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One of the many unique features of Minecraft is the addition of horses as a mode of transportation and a form of companionship. Added to the game in version 1.6, these beautiful creatures have won the hearts of players around the world and added a new depth to the gaming experience. In Minecraft, horses add a sense of exploration and excitement. Players can capture and breed horses in the game as well, expanding their collection of pets. Gaining a horse’s trust requires being persistent and patient in taming it.

Adult mobs can produce small ones by breeding. Players who rely on horses as a mode of transportation in the game may find horse breeding crucial and beneficial. Your horses can also produce offspring that excel in certain areas. To do this, you’ll have to selectively breed horses with desired traits, such as higher speed or better jump height. Ultimately, horses with special attributes will make your exploration of the blocky world much more efficient.

Here is all the information you need to know about how to breed horses in Minecraft.

Materials Required to Breed Horses in Minecraft

#1. Two Tamed Adult Horses

Materials Required To Breed Horses In Minecraft

Finding the right horse to tame and breed requires time and patience. Remember that horses come in many colors and coat patterns, giving you more options and flexibility in selecting and breeding them.

#2. Golden Carrots or Apples

Materials Required To Breed Horses In Minecraft

You will need at least one golden apple or golden carrot to start the breeding process.

These items can occasionally be found in chests in crafted structures or can be crafted themselves. The drawing grid should contain 4 gold nuggets in each of the four corners, and another 4 gold ingots should be placed around the carrot in the middle row. A golden carrot will appear in the crafting table result field.

#3. Extra Food (Optional)

Materials Required To Breed Horses In Minecraft

Adding more golden apples, golden carrots, or hay bales to the horses’ diets improves their chances of successfully breeding. These objects can be made or collected in the game in a variety of ways.

Although not technically necessary, additional feed items can be used to increase the likelihood of successful breeding.

Where to Find Horses in Minecraft?

Where to Find Horses in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, horses can be found in different biomes, such as the Extreme Hills biome, as well as the Plains, Savannah, and Canopy Forest biomes in Minecraft.

Horses often spawn in groups in these biomes; therefore, you are more likely to encounter several horses together rather than just one when searching for them.

Horses cannot be traded directly with villages or other players in Minecraft. In general, taming is how horses are acquired. However, using the game’s trading system, players can trade various goods with villages, including saddles, horse armor, and name tags. These things do not involve trading in actual horses, but they can make horse ownership more enjoyable.

How to Tame and Breed a Horse in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, there are specific methods to tame and breed horses. Here is a guide on taming and breeding horses in the game.

Tame a Horse in Minecraft

➡️ Find a Wild Horse

Look for horses in the plains, savanna, or other suitable biomes previously mentioned. If you approach a herd of wild horses, they may look out of control and may try to kick you off.

➡️ Get on the Horse

Tame a Horse in Minecraft

To get on the horse, use the right-click menu. The horse will try to throw you off balance several times. Right-click once more to continue mounting after each fall until you see a heart around the horse to indicate it has been tamed.

Your horse is now primed for riding around the world of Minecraft.

Fun fact: Horses can jump higher than any other non-flying creature in the game of Minecraft with a 5.5-block maximum leap height!

Breed a Horse in Minecraft

➡️ Tame Two Adult Horses

Use the taming procedure described above to tame two different adult horses.

➡️ Feed the Horses

Breed a Horse in Minecraft

Hold the golden carrot you made in the previous instructions and right-click on each horse. As a result, they enter “love mode,” as seen by the hearts that appear above their heads.

➡️ Mate the Horses

Mating horses minecraft

Place the horses close to each other after they have both entered love mode. You start the mating process by right-clicking on one of the horses holding a golden apple or carrot. There will be a breeding animation for the horses.

➡️ Wait for the Foal

Breed a Horse in Minecraft

After a short break, a foal is born. The foal’s temperament, coat color, pattern, and other characteristics will be inherited from the parents.

What to Feed a Foal in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you cannot directly feed foals specific foods to speed up their growth. The rate at which foals develop into adult horses is set and cannot be accelerated by feeding specific foods.

Feeding foals items like hay bales, golden apples, or golden carrots won’t change how fast they grow. It is important to note that there is currently no feature in Minecraft that allows you to feed certain foods to speed up growth.


#1. Can horses breed with any other animals?

Only other horses can breed with horses; no other animal species can, and the offspring that results will always be another horse. 

#2. What breed of horses are the fastest?

Regardless of the color or pattern of their coat, every horse in the game has the same base speed. Nevertheless, you can affect a horse’s speed by breeding it carefully and acquiring animals with better speed traits. In addition to breeding, you may increase a horse’s speed by giving it horse armor and giving it particular foods, such as sugar, which gives a temporary speed boost. 


The introduction of horses in Minecraft enriched the gaming experience by providing players with loyal companions and an efficient means of transportation. Players can expand their collection of farm animals by breeding horses in Minecraft, and it also stimulates discovery, experimentation, and the search for the ideal horse with unique characteristics. This adds more complexity to the game and makes the player feel more invested in the virtual horses and their pedigree. So mount up and go on your breeding adventures to fill your Minecraft stable with gorgeous and distinctive horses!

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