PS5 Slim: Microsoft Spills the Beans On Sony’s Upcoming Console

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PS5 Slim Details

The PlayStation consoles have always been a go-to device for gaming enthusiasts. The latest in the franchise is the PlayStation 5, which gained a lot of popularity right after its launch. It originally had two different editions – PlayStation 5 Standard Edition (the one with a disc drive) and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. Now, the latest reports suggest that we could get one more edition of the popular Sony console – PS5 Slim.

As the name suggests, the PS5 Slim will be a powerful machine, just like the standard version, without the bulkiness and weight. The revelation regarding this happened in the legal sessions between FTC and Microsoft, where a lawyer from the latter side said that the PS5 Slim would make its way to the global market by the end of the year.

In this article, we will explore the available details regarding the PS5. In addition, we will also try to throw light on the expected release date and pricing of the console.

When Will PS5 Slim Launch?

Until now, Sony has not announced anything regarding the launch officially. Nonetheless, most of the rumors revolving around the console suggest it will roll out by the end of 2023. There’s also a chance that the console will make a debut in early 2024. What we are expecting is that the new console by Sony will not consume much power compared to the Standard Edition. This could also minimize the need for cooling accessories used in the device, thus, reducing the weight.

Specs and Design

Specs and Design PS5 Slim

The design and specifications of the PS5 Slim are still under wraps (only if it is already under work). However, the concept renders are out, telling us a lot about what we can expect. Speculations are that the device will be compact in size and will not include a Blu-Ray disc drive (which is evident considering that the machine is going to be a lightweight, compact offering).

Another aspect on the cards is that the console will not have the option to add a secondary SSD. The number of USB ports will also be decreased to reduce costs. There is also a possibility that we will get to see an enhanced cooling system to deliver high-octane performance.

Possible Price Point

The predictions regarding the price of P55 Slim point out that it will be available in the market at somewhere around $400. It is safe to say that the console will be directly competing with the PS5 Digital Edition, keeping in mind both of them will not have the Blu-Ray disc drive.

This clearly means that the PS5 Slim will not be priced in the league of Xbox Series S, which is available for $299. Moreover, the pricing move seems quite justified considering that some of the most popular titles, like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, are on their way.

On a Concluding Note

Expectations are already high from the upcoming PS5 Slim. Furthermore, it will serve as the answer to the gamers who were not happy with the bulky design of PS5. It will be interesting to see how Sony markets the new console because the company already has a digital-based offering – the PS5 Digital Edition. Sony is undoubtedly supposed to (and has to) give something in the PS5 Slim to make the gamers purchase the machine.

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