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Brown Dye is a versatile and desirable crafting resource in Minecraft, providing a rich palette of earthy tones to the game’s bright spectrum. Mostly made from cocoa beans, this natural paint offers countless creative options for players looking to add warmth and depth to their buildings. Players harvest cocoa beans, the primary component of brown dye, from cocoa pods in jungle biomes, processing them to create this distinctive pigment. Check out our guide on how to grow cocoa beans in Minecraft before proceeding!

Brown wool, which is used to make intricate designs and structures, is one of several materials that can be made using brown dye. Due to the fact that it is required to make cookies, players have an extra reason to explore and get this object. Brown Dye offers a rustic feel to the Minecraft world, whether used for interior design, building decoration, or making a simple sweet treat such as a cookie.

Learn how to make brown dye in Minecraft and some of its many uses. Additionally, find out which versions of Minecraft support this core resource so you can unleash your creativity across multiple platforms.

List of Platforms that Support Brown Dye in Minecraft

The list of platforms that support brown dye in Minecraft is provided below.

Java Edition (PC/Mac)Yes (1.14)
Pocket Edition (PE)Yes (1.8.0)
Xbox 360No
Xbox OneYes (1.8.0)
PS4Yes (1.83)
Wii UNo
Nintendo SwitchYes (1.8.0)
Windows 10 EditionYes (1.8.0)
Education EditionYes (1.9.0)

Materials Required to Make Brown Dye in Minecraft

To make brown dye in Minecraft, you will need the following ingredients.

➡️ Cocoa Beans

Materials Required to Grow Cocoa Beans in Minecraft

The main ingredient used to create brown dye in Minecraft is cocoa beans. Players can find them growing on cocoa pods in jungle biomes.

➡️ Crafting Table

crafting table

Place 4 wooden planks in a 2×2 grid in the crafting interface to create a crafting table in Minecraft.

Steps to Make Brown Dye in Minecraft

The steps for making brown dye in Minecraft are given here.

#1. Find the Jungle Biome

Steps to Grow Cocoa Beans in Minecraft

The first step is to search for a jungle biome in your Minecraft world. Tall jungle trees, dense foliage, and distinctive features like bamboo and cocoa pods define these biomes.

#2. Find the Cocoa Pods

Steps to Grow Cocoa Beans in Minecraft

Once you’re in the jungle biome, find the cocoa pods. Edges of jungle wood blocks host small, brownish-red pods like this one. To collect cocoa beans, right-click on the pods or smash them.

#3. Harvesting Cocoa Beans

Collect a reasonable amount of cocoa beans. Since each pod usually produces one to three cocoa beans, you should explore the biome until you have a sufficient supply.

#4. Open the Crafting Table

Right-click on the crafting table to open it.

#5. Place the Items on the Crafting Table

brown dye

Place cocoa beans in any slot on the crafting table interface. This will start the creation process that will create the brown dye.

#6. Craft Brown Dye

craft brown dye

After crafting is completed, a brown dye will appear in the resulting slot. Drag and drop to inventory to complete the process.

Note: Visit or locate another jungle biome containing cocoa beans, as they exclusively harbor the key ingredient for obtaining more brown dye.

Common Uses of Brown Dye in Minecraft

In Minecraft, players obtain brown dye from various sources, and it serves different purposes, making it a versatile and valuable material. Below are a few of the most typical uses of brown dye.

➡️ Dyeing Wool and Sheep

Materials Required to Make a Carpet in Minecraft

Sheep and wool blocks can be dyed in a variety of colors, including brown. To convert the color of the sheep to brown, either combine it with a block of white wool or right-click on the sheep holding the dye.

➡️ Stained Glass Windows

stained glass windows

Brown dye enables the creation of brown-colored glass. Players can combine it with glass blocks on the crafting table to craft brown-colored glass blocks and panels. For more information, check out our guide on how to make stained glass in Minecraft.

➡️ Terracotta

How to Make Terracotta in Minecraft | Easy Steps

Players can use brown dye to craft brown terracotta blocks and brown glazed terracotta. In the crafting table, combine it with a terracotta block to create a matching brown version. We’ve also got a detailed post on how to make terracotta in Minecraft!

➡️ Trading with Villagers

trading with villagers

The brown dye is a tradable commodity among some villagers, especially those who work with leather.

➡️ Concrete Powder

concrete powder

Brown concrete powder and brown concrete blocks can be made using brown dye. To create the desired variety, mix it with sand, gravel, and water on the crafting table.


Finally, making brown dye in Minecraft is a simple technique that lends variety to creative endeavors. Combining commonly found cocoa beans from jungle biomes, players can create this earthy color. Its availability brings us a world of artistic possibilities for editing everything from banners to wool blocks. In addition, the simplicity of the technique encourages experimentation and creative expression in the game. Players can use brown dye to give their buildings a warm, natural tone, improving the overall aesthetic appeal of their designs. Every Minecraft user should have access to this crafting option.

In case you love the color green, take a look at our post on how to get green dye in Minecraft!

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