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Copper is a unique material in Minecraft that was introduced with the Caves & Cliffs update. It is important because of this versatility. To find copper, venture deep into the caves and mine it. Once mined, you must melt it in a furnace. You’ll be able to make anything from decorative pieces (like our block of the month) to utilities (like lightning rods or spyglass).

Copper has an interesting property in that it changes color over time. It’s a shiny pinkish color when you first use it to make something. However, if you keep it outside, it will gradually turn green, similar to the Statue of Liberty. This makes it exciting to build and decorate.

Thus, not only copper was essential, but its ability to change colors added flavor to the game. It’s a sight to see in Minecraft, for sure. This tutorial will guide you on how to get copper in Minecraft (and what ore to mine for the raw material). In addition, we will go over the many uses of copper in the game. Explore this rare resource and its possibilities in your Minecraft adventures!

Steps to Find Copper in Minecraft

These are the steps to find copper in Minecraft

➡️ Gather the Required Materials

gather materials

Before embarking on your quest for copper, ensure you possess a stone, iron, or higher-grade metal pickaxe, as well as a torch for illuminating dark areas. Both tools prove essential for successful mining operations.

You can check out our detailed instructions on how to make a torch in Minecraft as well!

➡️ Find Copper Ore

copper ore

Updated cave systems from Caves & Cliffs often contain copper ore. These caves are usually located deep down, so you’ll need to do some digging. Use your pickaxe to mine down the hill or look for holes in the ground.

➡️ Mine Copper Ore

Use your pickaxe to mine the copper ore you’ve discovered as soon as you find it. To drop a raw copper item, simply click (or hold the button) on a block of copper ore.

➡️ Copper Ore Smelting

copper ignot

The raw copper must then be melted in a furnace. Open the furnace interface, put raw copper into the upper slot, and fill the lower slot with coal or wood as fuel. The raw copper will be converted into useful copper ingots in the furnace.

➡️ Use Copper Ore to Craft

Now, you can use the Copper ingots to craft all sorts of things, from blocks to tools and beyond. For example, you can mine Copper ores into more advanced ones like Raw Copper Bars, Cut Copper Items, or Blocks of Copper/Lightning Rods.

Where to Mine Raw Copper in Minecraft?

mine copper ore

In Minecraft, you can mine raw copper by going deep underground, especially in the new cave systems included in the Caves & Cliffs update. Use a pickaxe to dig down a hill or search for openings in the landscape. When you get to the deeper areas of the globe, keep an eye out for blocks of reddish-brown copper ore. You can mine these deposits of raw copper with a pickaxe, breaking them down into raw copper objects. These can then be smelted in a furnace to create copper ingots for crafting purposes. And always keep in mind, caves — those are where you going to find the coppers. Get ready, dig, and explore!

What are the Uses of Copper in Minecraft?

Some of the many important ways of using copper in Minecraft are listed below

#1. Production of Copper Blocks

copper block

Copper blocks can be made from nine copper ingots. In your projects, these blocks fulfill both an ornamental and a structural role.

#2. Production of Cut Copper

cut copper

You can use a stonecutter with a copper block to craft copper cuttings, yielding four pieces for more intricate and elaborate designs.

#3. Production of Copper Plates and Stairs

copper stairs

Copper ingots in Minecraft can be used to make plates and stairs out of copper. These blocks provide multiple options for building specific architectural elements.

#4. Production of Copper Ingots

Melt raw copper cools to produce copper ingots — the fundamental form of copper manufactured into finished products.

#5. Creating Lightning Rods

lightning rod

Crafting a lightning rod requires using three copper ingots. Placing a lightning rod on a ridge helps protect structures from lightning strikes.

#6. Manufacture of Spyglasses

production of spyglasses

To make binoculars, you use two copper ingots and a piece of amethyst, as shown in the image above. They allow you to zoom in and see distant objects or terrain up close. To know more, check out our post on how to make a spyglass in Minecraft!

#7. Making Copper Tools and Armor

While copper tools and armor are not as robust as those made from other materials such as iron or diamond, they still provide players with an early-game alternative to defend themselves and mine resources.

#8. Aging and Weathering

color changing

Copper blocks and things naturally change color over time, from a beautiful pinkish shade to a worn green. This aging process is purely cosmetic and has no effect on the item’s performance.

#9. Redstone Components

Copper is an important ingredient in the creation of various Redstone pieces. For example, copper can be used to make a daylight sensor.

#10. Construction and Decoration

It comes in various forms — including sheets, wires, pipes, and rods — all of which have different uses depending on the size and style of the building or design. Its vibrant and natural hue, as well as its texture, give copper an edge over other materials when used in construction


To sum it up, mining for copper in Minecraft is a fun adventure that adds more dimension to your gameplay. The Caves & Cliffs update added complex cave systems to navigate. Searching for copper ore leads to the use of the trusty pickaxe. Melted down into ingots, this precious commodity unveils an inexhaustible range of crafting options from plain old concrete blocks to the likes of lightning rods and spyglass. Your designs are further enhanced by the dynamic copper aging process. Copper is an essential addition to Minecraft’s wide assortment of resources, providing players with unlimited creative potential.

You can also use copper in constructing an oxidized copper bridge in Minecraft. For more inspiration, take a look at our post on the best Minecraft bridge ideas!

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