How to Evolve Gligar to Gliscor in Pokémon Legends


Pokémon Legends is one of the most popular Pokemon games aimed at veteran players or franchise newcomers. However, there’re instances where both veteran and new players can find themselves stuck, especially when it comes to evolving Pokémon. 

One of the most common Pokémon Legends queries includes, “How to evolve Giligar to Gliscor.” If you have the same question, you have come to the right place, as we’ll learn how to evolve Gligar. Let’s get started.

Who is Gligar? And, Where to Find it?

Gligar is a Ground and Flying-type Pokémon, listed in the Pokémon Legends: Arceus – Hisui Pokedex. You can identify it by its looks as it has a strong tail stinger with two claws to rip its enemies. The stinger helps to inject others with venom.

Who is Gligar?
Source: Pokemon DB

 All of these characteristics mean that it falls under the FlyScorpio Pokémon.

The base stats of Gligar include the following:

  • HP: 86
  • Atk: 75
  • Def: 105
  • Sp. Atk: 35
  • Sp. Def: 65
  • Speed: 85

If you’re reading the tutorial, you may already have Gligar. If you don’t, don’t worry; you’ll learn how to get it.

Gligar is a rare Pokémon, and the game doesn’t grant it to you initially. 

The very first instance you can get Gligar from is the Coronet Highlands. Before you reach the region, you must claim the Crimson Mirelands, Cobalt Coastlands, and the Noble Pokemon of Obisidan Fieldlands. In Coronet Highlands, you’ll need to look for Gligar in Clamberclaw Cliffs, Cloudcap Pass, Celestica Ruins, and Primeval Grotto.

Coronet Highlands
Source: JSkeleton’s Nintendo World

You also have chances to get Gligar from Alabaster Icelands – a second natural habitat for Gligar. In Alabaster Icelands, look for Gligar in Glacier Terrace and Arena’s Approach.

However, if you have to pick one region, it must be Coronet Highlands. Here, you’ll have higher chances of getting Gligar than Alabaster Icelands.

You can capture Gligar by approaching stealthy behind him, or he’ll attack you once you’re in the vicinity (as he is an aggressive Pokemon).

How to Evolve Gligar into Gliscor

Excellent, you now have Gligar. He helped you win many fights, but now you want to evolve it into Gliscor.

To do so, you’ll need two meet two prerequisites.

  • The first is to get your Gligar’s Pokedex Research Level to 10.
  • Next, you’ll need to get hold of Razor Fang.

Once you have Razor Fang, use it on Gligar at night. If you do it in the daytime, the process will fail.

Razor Fang
Source: JSkeleton’s Nintendo World

Getting Razor Fang

Without Razor Fang, you cannot evolve Gligar to Gliscor. You can buy Razor Fang for just 1400 Merit Points (MP) from the Trading Post.

You can also get Razor Fang from Simona’s shop near the Training Grounds in the Jubilife Village.

If you don’t have enough Merit Points, you quickly gather them by finding and returning lost satchels. Each satchel will fetch you 50 to 100 Merit Points.

Also, during the purchase, make sure you buy “Razor Fang” and not “Razor Claws.”

Apart from that, you can also buy Razor Fang from Ginter. You’ll find him at the entrance of Galaxy Hall in Jubilife Village. However, Ginter’s inventory is randomized, so you may not find Razor Fang in his inventory.

If he has it, it’ll be listed as “Mystery Fang,” costing $10,000. His inventory only resets after you catch 20 Pokémon. So, you can try to leave him and return after catching the required number of Pokémon.


Congrats! You have now successfully added Gliscor to your team.

Source: Pokemon DB

He has many benefits, including a diverse move pool, excellent stats, and great typing. Gliscor’s Typing gives you immunity to both Ground and Electric-type attacks. The stats are also great as he has good attack and speed stats — making him an excellent pick to fight Flying and Ground types as they’re either slow or frail.

However, all is not the best for Gliscor. Like any other Pokémon, it has weaknesses, including a lack of high HP or special defense stats. Overall, Gliscor is an excellent upgrade to Gligar and ensures you have a Flying-type or Ground-Type Pokémon in your team.

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