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In the virtual world of Minecraft, Netherite is a rare and valuable material known for its extreme toughness and formidable properties. It was introduced in update 1.16 and surpasses even diamond, the previous pinnacle of material strength. Netherite ore can only be discovered in the terrible depths of the Nether. Therefore, adventurers must endure dangerous situations to obtain it. The refining process of raw Netherite into ingots involves smelting and manufacturing, yielding the foundation for crafting powerful tools, armor, and weapons.

Items crafted from Netherite have an unmatched drive that can withstand the toughest tests of the game. Due to their increased effectiveness, tools and weapons are key to combating the game’s deadliest enemies. Minecraft masters seek the Netherite as the ultimate symbol of their power, propelling them to new heights of adventure and victory in this intriguing digital environment.

Explore the mysteries of the Netherite in Minecraft! Uncover the secrets of ancient debris and master the technique of exploring them at dangerous depths as you learn to identify and craft this prized material. Learn how to craft powerful Netherite gear that will be your greatest ally in the exciting adventures that lie ahead of you in the world of Minecraft. Follow us as we take a look at the most requested resource in this virtual world!

How to Find Netherite in Minecraft?

Finding Netherite in Minecraft is an exciting but difficult job that requires careful planning and research. To find this valuable resource, follow these steps.

➡️ Prepare to Go to the Nether


To increase your chances of survival in the Nether, arm yourself with the best armor, tools, and your preferred Netherite or diamond. Carry enough food, goods, lights, and other necessities for the duration of the expedition.

➡️ Enter the Nether


Create an Obsidian Nether Portal and activate it using Flint and Steel. Go through the portal to access the Nether Dimension. By the way, check out our guide on how to make flint and steel in Minecraft if you’re not sure how to do so!

➡️ Find a Suitable Area

The Nether is a deadly world full of dangerous mobs and difficult terrain. Choose a place that is somewhat open and without immediate danger.

➡️ Mine Ancient Debris

mine ancient debrie

The raw material used to create Netherite Shards after melting is called Ancient Debris. It resembles Netherrack in appearance but is darker in color and coarser in texture. Ancient Debris can be mined with a diamond pick or a Netherite pick.

➡️ Return to the Overworld

Return to the Overworld via your Nether Portal once you have collected a significant amount of Ancient Debris.

Note: Watch out for pockets and lava lakes. Ancient debris are often generated near these areas. To avoid accidents, approach the lava with extreme caution.

How to Craft Netherite in Minecraft?

Making Netherite in Minecraft involves refining a rare substance known as Ancient Debris. Here is a step-by-step guide for you to follow.

#1. Get Ancient Debris

Use the steps above to enter the Nether Dimension and dig up the Ancient Debris.

#2. Smelt Ancient Debris

nether scrap

Return to the Overworld with your collected ancient ruins and place them in the furnace. Each ancient shard melts into a single Netherite scrap.

#3. Collect Gold Ingots

gold ignot

You can get gold bars by mining or smelting gold ore. You will need at least four gold bars for each Netherite Bar you plan to make.

#4. Craft Netherite Ingots

netherite ignot

Open the crafting table and arrange four Netherite Scraps and four Gold Bars in a 2 x 2 grid, with the Netherite Scraps going in the corners and the Gold Bars in the remaining slots. Using this crafting combo, we will create one Netherite Ingot.

Note: The melting process of old debris can be accelerated by using a blast furnace.

How to Find Ancient Debris in Minecraft?

ancient debries

In Minecraft, the Nether Realm is the only place to find a rich ore known as Ancient Debris. It resembles a rough-textured block with a black metallic appearance that often blends in with the Netherrack landscape. This wanted item is used to create Netherite, the strongest and most durable resource in the game.

Exploring the Nether with a focus on lower Y levels (often between 8 and 22) will help explorers find Ancient Debris. They must carefully excavate the ancient debris with a diamond or Netherite pick and beware of potential hazards such as lava lakes. When searching for Netherite, spells like Fortune on a pickaxe can increase Ancient Debris yield.

How to Craft Netherite Equipment in Minecraft?

In order to craft Netherite gear in Minecraft, you need to upgrade existing diamond gear using the Smithing Table. Here’s the step-by-step process.

➡️ Gather the Materials

Get the diamond gear you want to upgrade along with the Netherite ingots.

➡️ Create a Smithing Table

smithing table

Combine 2 iron ingots and 4 wooden planks in the crafting table to create a smithing table.

➡️ Upgrade Diamond Equipment

netherite equipment

Place the piece of Diamond Equipment you wish to upgrade into the left slot of the Smithing Table. Place one Netherite Ingot in the right slot.

➡️ Collect Netherite Gear

You will combine the items on the Smithing Table to create a Netherite-enhanced version of the tool.

Note: Diamond Swords, Axes, Pickaxes, Shovels, Hoes, Helmets, Chestplates, Leggings, and Boots are items that can be upgraded to Netherite.


Finally, discovering Netherite in Minecraft is an exciting but difficult task that requires careful planning and exploration in the Nether Realm. Players must traverse difficult terrain and battle powerful enemies while wearing the best gear and keeping an eye out for ancient debris. Smelting and crafting transform Ancient Debris into netherite, enabling the creation of incredibly robust equipment. By upgrading their skills, players better prepare for the toughest missions in Minecraft’s harsh Nether region.

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