12 Board Game Statistics You Never Knew


Prepare to delve into the fascinating world of board games with surprising statistics that you might not be aware of. From uncovering the most beloved classics to exploring extraordinary feats like the longest-ever Monopoly game, this article uncovers a wealth of intriguing facts about this cherished pastime. Join us on this captivating journey to discover fun and intriguing insights about the diverse and dynamic world of board games!

Origin of Board Games

The first forms of board games were found in Egyptian tombs. Then came the game of chess (invented in the sixth century AD) and checkers, which have their roots in India and China, respectively. This origin already demonstrates their long history.

Origin of Board Games
A restored Egyptian game board from 1550–1295 B.C @Metropolitan Museum of Art

Initially, board games were used for educational and religious purposes, such as teaching strategic and critical thinking skills and lessons. But, over time, they have become quite popular as entertainment, to bring fun and relaxation to families (at home) and groups of people in public spaces such as bars and cafes.

Evolution of Board Games

Evolution of Board Games

Over the years, board games have evolved to meet the needs of society. In the 19th century, for example, Monopoly and Game of Life were on the rise. As early as the 1970s, Dungeons & Dragons were popular entertainment games among young and old alike.

After technology emerged, game developers digitized many board games or incorporated technological elements to enhance the player experience. Today, players can enjoy some board games online through computers or applications, with the possibility of receiving additional content.

Currently, the diversity of board games is great. Great classics remain, such as Chess, Checkers, Dominoes, and Backgammon, but the most modern ones also gained space, like those focused on strategy, construction, exploration, and more.

Luck vs. Strategy in Board Games

Luck vs. Strategy in Board Games

Luck and strategy form a fascinating equilibrium in board games. It’s luck that brings excitement and surprises to the game, introducing unpredictable elements that level the playing field for players of varying skill levels. 

Sometimes, an unexpected twist can turn the game upside down, allowing even novice players to defeat more experienced opponents. Celebrating fortunate dice rolls or lucky cards creates memorable and enjoyable moments.

However, luck alone is not insufficient; this is where strategy comes into play. The strategy entails making informed decisions, evaluating options, and planning future moves. Strategic players carefully analyze the game’s circumstances, their opponent’s actions, and long-term goals.

Certain board games offer different levels of strategy and luck, enabling players to select the desired challenge. Some games emphasize luck-based elements, creating an ideal experience for groups of friends seeking a more relaxed and casual atmosphere. Others prioritize strategy, appealing to players who enjoy planning and intense competition.

The Importance of Board Games

Board games offer a wide range of social and educational benefits. Below are some of the main benefits:

  • Strengthening Relationships: A great way to build and strengthen relationships, as games encourage cooperation, communication, and connection between people.
  • Creating social skills: Help develop important social skills, such as the ability to share, negotiate, give others turns, and respect rules and boundaries.
  • Stress Reduction: It’s a fun and relaxing way to relieve stress and tension, especially when played in a group.
  • Improved cognitive ability: This includes memory, concentration, and problem-solving.
  • Learning through fun: With games, one can learn new information and skills such as Geography, History, Science, and social skills.

After going through the history of board games, let’s discover the captivating realm of board games with these intriguing statistics you never knew:

The Board Games Market Size is Expected to Reach 34.35 Billion by 2030

If you thought the board games boom was just due to the pandemic, then you will be astonished to know that the board games market is expected to grow from USD 16.99 billion in 2022 to USD 34.35 billion by 2030. That’s 9.2% growth! Board games are no longer just for children. The growth of board games is driven by their increasing popularity among adults, the surging demand for multiplayer games, and the growing trend of digital board games.

Top 3 Best-selling Board Game Companies 

There are three main companies that are dominating the market for board games today. Hasbro, a US-based multinational, is the big cheese of the board game business, with a revenue of $5.1 billion in 2022. It is the largest board game company, and you know them for classics such as Monopoly, Dungeons & Dragons, and Scrabble. 

On number two is the Parisian gaming publisher Asmodee Editions, with a revenue of $1.27 billion. Asmodee is renowned for games such as Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, and Pandemic.  

And in third place, we have got the German masters, Ravensburger. Famous for their jigsaw puzzles and titles such as Settlers of Catan, Codenames, and Dixit, their revenue amounted to $0.52 billion in 2022.

CompanyRevenue (billion)Famous Game
Hasbro$5.1 Monopoly
Asmodee Editions$1.27Ticket to Ride
Ravensburger$0.52 Catan

Frosthaven, a Board Game, is the Highest-funded Gaming Project on Kickstarter

Designed by Isaac Childres, Frosthaven is a cooperative dungeon-crawling board game. It’s an awesome sequel to Gloomhaven, another mega-successful Kickstarter project. Kickstarting the game, they raked in a whopping $13 million, smashing records and becoming the highest-funded gaming project on the platform as of writing.


Frosthaven, a Board Game, is the Highest-funded Gaming Project on Kickstarter
Frosthaven tops the list @Kickstarter

The game takes you through a frozen continent, facing monstrous beasts and scoring epic loot. You can play it with your crew of 1-4 players, and it’s perfect for epic gaming sessions. Frosthaven has received major props for its mind-bending gameplay, top-notch production quality, and endless fun it offers. 

Tabletop Games Hold the Highest Market Share at About 67%

Tabletop Games Hold the Highest Market Share at About 67%

Board games are not limited to a few genres; they offer a whole buffet. Think about mind-bending puzzles, epic tabletop battles, collectible card games, thrilling dice-rolling adventures, and intense miniature showdowns. But if we are talking about the undisputed champ, it’s the tabletop game genre, reigning over 67% of the market. And it’s no mystery why they are a breeze to pick up, a blast for everyone, and suitable for players of all ages. The classics in this genre are pure gold, like Monopoly, Ludo, Scrabble, Checkers, and Chess.

Chess is the Best-selling Board Game of All Time

With an estimated 3 million units sold yearly in the US, Chess is the best-selling board game of all time. This timeless game has captivated players for centuries and continues to maintain its popularity today. 

If you are seeking a board game that combines challenge, intellectual stimulation, and social engagement, Chess is an ideal choice. Its straightforward rules and profound strategy make it suitable for players of diverse ages and skill levels.

There are Several Connect 4 Variants

There are Several Connect 4 Variants

Connect 4 is a total classic that’s been keeping folks of all ages entertained for decades. It’s a breeze to learn, but it’s no walk in the park to become a master. There are different versions of Connect 4, each adding its own twist to the gameplay.

There are variants like Popout, PowerUp, and Five in a Row. Popout allows players to remove their own pieces, adding strategic complexity to the game, and PowerUp introduces special powers for each player, granting advantages during turns. Whereas, Five in a Row raises the stakes, requiring players to connect five pieces in a row for victory, enhancing the challenge and decision-making. Whether you are looking for a simple game of strategy or craving a challenge with superpowers thrown in, no worries — there is a variant just perfect for you. 

The Longest Game of Monopoly Lasted 70 Days

In 2018, two skilled friends in the United Kingdom engaged in the longest-ever game of Monopoly, lasting a remarkable 70 days. Their determination to win and their expertise in the game contributed to the extended duration. Ultimately, after a challenging test of endurance and skill, one of the friends emerged as the victor, having accumulated over 30 years of Monopoly-playing experience. This extraordinary game is a testament to Monopoly’s enduring popularity as a beloved classic.

Over 70% of Men and Women Like Board Games

Board games are a total hit among people of all ages. A recent survey spilled the beans and revealed that 70% of men and 74% of women in the US are all about board game fun. The interest in board games is not just limited to the US and is a global phenomenon. 

Over 70% of Men and Women Like Board Games

People are being drawn to board games for various reasons.  Board games attract people with their competitive thrill, social interactions, and skill-building opportunities. 

38% of Gen Z Respondents Enjoy Board Games

Gen Z is the first to grow up with the internet and social media, which might not give the impression that they are interested in board games. However, according to Statista, they are the ones most likely to enjoy playing board games.

A solid 38% of Gen Z respondents said they enjoy playing board games. That’s even higher than the percentage of millennials and baby boomers who dig board game action. 

38% of Gen Z Respondents Enjoy Board Games

Board games are like the perfect combo for Gen Z as they help them bond with friends and family, learn new skills, and have a blast.

Around 28% of People Play Board Games Once a Week

Board games are a total hit for people of all ages! A recent survey found that about 28% of folks play board games weekly, and 21% play them several times. That’s right, millions of people worldwide are getting their game on regularly.

Around 28% of People Play Board Games Once a Week

63% of the UK Spends an Estimated 169 Hours Per Year on Puzzles

According to research conducted by Ipsos UK, around 63% of adults in the UK get their puzzle fix at least once a week. The survey also revealed that the same adults spent 169 hours per year on puzzles. It’s puzzle mania!

When it comes to why people do puzzles, they have a bunch of popular reasons. 54% do it for enjoyment. Then some want to keep their minds sharp, coming in at the same 54%. The thrill-seekers looking for a challenge are 47% of puzzle enthusiasts, and 43% of adults solve puzzles to relax.

Over 3,000 New Board Games are Released Each Year

The board game industry is thriving, offering many options with over 3,000 new releases annually, catering to diverse interests and preferences. What’s fueling the growth of the industry is the quantity and quality of innovative games from talented designers and publishers. This ensures something enjoyable for everyone, whether they prefer classic or modern games, strategy or party games, or cooperative gameplay.

Wrapping Up

From the enduring popularity of Chess to the endurance tests of Monopoly marathons, we hope these statistics have ignited your curiosity and provided a glimpse into the dynamic and diverse world of board games. So, pick your favorite game (I would grab Go), gather your friends and family, and embark on countless hours of entertainment and strategizing.

Found these facts interesting? Here are a few amazing board games that you should play with your family!

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