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In Minecraft, it’s really easy to stray off and get lost, but if you have a compass in your inventory, you can get back on track. A compass is a useful tool that helps with traveling and guides players in the game. The compass may be your dependable navigator whether you’re exploring huge landscapes, going on adventures, or just attempting to find your home base or spawn point.

No matter where you place your World spawn with a bed, a compass in Minecraft will always point there. The place where you initially spawned when you created the World is known as the World spawn site. 

Learn how to make a compass in Minecraft as we walk you through the process step by step. Find out where you can get a compass in different places if crafting isn’t your thing. Finally, learn how to use a compass as we educate you on its useful applications in the game. 

Join us on this compass-mastery adventure to improve your Minecraft navigational skills.

Materials Required to Make Compass in Minecraft

The following materials are required to craft a compass in Minecraft.

➡️ Iron Ingots

Materials Required To Make Compass in Minecraft

To craft a compass in Minecraft, you need 4 iron ingots. Players can find iron ingots in dungeon chests or even trade with villagers. The easiest way to get iron ingot is to smelt iron ore in a furnace using coal or any fuel, as shown in the image above.

➡️ Redstone Dust

Materials Required To Make Compass in Minecraft

Mining Redstone ore is the most typical method of obtaining redstone dust. In addition, villagers will exchange redstone dust for goods.

➡️ Crafting Table

Materials Required to Make Chest in Minecraft

Place 4 wooden planks in a 2×2 grid and a workbench will appear on the box with the result and take it into your inventory for later use.

Steps To Make a Compass in Minecraft?

Below are the steps you need to follow to make a compass in Minecraft.

➡️ Collect the Items

To craft a compass in Minecraft, collect 4 Iron Ingots, 1 Redstone Dust, and 1 Crafting Table.

➡️ Open the Crafting Table

Right-click on the Minecraft window to open it.

➡️ Place the Objects on the Crafting Table

Steps To Make a Compass in Minecraft?

The 4 Iron Ingots should be placed as shown in the image above, with the Redstone Dust in the center of the grid.

➡️ Access to Inventory

If the objects have been arranged correctly, a compass will appear in the results box. Drag the compass into your inventory.

Fun Fact: You can change the spawn of the world using commands that change where the compass points. With the “/setworldspawn” command, the world spawn will change to your current location.

How To Get a Compass in Minecraft?

There are other ways to get a compass in Minecraft if you don’t want to make one yourself. Here are a few ways to get a compass without crafting one.

#1. Stronghold Libraries

How To Get a Compass in Minecraft?

In the libraries that are located in the fortresses in Minecraft, you can find loot chests that contain a compass and many other vital supplies. Enter the keep’s libraries after finding it with the Eye of Enders. Therefore, this is one of the places you should definitely check out if you don’t want to make a compass in Minecraft.

#2. Dungeon Chest

How To Get a Compass in Minecraft?

Explore dungeons as you go underground. Compasses are occasionally found in underground chests along with other useful items.

#3. Shipwrecks

How To Get a Compass in Minecraft?

If you find a shipwreck in Minecraft, you should explore it, as it may contain a compass and other useful supplies. Shipwrecks also have a lot of treasure in them.

#4. Ancient Cities

In Minecraft, you can visit old cities to see if there is any loot hidden there and try to find a compass.

#5. Trading with Villagers

Uses of Flowers in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you can trade emeralds with librarians in villages if you want to get a compass. Compasses may be part of some cartographer villagers’ inventories. Look for locals who are cartographers and see what trades they offer.

#6. Mine Shafts

Different Ways to Get String In Minecraft

Watch out for chests when investigating mine shafts. It is possible that compasses will appear in these chests along with other valuable items.

#7. Desert Temples and Jungle Temples

How To Get a Compass in Minecraft?

These buildings often have secret areas containing various goodies, including compasses. Search for treasure by exploring these temples.

How to Use a Compass in Minecraft?

When exploring new locations or trying to get back to your base or spawn location, using a compass can be useful. These are the steps to use a compass in Minecraft.

➡️ Make a Compass

Steps To Make a Compass in Minecraft?

 Creating a compass is the first step. Follow the instructions above to create a compass.

➡️ Equip the Compass

Drag the compass from the crafting table to your inventory or click the corresponding button.

➡️ Understanding the Functionality of the Compass

In Minecraft, the compass, by default, points to the spawn point of the world. The place where you originally spawned in the game, or where you created your spawn point using a bed, is known as the global spawn point. While it doesn’t track exact coordinates or locations, the compass will help you navigate back to your spawn point.

➡️ Using a Compass

How To Use a Compass in Minecraft?

When you hold it in your hand, the compass needle will point in the direction of the world spawn point. Move in the needle’s direction to reach the spawn point.

➡️ Setting the Compass Functions

Compass functionality may change in some versions of Minecraft or with specific mods. For example, the compass needle in Nether of the Minecraft Java Edition randomly points to the Overworld spawn location. Be aware of any changes your particular version of Minecraft or mod settings may have made that could affect the functionality of the compass.


In conclusion, the compass is a useful tool in Minecraft that acts as a reliable guide for exploration and navigation. It provides a sense of direction in the huge blocky landscape, whether you decide to make it out of iron ingots and redstone dust or look for it in different buildings and trades. It assists in navigating back to your house or identifying notable sites by pointing its needle in the direction of the world spawn point. Learning how to use a compass effectively improves your ability to explore and take up new lands. Discover the power of the compass and set off on countless adventures in the world of Minecraft.

You should also know how to craft a torch in Minecraft to aid you when you’re exploring the darker regions of this pixelated world!

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