11 Best Roblox Games to Explore with Friends and Family [2023]


If you have never heard the term “Roblox,” it’s high time for you to know about this platform. A social game platform called Roblox was first made available on September 1, 2006; ever since then, it has swept the internet. More than 43 million daily active users use the platform today. So what exactly is Roblox?

Roblox is an online community where players worldwide can socialize, play games, make games, and do a lot more. Most people think that Roblox is only for kids. This is accurate given that more than half of users on the platform are under the age of 13. However, based on the demographics, users of all ages appear to favor the site.


I want to bring something to your attention that might be unexpected. On Roblox, there are more than 40 million games to choose from. The game varies depending on the genre and age group. The official term for games on Roblox is “experiences,” which includes a wide range of genres. Roleplaying, combat, adventure, simulator, obby (obstacle courses), tycoon, and more games are available for users to try out.

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I’m sure you’re scratching your head, wondering how a platform can develop over 40 million games. Well, that’s one of the unique selling points of Roblox; it enables users to express their creativity and create a game with unique rules. In fact, Roblox was one of the first to popularise this idea. The online community seized the chance to make numerous categories of games that they could play with their loved ones.

What are user-created Roblox games and their accessibility?

Do you wish to use your imagination and create a game that will make you famous on Roblox? Thanks to Roblox Studio, it is possible. Before anything else, you need to download the application on your computer. After that, you must spend some time studying the fundamentals of the scripting language used by Roblox. No need to worry if you’re not tech-savvy or lack programming experience.

Roblox Studio

The application is a fantastic tool for budding programmers to grasp video game programming fundamentals. Furthermore, Roblox Studio makes use of the relatively simple-to-learn scripting language called Lua. Moreover, it provides a variety of templates to choose from that will lessen the labor, so you can start building games relatively quicker.

What games can be created on Roblox, and how much can they earn? 💸

In theory, you can make any kind of game. The platform is set up to develop games under a particular experience or genre. However, it won’t be easy to come up with something absolutely unique. Users of Roblox Studio can create 3D settings, including game mechanics, generate characters, and utilize Lua to build interactive features.

Another plus is that using Roblox Studio is totally free, and your games can be played on Android, iOS, PC, Mac, and Xbox. Additionally, you can make money from the games you develop. Because of in-game purchases, it is possible. However, keep in mind that earning could require a significant amount of effort and time. There are a majority of individuals who create games as Roblox developers, and they make good money through in-game sales.

Occasionally, being fixated on money is not necessary. Developing or participating in activities that can bring joy to loved ones is satisfactory. From the 40 million games available on Roblox, we have carefully selected the finest ones for you to enjoy with your family and friends.

Adopt Me!

Adopt Me! is a roleplaying game, and it is the #1 most-played game on Roblox. The game is created by Uplift Games, and in the game, players can play the roles of parents who adopt different virtual pets. Furthermore, you must raise your pets, decorate your home, and interact with your friends and a million players.

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The goal of the game is to ally yourself with the rarest pets. The pets are divided into five classes: common, uncommon, rare, ultra-rare, and legendary. Additionally, you can showcase the stuff in your bag while using them to decorate your home. You have to cater to all of your pet’s requirements as a parent in order for them to develop, including food and water. This makes the game more fun.

In terms of statistics, the game has shattered every record. The game has been visited more than 33 billion times and has more than 140,000 active users and 25+ million favorites. That is ridiculous.

All-Star Tower Defense

Top Down Games brings All-Star Tower Defence to hardcore anime and action fans. The title likely gives you an idea of what this is about. It’s a tower defense game, but instead of using your typical turrets and weapons, it uses characters from anime. Characters in the game range from heroes to villains, including figures from One Piece and Demon Slayer. The game’s goal is to progress as far as possible in the storyline or achieve a high score in Infinite Mode.

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In-game, you can create units of character with a unique set of abilities. You have to use the units to fight off the enemy waves. Remember to keep upgrading your troops because as you progress, the enemies will get more robust, and the challenges will be tough. Moreover, you can team up with your friends and join hands in story mode to help you out.

Talking about numbers, more than 30,000 players are actively playing the game, and it has had more than 5.6 billion visits. The high number of visits is enough to give you an indication of how popular Roblox is.

Anime Fighting Simulator

Roblox is heaven for anime lovers. Owned by BlockZone, Anime Fighting Simulator brings hardcore action to your screens. The game draws inspiration from several well-known anime series. To become the best fighter, work on your body and mind. To overcome your opponents, unlock weapons and powers. Investigate the map to improve your skills. The world is yours to take, whatever you choose to do.

Anime Fighting Simulator

During your journey, you’ll have the opportunity to meet numerous beloved anime characters, such as those from Naruto, One Piece, Demon Slayer, and even One Punch Man’s Saitama. As you progress, you’ll gain access to new training areas, embark on exciting quests, face off against challenging bosses, and experience other thrilling adventures.

The game is advisable for users above the age of 9 years because of frequent and mild violence. Talking about total visits, the game currently closes at 1.3 billion.

Blox Fruits

Created by Gamer Robot Inc, Blox Fruits is included as one of the games with a unique concept. However, you must be perplexed by the game’s name, “Blox Fruits.” What does it mean? The term refers to a specific kind of fruit that can be found in various game locations. Each fruit has a unique power that, when consumed, provides a supernatural skill to the user.

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However, the user loses their ability to swim and will drown if they remain in the water for an extended period of time. Some Blox Fruits have unique properties that can provide users with certain immunities. They serve as the game’s primary mechanic and representation in the game’s title. This is what we call creativity.

Fruits spawn on the map every hour, and you can also purchase them from the Blox Fruit dealer. The advisable age group for the game is 9+ because of mild violence. The game has more than 400,000 users and more than 17.5 billion visits.

Build A Boat For Treasure

Created by Chillz Studios, Build A Boat For Treasure is for treasure hunters and adventure freaks. Build a Boat for Treasure’s ultimate objective is the Treasure. You must make it through every stage without dying and sail to the island to get it. The player will receive the Master Boater badge as soon as they touch it for the first time. The badge opens Quests, grants 105 gold, allows them to purchase aircrafts, and provides a Gold Block.

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To open the chest, the player must touch the lid or the sides. It will take around 7 seconds after touching it to respawn due to a little delay. One thing you must remember while going on a treasure hunt is that the player will be killed immediately if they touch the Treasure without touching any Black Walls. Furthermore, they will only receive a Gold Block if they touch the Stage Entrance or one Black Wall. The amount of Black Walls the player touches will determine how little gold is awarded by the Treasure.

Any age group can play the game. Lastly, the game has over 27,000 active players with over 3.1 billion visits.

Flag Wars!

Flag Wars by Scriptly Studios is for you if you enjoy capturing the flag in a first-person or tactical shooter game. As a team, the rules are straightforward. You and other teammates must dig a tunnel into the opposing base in order to seize the opponent’s flag and bring it back to your base. Simple, huh? You must battle against other players and navigate terrain filled with flashes, explosions, and weapons firing during this process.

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It’s a perfect action and strategy game that is impossible to win alone. Together, you and your team members must defend your flag as well as take the enemy’s flag. Its most robust features are the game’s physics and destructive environment, which let you build bases and tunnels. You won’t get bored playing the game for a long time. While doing this, you can lose your cool. God bless your keyboard.

Players can enhance their gaming experience by purchasing gun skins from various stores. In terms of popularity, the game boasts over 5000 active users and has received a staggering 260 million visits.

Murder Mystery 2

Embark on a journey to follow in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes with Nikilis’ Murder Mystery 2. The game allows for up to 12 players on a server, including one “murderer,” one “sheriff,” and a maximum of 10 “innocents.” Players can choose from three different game modes: casual, challenging, and assassin, and can easily switch between these modes at any time.

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Okay, so here’s the deal with this game: only the sheriff can protect the good guys because they’re the only one who gets a gun to start with. If the sheriff gets taken out (either by the killer or by accident), then anyone can pick up the gun and try to save the day. If the sheriff does manage to take down the murderer, they get XP, and the more innocent people they save, the more XP they earn. Easy peasy, right?

A perfect game to play with your friends, and remember: “Trust No One”. The game is viral on the platform, with over 59,000 active players and over 10 billion visits. 

Natural Disaster Survival

Experience the tension of surviving a natural disaster on your screen with Natural Disaster Survival. Created by Stickmasterluke, this round-based survival game welcomes players with an intuitive GUI and spawns them on a tower. From the safety of the tower, players can observe the disaster striking the island while waiting for the next round.

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A random map is selected at the beginning of each game, and participants are transferred to an island. Players arrive and have about 30 seconds to prepare for an unexpected disaster that they won’t know about until it happens. They will be returned to the spawn tower if they survive the round, and their usernames will be displayed on the survivor list GUI that shows at the end of each round.

As you keep going, things will get more brutal and challenging. You must stay strong and outlast everyone else to come out on top. Currently, the game has more than 6000 active players with over 2.4 billion visits. 

Project Slayers

Project Slayers is for hardcore Demon Slayer fans. It is an RPG fighting game in which you create a character in the Demon Slayer anime and manga universe. You will face a decision in the game: either stay human and fight against demons or switch sides and attack those who were once like family to you. Your goal is to defeat your opponents and become the strongest being in the game.


The game offers exciting action combos that will take your breath away. Although the controls are easy to learn, mastering them becomes more challenging as you progress and face more formidable enemies. It is recommended for users aged 13 and above due to the presence of blood and violence. Anime fans will especially appreciate the stunning visuals.

The game currently has more than 64,000 users and over 292 million visits. It is evident that users love games inspired by anime and manga. 


Royale High is a school theme-based RPG game brought to you by Callmehbob. The game is set around multiple magical realms as a world for royalty, fairies, mermaids, and other supernatural creatures. Players can explore the game by teleporting to various places called realms. They can be accessed through the Teleport Map, though sometimes a realm may be used as a lobby for an event or season. 

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Experience the wonders of a fantastical realm, customize your avatar, engage with fellow gamers, and flaunt your unique fashion sense. You can earn diamonds, the in-game currency, by playing games as you explore the realms. Spend the diamonds at the store to purchase the seasonal specials that are offered there.

Additionally, participate in classes at Royale High School to level up. You obtain greater rewards as your grades improve. The game has been visited more than 8.8 billion times and has more than 11,000 users. 

🔪 Survive the Killer!

Slyce Entertainment presents Survive the Killer, a survival game that was inspired by the Friday the 13th film series. The game allows you to play two characters: survivor and killer. While the killer is tasked with tracking down the survivors and making sure they don’t escape, killing as many of them as they can before the exits open or time runs out. The survivors are tasked with hiding from the killer, recovering their friends, and fleeing together.

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If you have watched the movie Friday the 13th, you must be familiar with the intense thrill and tension it offers. Playing the game offers a similar experience. As a survivor, you must take risks, confront the killer, save your friends, or save yourself. As a killer, your sole responsibility is to eliminate all of them.

Playing with friends is a fun party game that will elicit laughs and screams. Look no further than this popular game, which boasts a whopping 12,000+ players and over 1.6 billion visits.


It has been enjoyable to browse Roblox’s impressive selection of games. I’m certain that you are excited to try many of them. Why wait? Invite your friends to the platform and play games while enjoying some quality gaming time.

Lastly, if you are a competitive junkie and what to test your skills, you should check out the best eSports games. See you later, gamers.

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