20 Elden Ring Beginner Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss


For a newcomer, FromSoftware’s open-world RPG Elden Ring could prove somewhat confusing and dizzyingly difficult at times. Confusing because there are so many things to do in The Lands Between, and dizzyingly difficult because of game bosses who you will not be able to stand against even for a minute without the right preparation and patience. That’s where our Elden Ring beginner tips come in handy.

Beginners need to learn a lot about the fantasy world of Elden Ring and try to progress slowly, taking into careful account the people, terrain, and objects they come across and how they can be of help to them. The more patient and detail-oriented you are, the richer is going to be your experience in Elden Ring.

If you have just started out with Elden Ring and are unable to understand just what to do to move forward in the game without getting killed, we have 20 tips for you. Here we go.

Pick the Right Character Build

Choosing the most suitable character build is the first thing you should give some time to and not just try to get it over with. What type of character do you want to build? Do you prefer plenty of melee combat, or are you more of a mage? If you are totally new to Soulsborne games, we suggest you try and go for balanced builds like Vagabond, Samurai, or Confessor.

Explore the Cave of Knowledge

The Cave of Knowledge gives a basic combat tutorial to you, which should not be skipped. You will also get the first taste of a low-tier boss battle with Soldier of Godrick. So, before you head over to Limgrave, explore the Cave of Knowledge and learn the rudiments of combat in Elden Ring.

Explore the Cave of Knowledge - Elden Ring Beginner Tips

Go to The Church of Elleh and Find Merchant Kalé

When you enter Limgrave, you’ll find your first Site of Grace in the North-West, and standing right next to it will be Varré. Have a chat with him and then immediately head over to the Church of Elleh, which should be clearly visible in the North. But try to avoid the Tree Sentinel, as you are no match for a mounted, armored warrior like him this early in the game.

Go to The Church of Elleh and Find Merchant Kalé

Once you reach the church, you will find a second Site of Grace inside. Discover it and also meet Merchant Kalé, an important early-game NPC. You should buy useful items from him like the Crafting Kit. We’ve also got a complete guide on how to find Merchant Kalé and what you should buy from him in the early hours of the game. Safe to say that this is one of the most important Elden Ring beginner tips to follow!

There will also be a Smithing Table at the Church. You can use it to make your weapons more powerful. But for that, you need Smithing Stones.

Don’t Rush Into Battle

This goes for any enemy till your fingers haven’t learned the combat moves properly. You can experiment with your playstyle once you become adept at Elden Ring. However, in the beginning, try to learn the attack pattern of your enemy and attack only when you find an opening. Learn how to do the guard counter properly.

Take on Enemies One at a Time

Be it Godrick soldiers or wolves, take them on one at a time. If two or three get to mob you, you can die in a matter of seconds. You can lure a single enemy out of the reach of their group and then kill them. Or, you can go for power attacks when crouched (Shift + Left Mouse Button on your keyboard) to spring a heavy damage surprise on foes.

Kill Godrick Soldiers and Knights

This is the extended part of your basic combat training, which began at the Cave of Knowledge. Try to kill each and every Godrick Soldier and Knight near the Church of Elleh and at Gatefront Ruins. This will make you learn how to deal with enemies equipped with shields and spears, not just swords. You will get runes and items like helm, bolts, greaves, etc., after pillaging the corpses.

Kill Godrick Soldiers and Knights

Avoid Certain Powerful Enemies

Not every enemy needs to be killed in the beginning. It is okay to avoid certain bosses and enemies like Giants and Scarabs when you are inexperienced. Of all the Elden Ring beginner tips, this is one of the most crucial to understand and follow.

Pick Up Golden Runes and Ruin Fragments

You can sell Golden Runes to earn runes, your game currency, which can be then spent to level up attributes. Never pass up on them. The same goes for Ruin Fragments, which can be found glowing atop destroyed building structures. If you spot any glowing skulls, crush them, and each will yield a Golden Rune. If you are on foot, you can crush them by rolling over them, and if riding the Torrent, you just have to go over them to smash them to pieces.

Find Melina and Get Torrent

Get Torrent in Elden Ring

Meeting with Melina is very important as she is the one who will unlock your ability to level up in the game. Without meeting her, you won’t be able to level up. She will also gift you with Torrent, your spectral steed. You can read our full guide on how to find Melina in Elden Ring. Also, you should check out our post on Torrent in Elden Ring, and the benefits of your newfound spectral companion.

Pick Up Smithing Stones

In the early game, you can get a Smithing Stone from the body of a soldier you kill at Gatefront Ruins. Some can be found on bridges. Smithing Stones help improve your weapons, and they are absolutely necessary, be you at any stage of Elden Ring.

Use Flasks During Fights

When you are in a fight, and your HP/FP goes low, keep ready your basic flasks to chug during a fight. But be sure to maintain some distance from your antagonist before you do that.

Get Golden Seeds and Sacred Tears

Get Golden Seeds and Sacred Tears - Elden Ring Beginner Tips

A Golden Seed increases the number of flask uses, an absolutely vital thing for you to survive for long. You can find one upon reaching the Stormhill tree. To reach there, you would have to pass through the gate near Gatefront Ruins. Our tip would be to use Torrent to pass and just rush past the giant and the wolves to reach the place. Do not engage them.

A Sacred Tear increases the amount of HP/FP a flask can replenish. You can get them at churches.

Sacred Tear

Get the Flask of Wondrous Physick

The Flask of Wondrous Physick allows you to combine the power of two Crystal Tears, thus making for a potent and highly useful potion. This flask can be found at The Third Church of Marika. You can also get a Crimson Crystal Tear there.

Get the Flask of Wondrous Physick - Elden Ring Beginner Tips

Roll More, Block Less

Blocking is not always helpful, and you may also end up getting a part of the damage, if not all of it. Dodge rolling, on the other hand, consumes stamina which gets replenished, and it will also help avoid the attack altogether. So, in the initial phases of the game, try to roll more and block less.

Use Ash of Wars on Your Weapon

Using an Ash of War can increase the attack damage of your weapon and also give you a combat move. For example, using Storm Stomp Ash of War increases melee weapon damage and also unlocks the stomping ability of the player that creates circular shock waves.

Use Ash of Wars On Your Weapon

Check Your Equip Load

Try to keep your Equip Load close to medium in the beginning. If it goes towards heavy, rolling will become slow and difficult, which you certainly do not want to happen.

Use Spirit Ashes to Get Assistance

Spirit Ashes summon allies to fight alongside you, which can be really helpful in distracting enemies in a fight. They consume FP on each use. Using them, you can summon different allies like Spirit Wolves, Spirit Jellyfish, spirit Godrick soldiers, etc.

Use Spirit Ashes To Get Assistance

You can get the Lone Wolf Ashes (a type of Spirit Ash) from Ranni the Witch, who appears for just one time at the Church of Elleh during nighttime. To get this Ash, visit the Church of Elleh at night just after you get Torrent from Melina. If Ranni is not there, rest at the Site of Grace till night. She will appear, then, sitting on a wall of the church. She will also gift you the Spirit Calling Bell.

Explore Properly to Get Secret Treasures

Elden Ring rewards players who thoroughly comb an area with hidden treasures. You can find weapons, Ashes of War, and other items in treasure chests.

Use Stealth More at Night

At night, if you are crouching, enemies are less prone to see you at a lesser distance as compared to daytime. Use it to your advantage.

Exhaust the NPC Dialogue

Exhaust the NPC Dialogue - Melina in Elden Ring

When you meet NPCs, exhaust the dialogues as doing so will give you ideas about new quests you should take up and also get you important items. You will also get backstories in some cases. So, talk to them as much as possible and make sure they have told you everything they could tell.

Summing Up

These are the basic Elden Ring tips we have for absolute beginners to the game. Elden Ring has a huge world, and it needs a lot of patient exploration and frequent testing from the player. The more you utilize your abilities in the game, the better you will become at it.

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re a beginner who’s short on Runes for leveling up. Fortunately for you, we’ve got a guide on how to kill the Sleeping Dragon in Elden Ring and farm up to 50,000 runes at one go!

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