How to Grow Melons in Minecraft | Easy Farming Steps


Melons are a vibrant and, at the same time, required part of the sophisticated virtual environment of Minecraft. These delectable fruits, which can be identified by their bright green color and uniquely angular form, are significant in the game. They give players options for both food and crafting. Melons are a good source of nutrients and can be used to make valuable items and advance your game progress.

In addition to providing nutrients, melons are necessary for the production of the Eye of Ender, one of the most expensive items in the game.

This enigmatic object is helpful for locating strongholds and progressing through the intriguing game’s plot.

In this post, we’ll delve deeper into the multifaceted world of melons in Minecraft, looking at its various uses, growing methods, and importance in the player’s journey through the virtual globe. So, keep reading to know more about melons.

Materials Required to Grow Melons in Minecraft

You will need a few basic supplies and items to grow melons effectively. Here is a list of everything you will need.

➡️ Melon Seeds

melon seeds

The first step is to get melon seeds. Melon seeds can be obtained in chests, mine shafts, or by breaking melon bricks that occur naturally in some biomes. Each harvested melon block yields 1-4 melon seeds.

➡️ Farmland


For sowing melon seeds, you will need a suitable place with cultivated fields. Dig grass or logs with a hoe until they are dark brown to create farmland. Melon plants will not grow on ordinary soil or grass.

➡️ Source of Water

source of water

Melon plants require a nearby water source to stay hydrated and grow properly. Make sure there is a water block within four blocks of your farms, either directly adjacent or via a canal system.

➡️ Light Source

light source

Melon plants require light to grow, so make sure your melon farm is well-lit to keep aggressive crowds at bay. Flashlights or other light sources are ideal for this purpose. You can also use a torch as a light source. Fortunately, you can check out our guide on how to make a torch in Minecraft for more details!

➡️ Hoe

stone hoe

A hoe is needed to till the soil and prepare the farmland for planting. Arrange two pieces of wood and two units of a specific material (wooden planks, cobblestones, iron ingots, or diamonds) on the workbench to build a hoe in Minecraft.

➡️ Bone Meal (Optional)

bone meal

Although not technically necessary, bone meal can help melon plants grow faster. Bone smelting can get bone meal released from skeletons or fading skeletons.

Steps to Grow Melons in Minecraft

Growing melons in Minecraft requires a few steps, but it’s fairly simple. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

#1. Prepare the Farmland

farmland tilling

Use the hoe and till the selected farmland by right-clicking on the ground to have flat mud.

#2. Plant the Seed

grow seeds

Hold the melon seeds in your hand, aim them at the cultivated farmland, then right-click to plant them. More seeds can be planted on neighboring farm blocks.

#3. Hydrate the Soil

Make sure there is a water source nearby to keep the farmland hydrated. The water may be right next to the farmland or in a canal next to it.

#4. Wait for Growth

wait for melons to grow

Melon plants begin to sprout. As they grow, they will form vines with small melons on them.

#5. Melon Harvest

harvest melons

When the melon blocks reach full maturity, you can harvest them by right-clicking on them. Each harvested melon block drops melon slices and can be consumed or used in crafting recipes.

#6. Replant

To keep your melon farm going, be sure to replant some of the melon seeds you harvest to ensure a steady supply of melons.

You can grow melons effectively in Minecraft if you follow these procedures and ensure the necessary conditions of sunlight, water, and farmland.

Other Ways to Get Melons in Minecraft

While growing melons from melon seeds are the most common way to get melons in Minecraft, there are other ways.

➡️ Naturally Occurring Melon Block

melon blocks

Melon blocks can be found naturally in some biomes, such as jungles and forests. When you break these blocks, 1-4 melon slices and sometimes melon seeds will drop out. By collecting these seeds, you can start your own melon garden.

➡️ Trading with Villagers

trading with villagers

Some villagers, especially farmers, offer melon slices or melon seeds as trade items. Melon seeds can be obtained by trading with these villagers if they have them in their trading repertoire.

➡️ Dungeon Chest

dungeon chest

Explore dungeons, temples, or other crafted structures to find melon seeds as loot in chests. Dungeon chests often appear underground and may contain rare items.

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➡️ Mine Shaft Chest

mine shaft chest

Abandoned mine shafts can contain loot chests, and melon seeds can be obtained from these chests. They are a common source of melon seeds for underground players.

➡️ Temples in the Jungle

temples in the jungle

Melon seeds can be found in jungle temple chests. These temples can be found in jungle biomes and often contain riches such as melon seeds.

➡️ Wandering Traders

Wandering merchants may occasionally offer melon slices or melon seeds as trade alternatives. Watch out for these merchants as they pass through your realm.

Summing Up

To sum up, learning how to grow melons in Minecraft is vital for any player. You can turn a handful of melon seeds into a thriving source of food and crafting materials by following the instructions above. Whether you’re exploring the depths of caves or embarking on epic missions, your melon farm will remain a steady source of resources that will keep you well-fed and armed for whatever difficulties Minecraft has in store.

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