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The Neurodes in Warframe are one of the most crucial aspects of the game. And therefore, farming Neurodes becomes an essential task for every player. This ensures a healthy supply of the commodity throughout the game’s progression.

The Warframe game cycle heavily relies on resource farming to create and increase your power. Players can create various objects using Neurodes, including Warframes, weaponry, cosmetics, and even Orokin Reactors. Once you know where to farm the Neurodes in Warframe, your job is done. 

What are Neurodes?

It is one of the most crucial materials in the game. It is frequently used in crafting, although it cannot be exchanged. Alternate helmets, Zephyr Prime Warframes, Forma, Orokin Reactors, and many other items can be made using Neurodes, a rare crafting material. They cost 10 Platinum each to purchase on the market, and 100 Platinum will get you the blueprint needed to make one.

Neurodes (Farm Neurodes in Warframe)

They take an hour to manufacture and 15,000 credits, 50,000 alloy plates, 50,000 nano spores, and 25,000 salvage to make. However, two platinum can speed up the process. The planets Earth, Eria, Lua, and Deimos all contain this component.

The Uses of Neurodes

In Warframe, Neurodes are a resource that may be obtained in various places on the Star Map and are used to create weapons, frames, and other goods. One of the materials needed to construct multiple Warframe objects, including frames and weaponry, is Neurodes. Regardless of a player’s level, Neurodes are a complex resource, but there are advantageous spots in Warframe to farm them.

Best Weapons Used for Farming Neurodes

Using Atterax, Desecrate Nekros, Tigris Prime, and Slash Pistol would be very beneficial for Neurode farming. These Slash weapons work with Nekros Desecrate, which allows for the simultaneous drop of two times as much loot.

Source: Microsoft

Neuroptic masses dump Neurodes in Lua, on the Plain of Eidolon, and on Earth. There is a considerable probability of discovering Neurodes on Orokin Derelict Survival and Eris Survival and Defence.

Where to Farm Neurodes?

Although there are many places to farm Neurodes, not all of them are as effective as the ones recommended in this guide.

On Earth, Eris, Lua, and Deimos, Neurodes can drop occasionally. However, because they are difficult to obtain, most missions need grinding. While Deimos and Eris might take more time to collect drops readily, Earth and Lua are the quickest means to acquire Neurodes. Some tasks, particularly those on Earth and Lua, may feature Neuroptic Masses that, when slain, will always drop Neurodes.

➡️ Mantle (Earth)

Since the map can be cleared quickly and the spot at the finish has numerous containers, there is a significant possibility that one of them will contain Neuroptic Mass. The Mantle is one of the most remarkable ways to obtain Neurodes early on.

Earth - Farm Neurodes in Warframe

When completing missions on Earth, players frequently encounter Neuroptic Mass, and Mantle provides a fantastic opportunity to acquire Neurodes. To farm Neurodes, just bring a Warframe and finish the job. However, because the containers are random, you might need to repeat the mission a few times.

➡️ Plato (Lua)

Since the terrain may contain Neuroptic Masses and you eventually come into contact with Sentient Scouts, who subsequently summon sentient opponents to attack you, there are two ways to obtain Neurodes in Plato.

While at it, you can wander around and gather even more from the Neuroptic Masses. Sentient foes have a decent probability of dropping Neurodes.

The assignment must be cleared because it is an extermination mission and may contain more than 100 foes. But, you may always deploy Warframes skilled at quickly finishing tasks.

➡️ Zabala (Eris)

Zabala is another assignment that gamers think is the ideal spot to harvest Neurodes if you have a squad or are fortunate enough to discover a task set to the public. This is because the mission is a Dark Sector survival mission. It offers a relatively high 30% enhanced drop chance for a mission of its kind.

Players can improve the possibilities for Neurodes drops by using Warframes that can force loot from foes like Nekros or Hydroid because the drop chance has already been boosted. Since you’ll be fighting the infested, it’s simple to employ slashing or heat-based weapons, such as the Ignis Wraith, to dispatch them quickly.

➡️ Terrorem (Deimos)

Terrorem uses the derelict tiles from Orokin in a Survival mission. Players shouldn’t start this assignment with a weak loadout because Deimos’ adversaries range in level from 12 to 35. Nevertheless, they can level up with one or two of their loadout’s weapons.

The ideal mission for gathering Neurodes and Deimos is available to players within the first few minutes of gaining entrance to Mars. Deimos missions like Terrorem may need to be used until players advance farther in the Star Chart.


➡️ Tycho (Lua)

Players in Tycho can complete the Survival mission Lua, which features monsters between levels 25 and 30 while farming Neurodes and earning respectable amounts of XP. If a player plans to play Tycho, it is advised that they equip their loadouts with a decent weapon and a late-rank Warframe. Players can gain an advantage in close-quarters battles and rapid experience points by using a good shotgun.

➡️ Mariana (Earth)

No matter the player’s level, they should farm Neurodes everywhere around Earth. However, because Mariana is one of the game’s first few missions and has a reasonably tiny tile size, it can be quickly run through and checked for Neurodes.

The villains are just levels 1-3. Therefore, players may swiftly complete Mariana as an extermination task without encountering difficulty or time-wasting issues.

➡️ Tikal (Earth)

This Dark Sector Excavation task, which uses the Grineer Forest tileset, is appropriate for all players, save those just starting the game. Players can hunt for Neuroptic Masses and slay enemies to farm additional Neurodes by completing excavation assignments.

Missions to Farm Neuroades

Now that you’re aware of the locations where you can farm Neurodes, let’s also take a look at the missions where Neurodes are aplenty.

➡️ Orokin Derelict Assassination

This strategy is more geared towards the endgame, necessitates a boss battle, and is unsuitable for beginners. If that’s not a concern for you, this abandoned mission will be a welcome change of pace. You may obtain three or four Neurodes in a run because the multiple-headed boss’s heads can drop a neurode.


To finish this task, you must further build the Derelict Assassination keys using the Lephantis Nav locations you have learned from previous Derelict operations.

➡️ Tycho Survival Mission

The Conculysts and Battalysts call the Oculysts every minute or so when they scan. As the mission progresses, your odds of success will rise. When you kill one of these, you can acquire a Neurode.

Oculysts and sentients can develop immunity to the damage you do, making it challenging to kill them. As a result, you should select frame types that resemble tanks and mix up your builds.

How to Farm Neurodes? 

Orkin and Derelict might not be available, but Neurodes are needed for novices. If you visit Earth and hunt for Neuroptic Masses, you can break them open using an AOE damage-dealing frame like Ember. Your buddy can then take the Neurodes. Opening containers and looking for Masses is preferable to waiting for foes to drop the resource. Using Warframes that are quick or have easy map-clearing abilities makes it simple to farm Neurodes on Earth missions.

Many players disagree with the claim that Orokin Derelict Defence and Survival are among the most effective ways to farm neurodes. With an Orokin Nekros, you only get one Neurode every 30 waves. There are numerous challenges in this mission.

Other Ways to Get Neurodes

There are a few relatively easy ways to obtain Neurodes if you have more important things to do than hunt them down. Extractors will first be sent to Earth, Lua, or Eris. Extractors can be sent to planets where every mission node has been unlocked, and they come in the Titan Extractor and Distilling Extractor variants. 

Then, whether or not they are online, the Extractors spend many hours gathering materials in the background. Distilling Extractors have a greater chance of finding uncommon materials like Neurodes than Titan Extractors, which extract for 4 hours compared to 8 hours.

Searching for “Neurodes” in the game’s market is a more dependable way to acquire Neurodes in Warframe. You’ll find an option to purchase a “blueprint” for 100 Platinum and the ability to buy them for 10 Platinum each, which I think is a bad price. You can create as many Neurodes as you like using this blueprint, but it will cost you 15,000 credits, 50,000 alloy plates, 50,000 Nano Spores, 25,000 salvage, and an hour of build time for each Neurode. This blueprint is further also reusable.

Final Words

Although Neurodes are a drop on several planets, farming the resource is still tricky. When looking for Neurodes, beginners can make good use of Earth. Later, they can turn to Lua and Eris, preferably completing the Zabala task on Eris or the Plato mission on Lua. As with anything, the more practice and experience you have, the easier it will be to get this Warframe resource.

To find missions with Neuroptic Masses that give away Neurodes when destroyed, roaming any maps that contain Neurodes in their drop table is a good idea. So, invite your friends and embark on a journey to farm Neurodes as soon as you can!

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