches, then select the left floodgate and open it. Swim your way out of the garden from the left gate.


Confront Einar & Get Toradar’s Fang

Place a custom marker near the shipping port in Larvik before you go to Einar for easy navigation. Get on your Roach and start riding towards Larvik.


Once you reach Einar, you will see two dialogue options. You can directly confront Einar about his lies by choosing the “Lied to me” dialogue option.


Geralt will tell Einar to cut out the act and tell him the truth. 


Einar will try to threaten Geralt by telling him that he is surrounded by Einar’s men. You can opt to fight Einar’s men by choosing the “Meet them gladly” dialogue option. However, it is completely unnecessary.

So, choose the “We don’t need to fight” option.


Geralt will tell him he’s not here to fight and wants to lift Morkvarg’s curse.


Geralt can be confrontational here and invite the agony of Einar and his men or calmly say, “Lift curses – that’s what I do.


This is where Einar will reveal that the victim needs to be given Toradar’s Fang (a wolf fang pendant) to undo the curse. Einar will try to dissuade you from lifting the curse because he doesn’t want to divulge the truth.

The truth is that it was Einar who turned Morkvarg into a werewolf using the Toradar’s Fang, not archpriestess Ulve. And that’s why he has the fang pendant with him.

Geralt will try to persuade him by saying, “Do it for the priestesses.” Or else, you can choose the “Hand it over” option if you want to fight Einar and his men.


I chose the “Do it for the priestesses” option, and after a brief conversation, Einar will hand you the Toradar’s fang and ask you one thing in return. He will ask you to kill Morkvarg after undoing the curse.

Maybe he fears that Morkvarg will find him and kill him!


When you reason with Einar and convince him to give you Toradar’s fang, you will receive 80 XP.

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Find Morkvarg Again & Kill Him

Once you get the Toradar’s fang, head to Freya’s Garden again. Since Morkvarg is bound to the garden, he will regenerate in the garden itself. He cannot leave that place.


You need to come to the switch mechanism once more. This time select the central floodgate and open it.


When the floodgate opens, swim across the canal and get to the ground.


Climb a few walls, and you will find an abandoned cottage above.


Inside the cottage, you will find a chain and a few bones. You need to examine the place, and a cutscene will begin.


You will see Morkvarg reappear, and he will tell you that it’s his broken leg lying on the ground. He broke it to escape the chains. He will also grieve about how his body always grows back.


Morkvarg will offer you to tell his story. You can choose either of the dialogue options. I chose to hear his story, so I chose, “Sure, why not.”


Morkvarg will tell you how he bit his own leg off, but every bite burned his throat, how he vomited blood. He will tell you all about his miserable life as a werewolf.


After the conversation (and the cutscene) ends, Morkvarg will attack you. You can defeat him with your swords or use some alchemy like Igni.


As he stumbles down, Morkvarg will rue and plead to Geralt to end the curse.


This is a character-defining event for Geralt. So, whatever option you choose will affect your gaming experience.

Undo Morkvarg’s Curse

If you are wondering what I should do with Morkvarg, it depends on what morals you want to build your (Geralt’s) character. But since Morkvarg is not a good person, I suggest you kill him… but not so soon.

You can feed Morkvarg his own flesh that you collected when you killed him for the first time, but remember that will kill him instantly.

During the conversation, Morkvarg tells Geralt that he will reward him for undoing the curse. So, I recommend you choose not to feed Morkvarg; otherwise, you will miss out on an awesome reward.

So, please choose Hand him the Toradar’s Fang option.


After receiving the fang, the curse will be undone, and Morkvarg will return to human form. He will babble about how he will go back to his ruffian ways and torment people again.


I wanted to eliminate Morkvarg and save Freya’s Garden so the people of Skellige could live in peace. But since I didn’t have the treasure location yet, I chose the “My reward first” dialogue option. 


Morkvarg will tell you to visit a loan shark in Novigrad and collect your rewards for undoing the curse.


When you choose not to kill Morkvarg and acquire the treasure’s location in Novigrad, you get an additional 80 XP.

Now that you have the treasure’s location, I recommend you kill Morkvarg and then head to Novigrad to collect your rewards. You can even choose to spare him and lie to Josta about it when you go to her to collect your rewards. Because technically, the werewolf is gone.

It sounds unethical and a bad choice, in my opinion, because Morkvarg will come back to haunt the people of Skillege. So, it’s better you finish him off now.

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Collect Rewards for In Wolf’s Clothing Quest

Now, it’s time for your rewards for completing the In Wolf’s Clothing quest. And the method I showed in this In Wolf’s Clothing walkthrough will help you maximize the rewards for the quest.

Fast travel to Novigrad.


In Novigrad, you need to reach the southern gate. This is the closest point to the loan shark Morkvarg mentioned.


Inside a tavern, you will find the loan shark waiting for your arrival. The moment you reach him, a cutscene will be triggered.


You can chat with him or play a game of cards like you play Gwent in the High Stakes quest. Or else, you can get straight to the point and choose the “Morkvarg sends his regards” dialogue option. 


The loan shark will suspiciously look around and hand you the rewards Morkvarg mentioned. He will also tell you not to talk about this to anyone. 

The rewards you get in Novigard are a recipe for the Werewolf Decoction, the Deithwen silver sword, and 50XP. The decoction will help you save stamina when running, sprinting, and jumping outside combat.

The Deithwen Silver Sword is not that useful in combat but can be sold for 60 Crowns.


Now, you can head to Freya’s Garden and meet Josta again. Tell her you are here for your reward and have killed Morkvarg for good.


Even if you have not killed Morkvarg, you can lie to Josta, as I mentioned earlier.


You will receive 50 XP and 85 Crowns as a reward from Josta, and the In Wolf’s Clothing quest will be completed.


Final Thoughts

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the best story-driven games ever, and In Wolf’s Clothing quest is a testament to this fact.

I suggest you follow this walkthrough guide step-by-step to complete the quest without getting stuck and maximizing your reward. If you follow this guide, you can get up to 145 Crowns, 260 XP, and even an awesome decoction formula.

Now, I suggest you read about how to get the Aerondight, one of the rarest swords from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, through the ‘There Can Be Only One‘ Quest.

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