How to Get to the Consecrated Snowfield in Elden Ring?


If you are active in the Elden Ring gaming communities, then you’ve probably heard about the secret end-game location in Elden Ring called Consecrated Snowfield.

I heard about it for the first time in a Reddit thread and wondered why it is not visible on the Elden Ring map. 🤔 

Then I learned that I must find two halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion and hoist it at the Grand Lift of Rold in Forbidden Lands (Mountaintop of the Giants). This opens the entry to the secret location of Consecrated Snowfield.

Finding Consecrated Snowfield is an adventure of its own, but when you find it, what do you do? There is constant snowfall and violent blizzards, and it seems like there’s not much to do in this location.


Today, I will show you how to get to Consecrated Snowfield in Elden Ring and all the important stuff –  sublocations, bosses, enemies, loot, dungeons, and more.

What is Consecrated Snowfield?

Consecrated Snowfield is a snowy, misty area on the lower plains of the Mountaintop of the Giants. It is a secret location, so it can’t be just discovered or put on a map with a map fragment like you can with other Elden Ring locations.

Source: Fextralife

You need a Haligtree Secret Medallion to unlock access to Consecrated Snowfield. In the next section, I have shared how to find the two halves of the medallion and use them to access this snowy region.

Visibility is limited in many parts of this snowy region. Small, golden lights illuminate the path from the upper section to the broad, snowy plane below, through which a frozen river runs. 

The Consecrated Snowfield is the final area for those who seek Miquella’s Haligtree to fight one of the hardest bosses in Elden Ring – Malenia, the Blade of Miquella. You can also use a waygate to reach an important late-game area called Mohgwyn’s Palace to fight Mohg, Lord of Blood.

If you love Elden Ring’s storyline like I do, please visit these two locations. The bosses are difficult to fight, I must warn you, though.

I can’t tell you how many days it took me to beat them. Yes, DAYS, not hours! 😂

Sites of GraceBossesSublocations
Apostate DerelictAstel, Stars of DarknessAlbinauric Rise
Cave of the ForlornDeath Rite BirdApostate Derelict
Consecrated SnowfieldGreat Wyrm TheodorixTwo Carriages
Consecrated Snowfield CatacombsMisbegotten CrusaderCave of the Forlorn
Hidden Path to the Haligtree2x Night’s Cavalry – Found only at night.Consecrated Snowfield Catacombs
Inner Consecrated SnowfieldPutrid AvatarElphael, Brace of the Haligtree
Ordina, Liturgical TownPutrid GraveHidden Path to the Haligtree
Yelough Anix TunnelWarden DuelistMinor Erdtree (Consecrated Snowfield)
Miquella’s Haligtree
Ordina, Liturgical Town
Walking Mausoleum (Consecrated Snowfield)
Yelough Anix Ruins
Yelough Anix Tunnel

How to Reach Consecrated Snowfield?

To access Consecrated Snowfield, you need two halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion. The right half is found in the Village of Albinaurics in Liurnia of the Lakes region. An NPC called Albus holds the right half of the Haligtree Secret Medallion.


For the left half of the Haligtree Secret Medallion, you need to defeat Commander Niall in Castle Sol – the northern region of Mountaintop of the Giants.


Now that you have both halves of the medallion, you need to return to the Rold route and head to Forbidden Lands via Leyndell, Royal Capital. Here, you need to defeat Morgott first. Only after that can you find the Grand Lift of Rold.


When you stand near the Grand Lift of Rold, you need to switch your action and choose “Hoist secret medallion”. This is very important. The Lift is like a teleporter to the Consecrated Snowfield.

If you choose the “Hoist medallion” option, you will reach the Mountaintop of the Giants (upper region) and not the Consecrated Snowfield (lower region). You will miss out on a whole adventure if you do this!


Once the gate opens, you can enter a dungeon and fight a few enemies before you exit the dungeon and reach Consecrated Snowfield.

Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to find the two halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion and use it at Grand Lift of Rold, if you still need some help.

➡️ Consecrated Snowfield Map Fragment

The Hidden Path to the Haligtree is the closest site of grace to Consecrated Snowfield, which you can find after entering the dungeon and navigating through it.


Once you enter Consecrated Snowfield, the first thing you need to do is find the Map Fragment. On your Elden Ring map, you can see a faint path and a blot. Follow this path and collect the fragment.


Head north for the Consecrated Snowfield map fragment. Be extra careful, as your vision will be blocked by cold winds and blizzards. You will encounter some snowy cliffs and frozen ravines. Just past them, you will find the monolith with the map fragment.


➡️ Alternate Way to Reach Consecrated Snowfield (Without Haligtree Secret Medallion)

I strongly recommend using the Haligtree Secret Medallion method to access Consecrated Snowfield, and it is the only method to access the snowy region. 

The Elden Ring players have discovered a glitch that lets you enter Consecrated Snowfield without the medallion. This alternative method includes jumping off a cliff and dying on purpose near a Stake of Marika. Then, respawn near the Stake of Marika, which is inside the Consecrated Snowfield.

Watch this video by Yharnamnos to copy this method. 

I’d not recommend you to try this method as I haven’t tried it myself, and I do not know the authenticity of it.

For this method, you will need your spectral steed Torrent. I can tell you that much.

7 Best Places to Explore in Consecrated Snowfield (Enemies, Bosses, & Items)

Yes, you can skip the Consecrated Snowfield, but I strongly suggest trying this location. There is so much you can do in this location, and there is a secret portal in Consecrated Snowfield that takes you to Mohgwyn’s Palace.

So, let’s see the best places in Consecrated Snowfield that you must visit.

➡️ Consecrated Snowfield Catacombs

Inside Consecrated Snowfield, in the southeastern part, you will find a chilly catacomb called Consecrated Snowfield Catacombs. 

Consecrated Snowfield Catacombs
Source: Elden Ring Fandom

Be cautious; on your way, you will find two towers emitting frostbite-inflicting mist. You can use a bow to shoot arrows at the tower and stop the mist.

You will find various enemies in these catacombs, such as Imps, Erdtree Burial Watchdogs, and Cleanrot Knights. There are no NPCs in this area.

You can also gather and farm items such as Rejuvenating Boluses, Root Resin, Grave Violet, Golden Rune, and more. Also, acquire upgrade items such as Grave Gloveworts, Ghost Gloveworts, and Great Grave Glovewort.

You can also defeat the area boss, Putrid Grave Warden Duelist. He drops 78,000 Runes, Great Grave Glovewort x2, and Rotten Gravekeeper Cloak.

➡️ Cave of the Forlorn

If you’re looking for one of the best late-game weapons, then Cave of the Forlorn should be on your list. This location is south of the Minor Erdtree in the Consecrated Snowfield.

The players must fight a Giant Land Octopus and use two Stonesword Keys to enter this cave.

Cave of the Forlorn
Source – Elden Ring Fandom

In this cave, you can defeat the area boss, Misbegotten Crusader, and he will drop one of the best Greatswords in Elden Ring – The Golden Order Greatsword.


There are no upgrade materials available in the Cave of the Forlorn, but you can find other items like Crystal Dart, Freezing Grease, Golden Rune, Hero’s Rune, Miquella’s Lily, and Thawing Boluses.

➡️ Hidden Path to the Haligtree

The Hidden Path to the Haligtree is not exactly in Consecrated Snowfield, but just before you enter it. It is the last Site of Grace in Forbidden Lands before entering Consecrated Snowfield.


No NPCs exist in this area, but you can collect items like Warming Stone, Freezing Grease, Grave Glovewort, Silver Scarab, Spelldrake Talisman, Blackflame Monk Amon Ashes, and more.

The Hidden Path to the Haligtree has an area boss called Stray Mimic Tear. If you’re a magic user, then you can kill him easily. Upon defeat, the boss drops Blackflame Monk Amon spirit ashes. 

You can either use the teleporter to exit the dungeon area or take the elevator on the left to enter the Consecrated Snowfield.

➡️ Ordina, Liturgical Town

The town of Ordina is one of the most interesting places in Consecrated Snowfield and a must-visit place if you want to find Malenia, the Blade of Miquella.


Ordina, Liturgical Town is a ghost city. It is in the northern region of the Consecrated Snowfield. This region has the “Four Flames” puzzle, which you need to light to open the waygate to Miquella’s Haligtree – Malenia’s location.

I have a complete step-by-step guide for you to head to this ghost town and complete the four flames puzzle to reach Miquella’s Haligtree.

In this area, you can beat a Black Knife Assassin and get a Black Knife armor set for yourself. No bosses exist in this area, but you gather various items such as Nascent Butterfly, Freezing Grease, Golden Rune, Invigorating Cured Meat, and more.

➡️ Miquella’s Haligtree

Miquella’s Haligtree is the hidden location where Malenia is in a deep slumber. When you complete the Four Flames puzzle in Ordina, you can take a waygate that takes you to Miquella’s Haligtree.


You will be spawned on the top of a great branching tree. You must defeat some deadly enemies here, like Battlemage, Giant Ants, Misbegotten, and more. Then, you need to head to the castle area situated within Miquella’s Haligtree to visit Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree.

You can find a few good talismans in this place, so make sure you have your Talisman Pouch to carry up to four talismans. You can also find some Somber Smithing Stones, Golden Rune, Lost Ashes of War, and more.

You need to defeat the area boss, Loretta, Knight of the Haligtree, who drops 200,000 Runes, Loretta’s Mastery, and Loretta’s War Sickle.

➡️ Yelough Anix Ruins/ Tunnel

Yelough Anix Ruins is found west of the Consecrated Snowfield. You can ride your Torrent northwest from the Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace to reach this location.

Yelough Anix Ruins
Source – Elden Ring Fandom

You won’t find any NPCs or bosses in this area. However, you can find some really good farming materials like Eye of Yelough, Golden Rune, Yellow Ember, and more. 

Since all the inhabitants of these ruins are taken over by madness, you can find Unendurable Frenzy incantation. This incantation is really helpful in building Madness builds such as Frenzied Acolyte. 

➡️ Mohgwyn Palace (Using a Waygate/Pureblood Knight’s Medal)

Mohgwyn Palace is a Location in Elden Ring that is located beneath Caelid. At this place rests one of the toughest bosses in Elden Ring, Mohg, the Lord of Blood.


There are two ways to reach Mohgwyn Palace:

If you want to get to Mohgwyn Palace without Varre, then use the gateway teleporter in the frozen west of Consecrated Snowfield (northwest of the Yelough Anix Ruins) to reach Mohg easily.

However, if you have already left the Consecrated Snowfield or have not reached it yet, you can still get to Mohg. Just use the Pureblood Knight’s Medal given by White Mask Varré at the end of his questline.


Upon defeating Mohg, you will get 420,000 Runes, Mohg’s Great Rune, and Remembrance of the Blood Lord.

Final Thoughts

Although Consecrated Snowfield is an optional location in the Elden Ring, I recommend you visit and fight the enemies. The bosses in this location are crucial to the Elden Ring storyline.

If you do go to Consecrated Snowfield, it will be the last location on the Elden Ring map. After this, you enter the end game. After this area, you will most probably fight the penultimate boss of the game – Godfrey, the First Elden Lord, and then the final boss of the game.

So, hop on your Torrent and explore the snowy region of Consecrated Snowfield.

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