9 Best Mobile VR Games to Have Fun on the Go (Android + iOS)


Do you ever feel bored while waiting for your bus or traveling through trains?

In situations like these, games come in handy, even better if they’re virtual reality. You don’t need a bulky setup to dive into immersive worlds anymore. It doesn’t matter whether you’re Team Android or Team iOS; there’s something for everybody.

To honor that fact, in this post, we’ll look at some of the best mobile VR games you can play on both platforms and have fun on the go. Strap on your VR headset, and let’s embark on a pixel-packed journey right away.

Cost-effective Nature of Mobile VR Games


If you’ve never explored the world of VR gaming on mobile, you’ll be surprised to know that it’s like the thrifty shopper’s dream realm of virtual adventures. Why? Well, here are some of the reasons:

➡️ Price Tag

To begin with, there’s a vast number of dirt-cheap and free VR games on mobile you can choose from. Unlike the mega-expensive titles on high-end platforms, many mobile VR developers release games priced less than the coffee you bought this morning.

➡️ Variety

The variety? Think of it like an all-you-can-eat buffet of virtual reality goodness. From roller coaster rides through galaxies to deep-sea diving with dolphins, there’s something for every gamer’s choice.

➡️ Value for Money

Most VR games are pretty easy on the pocket, but that doesn’t mean they’re inferior when it comes to quality or fun. Many of these games come made by indie developers pouring their heart and soul into crafting cool experiences, which means you often get a unique experience you may not find elsewhere.

➡️ Constant Evolution

Mobile VR gaming is like the family’s youngest child who keeps growing taller every summer. This kind of constant evolution means frequent fresh content and better games, all while keeping things budget-friendly.

Overall, mobile VR games offer truckloads of adventures at a fraction of what you might expect to pay. It’s almost like getting first-class entertainment on an economy ticket. How cool is that?

Gameplay Mechanics in Mobile VR Games


Not to sound dramatic, but mobile VR games are like stepping into Harry Potter’s magical world. There’s curiosity, adventure, drama, excitement, and so much more. This is possible mainly because of the VR headset; however, there are two other elements that massively contribute to it. Here’s a breakdown of them:

➡️ Touch Controls

First off, the touch controls. They’re intuitive, so you already know how to use them without a hefty manual.

Suppose you’re playing a VR puzzle game. With touch controls, you’re not just tapping to move pieces but grabbing, sliding, and twisting or turning them. It’s like interacting with actual objects, not just pixels on a screen.

➡️ Motion Sensors

Then comes this cool feature that many electronic devices have these days – the motion sensor. Remember those Wii games where you flailed around your living room? Imagine that, but take it up a notch.

Mobile VR tracks your head movements. If you look up, you’ll probably spot a virtual bird flying by. Look down, and there’s the ground below your character’s feet. It’s incredibly immersive, enough to make you feel the virtual is the reality.

The combination of touch controls and motion sensors creates this dynamic gameplay. For example, you might physically duck while playing an action game to avoid obstacles. Or, in rhythm games, you’ll groove to the beats, and your character will mimic your killer moves.

To be fair, mobile VR games are not just ordinary games you play; they’re experiences you live. It’s like the game designers handed over their magic wand and said, “Here, cast some spells.” And with the blend of touch and motion, the line between our reality and the game world blurs in the most incredible manner.

Now that we know the potentialities and goodness of mobile VR games, let’s jump into the titles you can play on your Android and iOS devices.


This is a VR explosion you won’t expect – with an array of mini-games to choose from, go berserk in the multiplayer mode with your friends for an evening full of entertainment.

BombSquad includes games like Capture the Flag and Hockey, where you’ll throw bombs, punch enemies, and strategize for victory. You can play with or against friends, and I am sure it still promises the spirit of competitive gaming.

YouTube video

It features vibrant visuals, appealing graphics, and easy-to-pick-up controls, which ensures even amateur gamers can try their hand at winning the game. The gameplay of each game is arcade-style, non-complicated, and pretty simple, making user adoption wider.

One thing to note is that it requires an external remote/external device to play or a second device with a BombSquad remote running in the background. This is a multiplayer VR game you won’t want to miss!

➡️ Download: Android

VR Noir

Define the journey of an exciting protagonist by laying your hands on this role-playing VR game from the comfort of your mobile. VR Noir allows you to step into the shoes of Veronica Coltrane – a young private detective with a dark past who’s in the middle of huge debts. This is an interactive crime thriller that’ll keep you on your toes. 

YouTube video

It features choice-based gameplay where you actively interact with the environment through investigation and dialogues with the audience. The game contains the right amount of drama, thrill, and virtual engagements to make it interactive and larger than life.

You’ll often find yourself questioning morality as you make difficult choices and use your power that will define the course of Veronica’s story.

➡️ Download: Android | iOS

Need for Speed: No Limits

Welcome to an arena where speed can break all bounds! Need for Speed: No Limits by EA is a hot favorite among car lovers, and its VR edition has taken it a notch higher.

YouTube video

Be the coolest car collector in town by stocking your garage with real-world cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Hennessey, and many more. You can go all out and customize them with more than 2.5 million custom combinations.

Once you’re ready, get on the racing track for a thrilling and speedy competition to prove your capability of handling premium cars. Remember, it isn’t going to be a joy ride, as you’ll be on the streets of Blackridge navigating through traffic, jumping over debris, and racing to finish your laps using nitro boost zones.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best Need for Speed games around. So, prepare to dig, drag, drive, and drift for 1,000 races await you!

➡️ Download: Android | iOS


Explore a haunted house through this mystery room challenge-style game called Sisters. The stakes are high as your sister is captured, and you’ll have to do all it takes to save her.

YouTube video

Uncover chilling secrets and face spine-tingling scares as you navigate the horror environment. Soon enough, you realize you’re not alone, and that entity doesn’t want you present there. 

You’ll experience terror unfolding with 360-degree immersive visuals and audio. The interactive nature of the environment of this game gives you the feeling of being physically present in the haunted house. This must-play horror thriller is best experienced with good-quality headphones.

➡️ Download: Android | iOS

VR Jurassic – Dino Park World

The all-time favorite dinosaur franchise is now available as a VR game for mobile, and I can’t keep calm! Here’s your chance to meet your dinosaur friends in the Jurassic Park and Prehistoric Museum by playing VR Jurassic.

YouTube video

Hop on to a VR roller coaster ride to explore the jungles and caves and look closely at your dinosaur friends. You can also take the support of other VR devices like cardboard and Daydream to explore further.

Enjoy the company of herbivorous dinos like Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops and study the deadly carnivores, including T-rex, Velociraptor, and Tyrannosaur. Witness some epic dino battles as you survive this prehistoric adventure on a forgotten island where surviving is the only way out.

➡️ Download: Android | iOS

Zombie Shooter VR

Face off against Zombies in a post-apocalyptic world where there’s only one rule – survival of the fittest.

You’ll get to exercise your strategy, survival skills, and hand-eye coordination in this immersive action game with an intense atmosphere that creates an unforgettable experience. Enter never-ending labyrinths where bloodthirsty zombies await you.


In Zombie Shooter VR, you can choose your weapon from an arsenal of options and work towards perfecting your skills, as mutants can attack you anytime, anywhere. The game portrays intricate graphics and an emotional storyline, which, combined with VR, gives you a perfect movie-like experience on your smartphone.

Moreover, you can upgrade to the premium version to access exclusive updates, features, and game modes.

➡️ Download: Android | iOS

VR Abyss: Sharks and Sea Worlds

In VR Abyss: Sharks and Sea Worlds, you’ll explore underwater a mystery that holds secrets waiting to unfold. Dive into the serene and captivating marine world, where you’ll explore vibrant aquatic environments, interact with marine life, and unearth hidden treasures. Say hi to Memo, the Shark, and other sea world creatures you’ve never seen or heard of.


The game captures a tranquil ambiance, making the VR experience stunning and relaxing. Join the endless VR diving mode to discover coral reefs, see the killer whale (Orca) up close, and explore cargo ships.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can dive into a shark cage and experience how sharks make vicious attacks. Get calm and at peace, for this abyss is deep and never-ending.

➡️ Download: Android

VR Roller Coaster

VR Roller Coaster takes you on a thrilling ride through various exhilarating roller coaster tracks. With twists, turns, loops, and breathtaking drops, this game offers a realistic simulation of the roller coaster experience. The immersive nature of virtual reality enhances the sensation of speed and height, making each ride a heart-pounding adventure.


This game is the perfect way to experience the excitement of amusement park rides without leaving your home. It has interesting functions, such as 1 finger tap to recalibrate the forward direction and a 2 finger tap to restart the ride.

The environment boasts excitement with noisy crowds, birds, screaming riders, buildings, and an airship, all in the tiny device in your hand.

➡️ Download: Android

VR Space: The Last Mission

Get ready for the infinite adventure of your lifetime with VR Space: The Last Mission. Embark on an epic space adventure as you pilot your spacecraft through dangerous territories.

YouTube video

Battle against enemies, navigate asteroid fields, and explore the vastness of space. The game’s stunning visuals and intuitive controls make you feel like a true spacefaring hero.

Whether you’re engaging in dogfights, maneuvering through tight spaces, or marveling at the cosmic vistas, this game offers an adventure perfect for those who dream of exploring the final frontier. This is one of the best space exploration games that you can play on mobile today.

Blast off into the stars and become a part of an interstellar journey that promises excitement, danger, and wonder.

➡️ Download: Android

Closing Thoughts

Mobile VR games have come a long way, with more and more titles being introduced. Whether you use Android or iOS, there’s a virtual realm out there waiting for you.

These top picks mentioned in this post are perfect for diving into alternate universes while waiting for your order at a fast food joint or for quickly escaping reality during those unbearably long bus rides.

The future is in your pocket, and it’s insanely fun!

Next, check out the best PC VR games on Steam to escape into another dimension.

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