Highroad Cave in Elden Ring | Location & In-Depth Walkthrough


Elden Ring is quite popular for its open-world gaming experience. However, it is also notorious for its hidden locations and items.

In my first playthrough, I thought I had seen everything there is to see in the Lands Between, but I was wrong!

After completing the game, I read about so many hidden locations and items that I was forced to hop back on Elden Ring’s Torrent and re-explore the Lands Between. Today, I will tell you about one such hidden cave in Elden Ring called the Highroad Cave.

The Highroad Cave in Elden Ring is an early-game location. So, you can loot the items and gather some upgrade materials without fighting super-hard bosses – something Elden Ring is known for, too.

So, let’s see how you can get to the Highroad Cave in Elden Ring and what kind of items, enemies, and bosses you can expect to find there.

What is Highroad Cave?

Highroad Cave is a minor dungeon. It can be found early in the game while exploring Limgrave. It is located in Stormhill, a mountainous area in northern Limgrave. 

Source: Elden Ring Fandom

Inside the cave, you will find a network of caverns containing the remnants of an ancient civilization and a wide range of wildlife – Grey Wolf, Man-Bat, and Land Octopus. You will also find some upgrade materials.

How Do You Get to Highroad Cave in Elden Ring?

Getting to Highroad is quite easy. Reach Saintsbridge site of grace in northern Limgrave. It is the closest site of grace to Highroad Cave.


When you are at the Saintsbridge site of grace, you can see a long bridge with an enemy. It is your choice whether you engage with the enemy or not.

On the right side of the bridge, you will see a Spiritspring. So, it is crucial that you’re on your Torrent so you can hop onto the spring conveniently and run off before the land octopuses start attacking you.


Once you land on the Spiritspring, keep riding north. You will find a couple of land octopuses in this river. It’s your choice whether to fight them or not.


On your left side, you will see the entrance to the Highroad Cave. Just enter the cave.


It is pitch-dark inside the Highroad Cave, so I recommend you carry a torch. If you don’t have it, buy a torch from Merchant Kale.


As you run inside the Highroad Cave, you will first see a Highroad Cave site of grace. Touch it and put it on the map.


Now that you are inside the Highroad Cave, explore this place fully.

What Weapon is the Best to Explore Highroad Cave?

I recommend you wield a powerful early-game weapon. For example, if you begin the game with the Samurai class, you will get one of the best katanas in Elden Ring, the Uchigatana. 

If you start with any other class, like I started with Vagabond, you can try to buy the Zweihander sword from the Isolated Merchant’s Shack. Or, defeat Bloodhound Knight Darriwil and get your hands on the Bloodhound Fang.

What Can You Find in Highroad Cave?

Highroad Cave is an easy location, not just to reach but to explore as well. Or, maybe it was for me since I was using Bloodhound Fang, one of the best early-game weapons in Elden Ring! 😅

Let me show you what items, enemies, and bosses you can find in the Highroad Cave.

➡️ Crafting Materials

From the Highroad Cave site of grace, head north to collect Cave Moss. You will find a lot of Cave Moss in this cave. Cave Moss is used for crafting. It is a fundamental ingredient for medicinal boluses.


Keep heading north, and you will find a cavern. Beware, as this place is filled with wolves. You will find one wolf in the center and two on your left side.


Kill all the wolves and head to the eastern cavern.


Here, you will again need to beat some wolves before you collect a Golden Rune off a corpse.


You can also find some Cave Moss just near the corpse. Once these items are collected, exit the cavern and come to the well-like place in the middle of the Highroad Cave.


In this hollow structure, you can find some stone-edges to jump on. Do not jump into the well directly, thinking it’s not deep enough. Trust me on that. 😂


When you land at the bottom of the well, you will see two ways. The one that you see in the back is a dead-end. So, there’s no point in going there, except for some more Cave Moss.


Head north, and you will find a candle-lit place with some wolves. Kill them, and you will see two ways in front of you.


Enter the way on your left, which has barrels as hurdles. Just roll through them.

The way ahead of you just has one thing. Yes, you guessed it right… Cave Moss! 😂


Keep heading north, and you will find a corpse lying off the cliff’s edge. Pillage the corpse, and you will find an Artemis Leaf.

Also, here, you will be ambushed by a wolf. So, keep your guard up.


Jump down from the cliff. This one is safe. When you land, you’ll be welcomed by some wolves. Kill the wolves and pillage the lying corpse to acquire Fire Grease.


From here, keep heading northeast, and you will find a waterfall.


➡️ Upgrade Materials

Now, let’s find some upgrade materials in Highroad Cave. Upgrade Materials, or Bolster Materials, help strengthen weapons, shields, and sacred flasks with crucial upgrades.

The first upgrade material you will find is a Smithing Stone. You will have to fight a man-bat before you pillage this material off a corpse.


Keep jumping the edges to reach the lower levels of this cavern. Beware, as you will be ambushed by some man-bats from the cave on your left.

Inside the cave, you will find another Smithing Stone and some giant octopuses. Killing or sparing the octopuses is your choice.


Head north and beyond a small waterfall, you will find two octopuses guarding a corpse. Kill the two creatures and pillage the Golden Rune off the corpse.


Exit the cavern (come back to the spot from where you entered) and jump down to the bottom of the waterfall.


Right before you, there will be a broken stone pillar that acts as a makeshift bridge. Climb the pillar and get to the other side.


When you get down the pillar, you will find some more man-bats guarding a corpse. Kill the bats and pillage the corpse for Shamshir – a curved sword that is a great weapon if you love playing around with your Dexterity stat in Elden Ring.


On your left side, you will see some broken remnants of a bridge. Hop on them to get to the other side.


As you head south, you will come across a giant land octopus. Kill the creature, and then you can enter the small cavern on the west.


On the cavern’s edge, you can pillage a corpse for an item called Furlcalling Finger Remedy. It is a consumable and multiplayer item that allows players to interact with each other in various ways. 


From here, on your left, there’s a hidden route that takes you behind the waterfall and into the boss arena.

➡️ Boss in Highroad Cave

On your way to the boss arena, you can collect some more crafting materials like Silver Firefly.


Enter the arena, and you will find the boss of the Highroad Cave – Guardian Golem.


Fight the Guardian Golem, and you will get a powerful talisman called Blue Dancer Charm. It is a talisman that raises physical damage with a lower equip load.


After defeating the Highroad Cave boss, you will see a sliver of light that can take you back to the entrance of the Highroad Cave.



In my opinion, Highroad Cave is one of the least exciting places if you have already covered many other Elden Ring areas. However, if you are adamant about exploring every nook and corner of the Lands Between, then surely visit this dark cave.

The Shamshir curved sword is a powerful weapon to wield early in the game.

Also, check out our guide on how to complete Groveside cave, which is another early-game cave that you can explore for items!

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