How to Get to Kaer Morhen – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [Ethically and Unethically]


Kaer Morhen is one of the most important keeps in the Witcher world, considering the history of the place. Situated in the mountains of Kaedwen, it is the place where old witchers learned the craft of combat and mutated into their final forms. Our protagonist; the Geralt of Rivia, also trained at this keep to become a witcher. However, there is a dark past associated with the keep as the fanatics who found witchers to be a threat attacked it and killed most of the teachers residing there.

how to get to Kaer Morhen

If you are a die-hard Witcher fan, Kaer Morhen is a place which you certainly don’t want to miss out. Long answer short, getting to the keep isn’t that easy going by the usual way. That’s why we have also shared a shortcut to take you directly to Kaer Morhen. In this article, let’s look at how to get to the keep and related quests that you should definitely try.

Getting to Kaer Morhen

If you have played The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you might know that the game leaves almost no scope for unlocking locations or quests before they are meant to be unlocked. The same goes with Kaer Morhen, and the slightly disappointing fact here is that you cannot unlock it before completing a significant portion of the storyline.

kaer morhen map

However, there is a silver lining; interestingly, the game itself begins at Morhen when you play the tutorial. The entire tutorial sequence does a great job of establishing the bond between Geralt of Rivia and his adopted daughter, Ciri. That said, the tutorial locks almost all parts of the keep and essentially forces you to train Ciri.

➡️ How to Fully Unlock Kaer Morhen (Ethically)?

Coming to the gist of this article; how to actually unlock Kaer Morhen with all its elements available to interact, you would need to reach the Ugly Baby quest from Act 2. Without spoiling the game and giving out much about the story, the Ugly Baby quest appears in the later half of the game, and it would take a significant time before you reach it.

The game will make you travel towards the keep in search of Ciri as you begin the Ugly Baby quest. As soon as you complete the quest, the keep remains unlocked and accessible for the rest of your gameplay.

Just like all of the unlocked locations in the game, you don’t need to physically travel to the keep every time. You can simply use the fast travel feature and reach the nearest signpost to reach the keep once you’ve unlocked it.

➡️ How to Get to Kaer Morhen Instantly?

Being gamers, we strongly recommend playing the game completely and reaching the Ugly Baby quest on your own. Completing the quests on your own makes you more attached to the storyline and characters. That said, if you desperately want to get to Kaer Morhen without caring much about the initial storyline, we have got you covered.

Note: This method is only available for the PC version of the game.

The idea here is to download a save file for the game, which already has the Ugly Baby quest completed. Here are the steps to download a save file for The Witcher 3:

  • Go to NexusMods and search for the save files for The Witcher 3.
nexusmods save file
  • Choose the save file that you like and download it.
  • Extract the downloaded RAR file and find the save files within.
save files for the witcher 3
  • Next, copy the save file and paste it to The Witcher 3 save file directory (My Documents > Witcher 3 > Gamesaves).
  • Now open The Witcher 3 and go to the Load Game section. Find your saved game and simply open it.

The game should now have Kaer Morhen unlocked, and you should be able to fast travel to the location any time.

Quests in Kaer Morhen

Kaer Morhen becomes a strategically important location after getting unlocked, and the developers made sure to hide a fair share of elements to make it more interactive for the players. Although there’s a lot that you can and will need to do at Kaer Morhen to progress through the game, a lot of it contains major spoilers regarding the storyline.

Kaer Morhen quests

However, as a side quest, you can collect Triss’ earrings placed near the northeast corner under the main tower. You can decide on either keeping the earring or giving it back to Triss. Interestingly, Triss will start wearing the earring after the Blindingly Obvious quest, if you decide to return it.

Another one of the quests is finding Berengar’s notes near the ruins around the westward wall of Kaer Morhen. After collecting the notes, you can read them to start the Berengar’s Blade quest.

Final Words

Kaer Morhen is a vital part of The Witcher 3’s storyline, and you must explore it if you are a die-hard Witcher fan. However, reaching the keep is often a time-consuming process if you decide to go the conventional way. On the other hand, you may also use the slightly unethical method of using a save file to instantly reach Kaer Morhen, but you will miss the entire journey of reaching the keep. We leave the decision of choosing a method up to you. However, make sure to complete the related quests at Kaer Morhen to fully enjoy the location.

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