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If you’ve been immersing yourself in Destiny 2’s engrossing world, you’ve definitely considered upgrading modules.

One of these little diamonds is your ticket to boosting your setup and releasing even more destructive power against the powers of darkness.

Upgrade modules might be compared to your go-to toolbox for improving your armor and weapons. They serve as the magical finishing touch that can elevate an ordinary weapon to legendary status or transform a challenging piece of armor into an impregnable line of defense.

What are Upgrade Modules?

In Destiny 2, players can progress to the levels required for endgame content by using upgrade modules to raise the light level of their weapons and armor. Despite their name, upgrade modules don’t truly improve the stats of any weapons or armor. 

Nevertheless, they are just as crucial as any other content because, without upgrade modules, players won’t be able to access certain content. Upgrade modules take a piece of high-level equipment, disassemble it, and raise the level of low-level equipment to that of the original item.


Upgrade modules offer more than just sheer power. They’re also the best way to modify your equipment for various scenarios. Imagine that your trusted auto rifle isn’t cutting it when you’re battling a horde of Hive thralls in the bowels of the Moon. Instead of giving up on your cherished weapon, you can apply an upgrade module to modify its characteristics and customize it for optimum potency against that bothersome Hive.

Upgrade modules are a valuable resource, therefore, employ caution when deciding how and when to use them, to name one consideration. Your loadout must change along with the ever-changing world of Destiny 2. You’ll be prepared to handle obstacles the cosmos throws if you have the correct equipment and strategically positioned upgrade modules.

How to Obtain Upgrade Modules?

As you are aware, the gear in Destiny 2 is the most crucial component. This is the main draw for most players and the basis for the entire game. Once you have those lovely Legendary or Exotic items, there is a technique to enhance their strength. This method involves injecting them, and the best way to do that is by obtaining Upgrade Modules via one of the several methods discussed below.

The upgrade modules will significantly boost a particular item’s power. They are valuable and difficult to find because of this. There are several methods to get hold of them.

➡️ Using Season Pass to Claim them

The free tiers of the Season Pass are the most straightforward route. You will receive a variety of upgrade modules as rewards if your Season Pass level is high enough. Given that you must personally claim them, this is the simplest way to obtain any if you still need to do so. 

➡️ Performing Weekly Bounties

Fortunately, two reliable ways exist to obtain Upgrade Modules during the entire season. These two methods are made possible by our trusted friend, the Gunsmith. He has two weekly bounties that, in addition to certain planetary materials and some XP, each award one upgrade module.

Here’s the deal: The Gunsmith has provided you with a short shopping list. Don’t worry; he just wants some supplies, nothing too elaborate. The game’s money, Glimmer, and various Enhancement Cores, which you may obtain by disassembling old gear, are required. Oh, and don’t forget to toss in a few upgrading module components; these act as the upgrading process’s secret ingredient.

➡️ Making Use of a Concentrated Mattergem

Utilizing a Concentrated Mattergem that you purchase from Eververse for 200 Bright Dust is the trickiest and last method for obtaining upgrade modules. You will receive a bonus from this that increases your likelihood of receiving an upgrade module after each boss you defeat. Remember that it’s a percentage, so you’ll have to take out a few bosses before you obtain one. The buff will eventually disappear once you get the upgrade module.


There’s more. Hold on. These modules can also be obtained through various in-game activities, such as finishing Nightfall Strikes, leveling up your season pass, or receiving them as prizes from particular tasks and challenges. You’ll soon find yourself swimming in upgrade modules if you keep an eye out and have your trigger finger ready.

The players’ primary sources for purchasing upgrade modules will be Banshee-44 and Ada-1. Upgrade modules have the same price as Enhancement Prisms and Ascendant Shards: 5,000 Glimmer. The upgrade modules will also cost a Legendary Shard, 25 of a random world resource, and an Enhancement Core. None of the above goods are complicated to locate, but this technique can become quite expensive if every piece of equipment needs to be improved.

How to Buy Upgrade Modules?

It’s time to buy those upgrade modules once you’ve accumulated the required materials. Visit Banshee-44 and look through his offerings. Simply choose the upgrade module you want and confirm your purchase when you find it. Voila! You’re further getting closer to having Guardians envious of your gear.

There’s more, though, so hold on. Remember to keep the seasonal artifact in mind. Each season’s completion will grant you artifact strength and allow you to access new upgrades that will significantly improve your gameplay. You may make use of these upgrades without spending any money or materials, so make sure to do so.

The simplest method is to purchase them. Upgrade modules can be purchased from the Gunsmith for 1 Enhancement Core, 10 Legendary Shards, 5000 Glimmer, and 25 of a randomly selected Planetary material that is determined by rotation. Of course, obtaining these Planetary materials is not simple, but it is better than nothing.

Therefore, Guardian, there you have it! In order to improve your gear in Destiny 2, you must locate Banshee-44 in the Tower, collect Glimmer and Enhancement Cores, and then select the ideal upgrade modules to boost your weapons and armor. To ensure that you are using your resources correctly, keep an eye on that always-changing inventory.

Final Words

Purchase upgrade modules from the Gunsmith in the Tower using these Enhancement Cores and planetary resources. Upgrade modules may also be awarded as a result of specific actions and the Season Pass. Manage your resources wisely and participate in numerous in-game activities to guarantee a constant flow of upgrade modules for improving your gear and leveling up in Destiny 2.

It is well-known among every hardcore Destiny 2 enthusiast gamer that upgrade modules are of prime significance. After reading the above piece, you have everything needed for that upgrade module. Head out, get your gear, and go forth to demonstrate your dominance over the darkness!

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