How to Breed Cows in Minecraft: Multiply Your Herd and Grow Your Farm!


Making some (Minecraft) cows! 🐄

Cows are passive Minecraft mobs found in plain biomes and are an excellent source of milk, leather, and beef. They roam in small herds over grass blocks (along with goats and pigs) and are easily identifiable with their white/brown patchy skins.

And for someone making a Minecraft habitat, having a few cows around won’t harm. But what if you want a truckload of them?

You can go in an endless search and lead them to your place or breed them, as it’s easy, and I promise to cover every step.

Breeding Cows in Minecraft

In a nutshell, two cows and some wheat are all you need to begin. Feeding wheat makes them enter into “love mode,” giving birth to calves. These baby cows take some time to mature while their parents enter into a cooldown period, typically five minutes.

You can repeat the process and keep breeding cows.

As already stated, you can find cows in grassy biomes and take them to your place with wheat.

One can also use lead, if present in the inventory, to tow cows. Otherwise, wheat is the easier option among the two and an integral element in breeding cows.

Finding/Growing Wheat

The fastest way to get wheat is from the chests in the villages. However, growing it, with seeds and a few blocks of farmland, isn’t tough either.

You can get seeds by breaking some grass blocks. Remember, not every grass block drops seed, but it’s easy to get them if you break a few.

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For farmland, you would need a hoe. A wooden hoe is crafted from two planks and two sticks.

Finding/Growing Wheat using hoe

Next, you can turn any grass or dirt block into farmland by aiming towards it and pressing the right click. Finally, sow the wheat seeds and wait for them to turn into wheat.

You can use the same wooden hoe to break wheat blocks, giving one wheat and three seeds each.

Importantly, plant the seeds back right away, or the farmland will turn into dirt and then grass if there is no water within four block distance. Planting seeds somehow keep them hydrated even in the absence of nearby water.

Additionally, wait for the wheat to be fully mature before breaking it, otherwise, the drops wouldn’t be the same.

And since it can take some time to grow, you can use /gamerule random TickSpeed [value] to fast-track the process. The normal tick speed is 20 ticks per second. Therefore, you can put any number like 1000 or 2000, and the wheat will grow in no time. However, it speeds up everything, including day-night cycles. So, roll it back to its standard value once you’re done growing.

More on Minecraft Ticks over here.

It’s Easy and Fun!

Due to their importance, you can’t live a fulfilling (Minecraft) life without cows. 😀 Except for their boring looks, they are an absolute necessity.

In this tutorial, we have seen how to breed cows. To reiterate, you need two cows and two wheat blocks to feed them, and voila… a calf enters the Minecraft world. Afterward, you can breed as many cows as you wish, provided you have the wheat to push them to breeding.

With that, it’s time to say goodbye.

But don’t forget to bookmark Sparkian Minecraft guides, as we have a ton more to share.

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