Elden Ring: 10 Tips to Kill Soldier of Godrick


Soldier of Godrick is the first slightly difficult-to-beat enemy you will face in Elden Ring playthrough. That is, if we discount the Grafted Scion, the first monster you meet in Elden Ring that slashes you to death soon after you face it after coming down the mountainside the Chapel of Anticipation stands on.

Soldier of Godrick: Where To Find Him

As we said, you will have to face Soldier of Godrick in the initial phase of your journey through the Lands Between. He can be found in The Stranded Graveyard, the place where you fall down after the Grafted Scion massacres you. To reach his location, you need to jump into the Cave of Knowledge and travel through the underground passages, where you will have to go through the challenge of defeating (killing, actually) multiple enemies first.

Soldier of Godrick: Where To Find Him

When you see Soldier of Godrick for the first time, he will be rushing at you from the other opening of a wide basin-shaped underground area. He is a hulking knight, taller than you by at least two feet. Clad in heavy armor, he will rush at you holding the daddy of a broadsword (technically, its name is the Lordsworn’s Greatsword) with his two gloved hands. His style of attack? You know it already. Mighty, vicious slashes.

Fighting Soldier of Godrick: Things To Be Careful Of

Be very mindful about not getting slashed by his greatsword multiple times in a row. That broadsword (greatsword, sorry) of his deals very heavy damage, and if you do not have or use a shield to block (we were playing with the Warrior who wields a blade in either hand) or you don’t evade his attack, you would die within 3-4 slashes.

Fighting Soldier of Godrick: Things To Be Careful Of

Using Melee Weapons

Now that you’re aware of how to find the Soldier of Godrick and what to be careful of, let’s look at a few tips you should remember when fighting against this hulking knight.

#1. Quick Attacks

When going against Soldier of Godrick in melee mode, I would recommend quick attacks that deal plenty of damage. In this, the Warrior class character who holds two scimitars, one in each hand, can give you a great advantage. But if you are not playing with that character, we suggest holding your melee weapon in both hands.

Quick Attacks

#2. Keep Your Distance

Don’t get in too close, but when you do, make sure you deliver some powerful slashes/blows. If you can deliver just one without getting hurt, that’s also good. Then come back for more. This way to beat him could prove slightly longer.

#3. Evade, Evade, and Evade

Use the Spacebar (if playing on PC) 2-3 times in quick succession to jump backward so as to evade Soldier of Godrick’s merciless attacks.

#4. Timing is Paramount

The mighty broadsword of Soldier of Godrick is a fearsome weapon that doles out heavy damage. But being heavy and super long, it also gives you some time to rush in, slash and roll over to the other side before it can be used again. So, make sure you time your attacks well.

#5. Keep Moving Around

Run around inside the cave area, roll, get him from behind or the side, slash, repeat. Standing in one place for most of the time and trying to fight him won’t do you any good. You need to be quick on your feet, and we advise that you employ the tactic of running around him and jabbing him from the side or behind. But you have to make sure that he alone is in range and not his greatsword.

#6. Parry When Possible

Soldier of Godrick is not that difficult to kill, but he has a very strong attack which we think it’s best to evade. But you go ahead and use the shield if you want to.

#7. Charged Attacks

If you are already skilled at using swords in Elden Ring and are playing it again, you may go for charged attacks against the Soldier of Godrick.

Using Bow and Arrows

I wouldn’t call using bow and arrows to kill Soldier of Godrick the noblest of ways, but this is not a righteous battle of equals. If Elden Ring is giving you a bow and arrows, you might as well try them. It’s my personal favorite way to bring him down, actually. Here are my tips to beat Soldier of Godrick through archery.

#1. Fire Arrows Work Better

If you can equip your bow with fire arrows, it would be great (the Samurai class has them). But if not, regular arrows would also do. The difference, as you may have guessed, is that fire arrows deal greater damage, and you would require less of them to kill Soldier of Godrick, which is not the case with regular arrows.

#2. Attack Early

Just after you traverse the mists, nock your bow with the left mouse click and hold down the right mouse button. This will allow for precision targeting, bringing you into the first-person mode. If you are quick enough, you can let loose at least 3 fire arrows at him before he even gets a chance to come close. That should bring down his health by around 60 percent.

Precision Shot

#3. Use the Empty Space

Now, run away from the range of his sword and keep running, making use of the empty space around you. Turn all of a sudden, take precise aim, and shoot. Keep doing it, and you’ll kill him within 6-7 fire arrows. It may take you more of the regular arrows to kill him.

Kill Soldier of Godrick

Our Final Take

The Soldier of Godrick looks fearsome from up close, but he is not that difficult to kill. Keep this in mind, and as we advised, always try to stay out of range when not striking him. Be a nimble hunter, and you will bring him down in very little time. We have begun our Elden Ring journey and will soon come back with more tips and tricks for you. So, keep watching this space for more Elden Ring content.

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