GTA IV and RDR Remaster: Rockstar Could Drop Two Huge Games!


The GTA VI rumors have been doing the rounds of the internet for a long time now. However, this time the rumors are about GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption. Expectations are that Rockstar Games is working on the remasters of these classics. One thing which we are already sure of is that the remastered versions of these games will take gamers on a nostalgic spree.

Here we will give a brief description of the story of both games to let you know what they’re like if you are going to experience them for the first time.


Source: Rockstar Games

Any game from the Grand Theft Auto series is always a heartstopper. The same is the case with GTA IV, which takes the legacy of the GTA trilogy forward. In this one, you are supposed to play the game as Niko Bellic, who has entered North America in the hopes that he will overcome his past.

However, destiny and his cousin Roman have different plans for Niko. This starts the journey of an underdog trying to rule Liberty City. The game takes a darker tone than other GTA games, and is far more “realistic”, for lack of a better term. If you are into GTA, then you must try this edition and see how far you can go in the underworld.

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption
Source: Rockstar

This one gets hailed as one of the most captivating games by Rockstar. It is set in the North America of the early 1900s. The game focuses on the era of cowboys that is coming to an end. You play the role of John Marston, who is sent over to the American Frontier to aid in implementing strict laws. The game consists of eye-popping scenes like thrilling train robberies, duels complemented with blood baths, and electrifying gun battles.

What do the rumors have to say?

Talking about the rumors, the remastered versions of these games were in play in 2022 as well. Nonetheless, they were quashed by Rockstar Games as the franchise said that they are only focusing on the development of GTA VI. However, according to the latest updates on the matter, it is said that the remastering of both games was paused, not quashed.

To put a stamp on the same, a tweet shared by popular industry insider Ben, who goes by the username @videotechx, mentioned that Take-Two, Rockstar’s parent company, is planning to drop two ‘previously released titles’ in the global market before the end of the fiscal 2024 year.

What we can expect this time is a proper remaster of the titles (instead of what we saw in the case of GTA Trilogy, and Rockstar got trolled and taunted by the audience too). In addition, this also gives us a hint regarding the launch timeline of GTA VI. If Rockstar drops two nostalgic bombs in 2024, then we can get to see an action-packed GTA VI by 2025 (most likely).

Wrapping Up

Until now, all the other details regarding the games are under wraps. There is no official word in the market regarding the GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption remaster. So, readers are suggested to take the information with a grain of salt and wait for the official announcements.

There’s a good chance that these remasters are also released for the PS5 Slim. Don’t know much about Sony’s upcoming console? We’ve got you covered!

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