11 Best Brawlhalla Characters for Beginners [2023]


A world full of legends, myths, and history’s greatest warriors from different realms. They’re all gathered to engage in an epic battle of strength and skill that transcends time and space. This world is where great sagas, thunderous roars of combat, clash of weapons, and the pursuit of glory reign supreme.

With tough and intense competition, only the boldest and most skillful fighters survive. This game is the famous Brawlhalla, a free-to-play platform fighting game from the house of Blue Mammoth Games.

It’s an epic platform fighter game for up to 8 players that can be played online or locally in a single match with full cross-play. It gained popularity due to its fast gameplay, easy-to-play controls, and an ever-expanding roster of unique characters known as “Legends.”

To date, it has introduced over 50 characters, which is enormous for any game. In this post, we’ll go over some of the best Brawlhalla characters you can pick if you’re a beginner.

Gameplay of Brawlhalla

The gameplay of Brawlhalla is pretty straightforward. Players must engage in intense battles and complete the levels by knocking opponents out of the way.

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The objective is to reduce the opponent’s lives (stocks as mentioned in the game) to zero without losing out on your own.

Selection of the right character, crisp combat, and an amazing strategy are the key factors in winning the game.

Things to Consider While Picking Your Character

To give yourself the best chance of winning, you must choose the best character, as you will step into their shoes and prove your worth.


While the character must align with who you are, there are other technical factors to look at before making your selection. Let’s have a brief look at the pointers you can consider:

➡️ Weapons ⚔️

This is one of the most important aspects of choosing a character. Analyze the weapons each Legend wields. Each weapon has its strengths and weaknesses. Selecting a sword brings fast and precise strikes, while a hammer delivers powerful and sweeping attacks.

You must mix your skills and master the weapon and its abilities. Try to select the one that aligns the best with your capabilities and desired fighting style.

➡️ Playstyle 🎮

There are different legends with different qualities, like agile, aggressive, powerful, calm, heavy, etc. Select the one that suits your qualities to help you resonate with the legend better and claim your worth.

➡️ Legend Tiers

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The Legends in this game are differentiated among unique tiers, namely A, B, C, D, and S. Each of them is placed in their respective tiers based on their strength, agility, defense, and speed stats. The tiers will give you an idea of how each character will perform in the game.

Here’s a deeper look at the tiers:

  • S-Tier – The “crème de la crème” of the lot, S-Tier legends have exceptional power and versatility, which makes them top picks in this competitive arena. They are easy to master and have exceptional abilities to help you win big battles.
  • A-Tier – The legends of this tier are strong contenders and, if mastered correctly, can even take down the S-Tier legends. They are pretty reliable and balanced. 
  • B-Tier – Decent choices with respectful abilities; you’ll have to combine strategy and skill to get into the skin of the game. You can get a good legend with a strong weapon if you search enough.
  • C-Tier – These legends have limited strengths and challenging playstyles but are best suited for a unique challenge or when you enter the PvP mode. However, they come with excellent stats in any one of the departments, such as strength, agility, and more.
  • D-Tier – The most difficult to adapt to, D-Tier legends pose a challenge to novelty and are the least popular of the lot. But with constant practice, you can experiment with them in smaller game modes.

➡️ Signature Move 🌟

Each legend features a signature move that you can use to execute when it’s in its full power. You can check how often you can use them and what advantages they provide during combat. 

➡️ Personality 😎

Last but not least, each legend has a unique storyline and backstory. Read more about them, their personality, and their vulnerabilities to better gauge your relatability with them. 

I understand it’s still difficult to choose a character from a vast roster of more than 60 legends, even after learning about all this. To help you with that, let me introduce you to some of the best Brawlhalla characters that won’t disappoint you.


Magyar is known as “The Spectral Guardian,” the last standing member of the Strazci Army. It’s genderless, as it comprises 100 souls of the Strazci Knights. It uses a Grapple Hammer and a Greatsword to fight the enemies, and the sword extends its reach to control space and poke its opponents.


The hammer supports the character with ground pounds and aerial slams, which are easy to master once you get the gist.

Magyar is available for 5400 gold coins and is considered one of the best Legends if you have a style to defend. The versatility in close and mid-range combat ensures you can adapt to various opponents and surprising situations without much effort.

Not to mention, the movement is straightforward yet skillful, which is a huge plus for a new gamer. 


Equipped with cannons and gauntlets, Onyx is a strong defense powerhouse with precise attacks. She excels in close combat, which allows players to try their hands on quick and aggressive combos.


This mighty gargoyle was the guardian and protector of the castle of Batavia for 100 years. She was so powerful that despite many fierce battles, no one could take down the castle she defended. 

She’s a fighter with a purpose and a strong urge to flaunt the champion she is and is now on her journey to become the ultimate legend of Brawlhalla.

You can don this character for 5400 gold coins. Her main expertise lies in defense, agility, and strength, and she also brings various options to ensure you’re never bored of her. 


Jaeyun, the famous mercenary, was the first Legend of the game to carry a Greatsword. He is often seen with his turtle companion, Imugi, who travels the scary seas of the Old Kingdom.

He carries a greatsword and a regular sword as his weapons and balances them pretty well. This makes him very easy to master and a good choice for someone playing this game for the first time. 


If you choose him, it’ll be amusing to witness his transition of switching between the regular and the greatsword that takes his enemies by surprise and delivers devastating blows along with crowd control.

His playstyle is direct yet effective, making him fluid and best suited for all game environments. 


Another strong female Legend, Mako, is a ferocious competitor and the second Legend to master the greatsword. Everyone fears her Atlantean shark-humanoid look, and they run away from her when she addresses them as chum. The reason? Because that’s exactly what she says before slaying her enemies.


She carries a spear and a greatsword as her weapons. Her spear offers superb reach and control, allowing you to keep your enemies at bay in times of crisis. Her unique move is the swinging powerful greatsword attack, which kills enemies in one precise strike.

If you resonate with aggression, she’s your perfect pick.


A hero who has seen it all, Teros is a Legend with more scars on his body than any other Legend in the game. He brings the experience of countless battles, making him a brutal and trained warrior. His brutality and expertise make him an excellent choice for someone who doesn’t forgive and forget.


His weapons include a hammer and an axe, which he uses recklessly and dangerously, making him unpredictable for his opponents. The axe effortlessly delivers powerful, sweeping strikes, while his hammer lands potent blows that send his opponents flying before they could think of attacking.

If domination is all you know, Teros is a force to reckon with, so choose him without a second thought. 


Scarlet is a Legend from A-tier, a strong character with the guts to take down stronger Legends from S-tier. She comes with a combination of a lance and a hammer, which is known to strike a balance between speed and power.


You’ll enjoy spacing and poking on the battlefield to get the pleasure of killing your enemies effectively. Her playstyle is intuitive and user-friendly, which can be mastered within a couple of games.

She’s known for her strength and wit; striking her down takes much more than a blow. This gives you the power to control the battle and deliver effective finishing moves.


Legends fear Sentinel because he’s not only smart but also an intelligent inventor. His weapons are his own invention, and he’s a just Legend known to have fought corruption led by a secret society known as Kabal.


So, he’s not only a Legend, he’s a Legend with a purpose, which makes him an interesting choice. 

He carries a hammer and a katar with plenty of experience in fighting against the evil under the belt. The Katar, an indigenous weapon, provides quick and close-quarter combat, offering powerful strikes when used with the hammer. He’s popular, intelligent, and powerful. Need I say more?


Would I leave this Asgardian avenger out of this list? No way! Thor is the easiest and most comfortable choice for the newbies. Join hands with the God of Thunder and get a chance to use his hammer and the famous orb known to offer a blend of power and agility.


You’ll need self-control to ensure you don’t go overboard with his skilled weapons. Thor is funny, charming, and intuitive, with complete control over the battlefield at his own will.

Whether you’re looking to control the pace of the battle or surprise opponents with ranged attacks, Thor’s versatility makes him a solid choice for newcomers to Brawlhalla. Go ahead; here’s your chance to make Cap proud!


A samurai, a myth, a legend. Koji is your anime dream come true who had once sworn the blade of his ancestors against a corrupted empire. He’s a mix of calm and wander accompanied by the blessings of the people he freed back in the day.


He carries a bow, which you can use to your advantage after playing with the sword. It gives you good length attacks with precision and skill, and transitioning between them is super easy.

This quality makes him adaptable to various situations in the arena. Combined with wisdom, military training, and skill, his attacks are aggressive and are best known to pressurize his opponents with high damage.

You’ll take some time to match his speed, but it’ll be worth it. Before you know it, you’ll be killing around with quick blows.


Ada is a versatile, agile, calculative warrior who uses spears and blasters. The spear’s quick and precise attacks make it ideal for close combat, while the blasters provide ranged coverage and zoning potential.


Beginners can excel at controlling space and pressuring opponents with Ada’s versatile weapon set. Her speed and ranged firepower make her a valuable asset in the arena, allowing newcomers to adapt to different scenarios and opponents easily.

These weapons have the strongest agility in Brawlhalla, with an insane score of 7. A beauty with skill, she is unforgiving and ruthless.


Known as “the one-man dynasty,” King Azoth is the one who made sure his empire would endure for all eternity. This ancient sorcerer crafted 7 soul stones using dark and ancient magic that summoned him from death to fulfill his oath. This is what a true king is made up of! 


Don’t let his appearance fool you; he carries an axe and a bow, offering versatility and brute force. His strength levels are at a whopping 7, but his speed is something you’ll need to work on, which scores at 4.

With acquired skill, you can combine range attacks with devastating axe swings to damage your enemies significantly.

Closing Thoughts

These were some of the best characters you can pick from the mighty land of Brawlhalla as you begin your journey of intensity, excitement, and fierce combat.

The characters mentioned in this post will only make the experience more enjoyable and dynamic. They’re ready to conquer the arena. Are you?

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