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Stained glass in Minecraft is a decorative element that will add a vivid, colorful touch to your projects. Whether you’re creating a contemporary cityscape, a cozy home, or a medieval castle, you can incorporate stained glass into your ideas to enhance their visual appeal and make them really stand out. Making stained glass in Minecraft is not the most challenging thing you will do in the game. However, incorporating them into your structures will require some level of brainstorming!

You can use this glass to create eye-catching windows, intricate patterns, and beautiful buildings that stand out in the game landscape. Furthermore, stained glass windows are remarkable for their ability to transmit colored light. The light that passes through the stained glass gives off a wonderful colorful glow that reflects vibrant hues onto adjacent surfaces. Therefore, you can use this feature to create beautiful lighting effects and enhance the atmosphere of your Minecraft creations.

You can follow the step-by-step instructions in this article to make stained glass in Minecraft. You’ll discover ways to create colorful and aesthetically pleasing stained glass windows and designs for your projects, from sourcing basic materials such as glass blocks and dyes to constructing and incorporating them into your structures. Keep reading to learn more!

Materials Required to Make Stained Glass in Minecraft

Stained glass in Minecraft is a straightforward craft with just two materials needed and a crafting table. Here’s what you’ll need:

➡️ Glass blocks

Materials Required to Make Stained Glass in Minecraft: Glass blocks

To create stained glass, you make use of glass blocks as the foundation, which are obtained by smelting sand blocks in a furnace. Each sand block creates one glass block.

➡️ Dye

Materials Required to Make Stained Glass in Minecraft: Dye

For the production of stained glass, colors are added to glass blocks using dyes. There are many ways to get different shades in Minecraft. Various colored dyes can be made from the flowers. Put a red flower, for example, in the grid. One red dye is produced. Additionally, in the crafting grid, mix one bone meal with one red dye. Two pink dyes are produced. You can experiment with various materials and dyes like this to create some vivid hues!

➡️ Crafting Table

In a 2×2 crafting grid, place four wooden planks; the crafting table will show up in the result box.

Steps to Make Stained Glass in Minecraft

After collecting the necessary supplies that are listed above, you can start creating stained glass. Let’s check out the steps below!

#1. Open the Crafting Table

Click to open the Crafting 3×3 grid.

#2. Place the Glass Blocks

Steps to Make Stained Glass In Minecraft

Arrange the glass blocks in the production grid, as shown in the image above. You should be leaving the center block empty.

#3. Add Dye

Steps to Make Stained Glass In Minecraft

Place the dye of your choice in the center of the production grid.

#4. Get the Stained Glass

The stained glass will appear in the crafting table result box once you have arranged the glass blocks and colored them in the correct way. To add it to your inventory, click and drag it.

NOTE: Stained glass windows in Minecraft come in these colors – White, Red, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Lime, Green, Light Blue, Cyan, Blue, Magenta, Purple, Brown, Grey, Light Grey and Black.

Uses of Stained Glass in Minecraft

In Minecraft, stained glass windows have various applications. They can beautify and also inspire your creations. Here are some common uses for stained glass.

#1. Creation of Windows

Uses of Stained Glass In Minecraft

Players commonly use stained glass to create vibrant and visually appealing windows for their structures. Similarly, you can make your stained glass windows more visually appealing by arranging the blocks in a pattern or arrangement.

#2. Interior Design

Uses of Stained Glass In Minecraft

Using colored glass adds color and visual appeal to interior design, allowing for creative expression. Incorporating stained glass blocks as decorative accents on partitions, walls, or ceilings enhances the visual appeal of the interiors, thereby making your structures stand out and catch the attention of other players.

#3. Aesthetic Lighting

Since stained glass can transmit different colors of light, it can be used to create unique lighting effects. You can cast vivid shades and create ambient lighting in your Minecraft buildings by placing colored glass blocks around light sources such as torches or glowing rocks.

#4. Skylights and Roofs

Uses of Stained Glass In Minecraft

Stained glass can be used to design stunning skylights or living roofs for your Minecraft structures. You can let in some natural light while giving your building a nice touch by adding stained glass blocks to the tops of your structures. A perfect stargazing spot!

#5. Banners and Flags

Banners and flags can be decorated with distinctive designs and patterns using stained glass. You can change the look of your banners and display them proudly by combining stained glass blocks with banners at the crafting table.

#6. Aquariums

Aquariums or fish tanks can be built using colored glass building bricks. You can create a visually appealing underwater environment for fish mobs or for cosmetic purposes by building stained glass walls.

These are just a few of the many creative ways that stained glass can be used in Minecraft. It is a useful building material for various structures and designs in the game due to its adaptability and ability to give color and visual style. Explore the possibilities of stained glass in your Minecraft builds using your creativity!


Stained glass is a flexible and engaging feature in Minecraft that gives your creations more dimension, color, and originality. It has a variety of uses due to its translucent properties and ability to change light, from decorating windows and skylights to creating unusual lighting effects and works of art. You can turn ordinary buildings into spectacular works of art by incorporating stained glass into your Minecraft projects. This gives your virtual environment a touch of class, vitality, and individual expression. Embrace the magic of stained glass in Minecraft and let your creativity soar!

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