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Arrows are essential ranged weapons in Minecraft that players use to fight opponents, hunt animals, and activate key devices. Arrows made of flint, sticks, and feathers are shot with bows that come in a variety of materials of varying strength and durability. To enhance their fighting powers, players can enchant arrows with powerful effects such as Flame, Infinite, and Force. Furthermore, players can create unique spiked arrows by combining conventional arrows with various potions, which will cause status ailments to opponents or even heal allies.

Mastering the use of bows and arrows is becoming an important skill in Minecraft due to its variety and utility, allowing players to face challenges, explore remote areas, and defeat formidable opponents with precision and finesse.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make arrows in Minecraft with simple step-by-step instructions. We’ll also go over all the arrowheads, so read on to find out everything you need to know.

Materials Required to Make Arrows in Minecraft

The following resources are needed to craft arrows in Minecraft.

➡️ Flint

Materials Required For Making Flint and Steel in Minecraft

Obtained by breaking gravel blocks. When you crack gravel, you are likely to drop flint.

➡️ Stick

Materials Required to Make Ladder in Minecraft

Made from two wooden boards placed vertically on a crafting table. By placing wood on the crafting table, you can get wooden planks.

➡️ Feather

When chickens are killed, they shed their feathers. Chickens can be found all over the Overworld.

Steps to Make Arrows in Minecraft

Here are comprehensive instructions for making arrows in Minecraft.

#1. Collect Items

Before you start making arrows, you need to gather the necessary materials. Check your inventory for flint, sticks, and feathers.

#2. Open the Crafting Table

To access the crafting table, right-click on it.

#3. Place the Items on the Crafting Table

Steps To Make Arrows in Minecraft

In the crafting grid, arrange one flint, one stick, and one feather in a diagonal arrangement. The correct order is Flint top left, Stick middle, and Feather bottom.

#4. Drag to Your Inventory

When you place items on the workbench, four arrows appear in the result field. Drag the arrows into your inventory to use them later.

#5. Repeat the Process

As long as you have enough flint, wood, and feathers, you can continue making arrows in batches.

All the Tipped Arrows in Minecraft

Here is a list of all tipped arrows in Minecraft. To craft spiked arrows, first craft the appropriate lingering potions using the brew stand, then combine them with normal spiked arrows in the workbench or inventory grid.

#1. Tipped Arrow (Can’t Be Crafted)

To obtain this base-tipped arrow, you can use a lingering potion or a lingering potion arrow on a cauldron filled with water. You might have to make a cauldron in Minecraft first, if you don’t have access to one yet!

#2. Tipped Arrow of Healing

Potion of Healing

Created by pouring a healing potion into a cauldron filled with water. Provides healing to the target.

#3. Tipped Arrow of Harming

Potion of Harming

Created by pouring a lingering Harming potion into a cauldron of water. Has a negative effect on the target.

#4. Tipped Arrow of Poison

Potion of Poison

Created by pouring a lingering Poison potion into a cauldron of water. This causes the target to become poisoned.

#5. Tipped Arrow of Weakness

Potion of weakness

Created by pouring a lingering potion of Weakness into a cauldron of water. Causes the target to be weakened.

#6. Tipped Arrow of Slowness

Potion of slowness

Created by pouring a lingering potion of Slowness into a cauldron of water. Causes the target to slow down.

#7. Tipped Arrow of Strength

Potion of strength

Created by pouring a lingering Potion of the Force into a cauldron filled with water. Has a powerful effect on the target.

#8. Tipped Arrow of Leaping

Potion of leaping

Created by pouring a persistent leaping potion into a cauldron filled with water. It has a jump effect on the target.

#9. Tipped Arrow of Swiftness

Potion of swiftness

Created by pouring a lingering potion of Swiftness into a cauldron filled with water. Has a Swiftness effect on the target.

#10. Tipped Arrow of Fire Resistance

Potion of fire resistance

Created by pouring a persistent Fire Resistance potion into a cauldron filled with water. Grants the target resistance to fire.

#11. Tipped Arrow of Night Vision 

Potion of night vision

Created by pouring the Night Vision Lingering Potion into a kettle of water. Grants the target night vision.

#12. Sharpened Arrow of Invisibility

Potion of invisibility

Created by pouring a persistent potion of invisibility into a cauldron of water. The target becomes invisible.

NOTE: Depending on the version of Minecraft you are playing, the availability of potions and their recipes may vary.


➡️ Which weapons shoot arrows?

bows and crossbows in minecraft

The bow and crossbow are the two main weapons for shooting arrows in Minecraft. The bow enables players to shoot arrows with precision and power, while the crossbow allows players to pre-charge multiple arrows or firecrackers for faster use in ranged combat. Both of these weapons can be enchanted, which adds different effects to the arrows they shoot, making them key tools for combat and exploration in the game.

➡️ How much damage do arrows do in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, arrows shot from a bow deal 1 to 6 points of damage, depending on the range and whether or not the shot is a critical hit. Enchanting the bow with the “Power” enchantment increases the damage even more, making it more potent in combat circumstances.


Crafting arrows in Minecraft is a simple but important process that allows players to tap into the potential of ranged combat and exploration. Adventurers can create a continuous supply of arrows for their bows by collecting flint, sticks, and feathers, ready to face hostile mobs or scavenge for supplies.

Understanding the significance of these diverse shots means players are well-prepared for encounters requiring distance and precision. Mastering the art of arrow crafting offers Minecraft players a valuable talent to face the obstacles that lie ahead in their blocky, pixelated world, whether it’s battling formidable opponents or activating systems remotely.

Next, check out how you can repair a bow in Minecraft. This will allow you to use the weapon for longer durations!

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