9 Best Golf Apps to Help You Become a Better Golfer in 2023


With golf apps, managing your scores, tracking your handicap, and analyzing your performance becomes a breeze. Playing golf takes time, and improving your game on the course takes more time, patience, and dedication too.

With smart apps, you no longer need to juggle manual scorekeeping or struggle to find playing partners. Golf apps have revolutionized the way you approach the game, making it more convenient, connected, and downright exciting. So it is not just about switching to the digital way of playing golf, but it is more about playing for hours and managing within minutes.

Here we are with the amazing apps used all over the world by golfers. These apps empower golfers with easy tracking and fast improvement. 

Why do you need a golf app?

With these apps, you say goodbye to the days of tedious record-keeping and welcome the era of automated scorecards. These digital caddies accompany you on every hole, ensuring you stay on top of your game, stroke by stroke. These apps have AI-powered coaches that analyze your swings and offer invaluable tips to improve your technique. It’s like having a personal trainer right in the palm of your hand!

But that’s not all these apps have to offer. They are the gateway to a vibrant golfing community, connecting you with fellow players who share your passion. And let’s not forget about the seamless integration with wearable devices and smartphones. 

Track your progress, monitor your stats, and gain valuable insights into your performance, all with a simple tap on your screen. These apps transform every round into a data-driven adventure, enabling you to identify mistakes and unlock your true potential.


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Let’s tee off with 18birdies, the golf app that takes your game to new heights. With its impressive functionalities and gaming options, 18birdies stands out from the flock. With GPS integration, you can effortlessly get accurate distances on the course. No more guessing games or squinting at yardage markers.  

Plus, you can track your handicap and keep score with ease, ensuring that every stroke is accounted for. It has a dynamic leaderboard to showcase skills and compete against fellow players.

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The AI-powered coach has cutting-edge technology that transforms your swing practice. The app provides instant feedback, pinpointing areas where you may be going astray and offering valuable insights on how to enhance your technique. With short drills tailored to your needs, you’ll be on the fast track to mastering your swings like a pro.

With over 40,000 listed courses at your fingertips, 18birdies ensures that you’re never short of options. You can explore the course reviews shared by fellow golfers, giving you a glimpse into the management and track record of each venue. Whether you’re engaging in single games or organizing tournaments, 18birdies got you covered.

While you focus on giving your best on the course, 18birdies diligently monitors and analyzes your abilities. It measures metrics such as par averages and fairway hits.

Available for both Android and iOS users, 18birdies offers compatibility with your smartphone as well as smartwatches. Unlocking the full potential of 18birdies requires the premium version, granting you access to all its amazing features. 

Arccos Golf

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Arccos Golf is another amazing app that is backed by AI and machine learning. If you want personalized training and playing data, then this app is the right option. First and foremost, it has automatic shot tracking, ensuring that every swing is meticulously recorded.

It takes distance measurement to a whole new level with its AI-powered range finder. Arccos not only calculates yardage but also adjusts for crucial factors such as wind speed and direction, slope, humidity, temperature, and altitude. This app is like having a digital caddie by your side, offering precise recommendations on the course.

Simply download the mobile app on your Android or iOS device, and you’ll have every shot tracked effortlessly. For even greater precision, consider using the Arccos Link device. Arccos’ sensors, including grips and the Link device, are fully permitted under the Rules of Golf as recognized by the United States Golf Association (USGA).

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It gives you access to precise distance information for each of your clubs, empowering you to make more strategic decisions on the course. Developed in collaboration with Microsoft, this digital caddie offers predictions for the outcome of your shots with exceptional accuracy, further enhancing your game.  


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Being a golfer is one thing, but being a smart golfer is a game-changer, and Golflogix is here to make that happen. This app is specifically designed to equip golfers with the tools and insights they need to elevate their game to new heights. 

It helps you visualize the shape of the hole from the tee in a virtual mode with the help of flyovers. You can keep a record of your progress, identify patterns, and set targets for improvement. The app also enables you to track your club usage.

The app provides GPS distances to help you gauge your shots accurately. It also takes slope into account. Golflogix’s 3D view of the course gives you an edge over others. You get a better understanding of each hole, assess potential challenges, and plan your shots accordingly.

The positive reviews from both Android and iOS app users speak volumes about the app’s effectiveness and user satisfaction. The app analyzes your shots and provides you with insights in the form of “plays like” data, helping you identify areas for improvement. You can connect Golflogix seamlessly with your wearable devices, such as an Apple Watch, for even greater convenience and accessibility.

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Golflogix offers an extensive library of over 15,000 green books, providing you with invaluable course management tools. These green books offer hole selection guidance, putt information, heatmaps, and more. You can customize your green book to suit your preferences and playing style.

Golf Pad GPS

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If you are looking for a free app for your golf playtime tracking, then you will love to go with Golf Pad GPS. This app is free, but it comes with so many exciting features, such as a player tracking dashboard, leaderboards, and game improvement analysis.

Golf Pad GPS can be easily installed on any device, be it an Android or iOS smartphone, allowing you to track your performance no matter which platform you prefer. It’s also compatible with popular wearables.

The app provides you with detailed information about your playing style and pinpoints areas where you may be falling short. Additionally, Golf Pad GPS helps you choose the right club for each shot, ensuring that you maximize your performance on the course.

After every shot, simply open up the Golf Pad GPS app to review your performance and plan your strategy for the game ahead. The app offers insights for each hole, providing you with valuable information and guidance to become a better player.

For golf tournaments, the app has a dedicated mode called “Golf Pad GPS Regulation.” This mode offers joint leaderboards and a standalone dashboard specifically designed for tournament play.

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Also, It offers sensor-enabled tracking through the use of tags. These lightweight tags, equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, can be easily attached to your clubs. The tags communicate directly with the app, providing you with detailed analytics and data about your shots. 

Hole19 Golf

Gone are the days when golfers used rangefinders. Nowadays, they are switching to golf apps like Hole19 Golf. Rangefinding, GPS distances, and a lot more useful data from the course will help you make informed decisions with this app. Its functionality extends with the connectivity of wearable devices. 

Performance tracking is crucial for every golfer, and Hole19 Golf takes charge of it. With its user-friendly mobile app available for both Android and iOS devices, you’ll have access to valuable insights on the go. You can dive into your game data, analyze your strengths and weaknesses, and make strategic improvements. The app’s live leaderboards allow you to compete with like-minded players, fostering healthy competition.

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With the premium version of the app, you unlock a range of exceptional features. From shot tracking and handicap (HCP) calculations to match play and club recommendations, the premium version offers a lot more than the basic.

This app has a vibrant online community of golfers. The social space on the app allows you to connect with fellow golf enthusiasts, sharing experiences, tips, and advice. On the web, Hole19 Golf offers a comprehensive dashboard for tracking your playing statistics.

Hole19 Golf lets you download course plans for offline use so you can play your favorite courses even without an internet connection. You can request manual updates if you come across an outdated course. 


Golf is a game of details. Recording every single detail can be made easy with mScorecard. This app is beautifully designed to record stats and data of your game and save it for further improvements. mScorecard allows you to effortlessly track and store all the stats and data that matter for your golfing journey.

Like other golf apps, mScorecard enables you to track various data points, including scores, strokes, putts, fairway hits, ups and downs, clubs used, sand shots, and chips. It presents the details of each course in a comprehensive and user-friendly manner, giving you a deep understanding of each hole and offering a unique perspective from the tee point. 

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The true power of mScorecard lies in its ability to leverage the stored data for historical tracing and comparison. Another amazing feature of the app is its automated calculations. The app aligns with national and global handicap calculation systems, ensuring accuracy. 

By handling the calculations and data organization for you, it frees up more time to focus on what truly matters: playing golf and enjoying the game. And the best part? mScorecard is available to you as a free app. mScorecard App can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple app store


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TheGrint claims to be an app with highly accurate data of mapped courses over forty thousand. Imagine the convenience of capturing a picture of your paper-based scorecard and seamlessly transcribing it into a virtual scoreboard. TheGrint makes this possible.

With the live leaderboard functionality, you can stay updated on your tournament performance by visualizing real-time statistics. It also provides detailed insights such as scrambling percentages and iron accuracy. This level of depth allows you to closely watch your gameplay and improve.

Other than a vast leaderboard, TheGrint provides a handy handicap lookup tool that allows you to select your golf course and tees and instantly discover players with different handicaps. The extensive database of golf players across various courses adds a social aspect to the app. 

To access TheGrint, simply download the Android or iOS app, depending on your device type. The user-friendly interface and intuitive features ensure a seamless experience, whether you’re tracking scores, analyzing data, or connecting with other golfers. 

V1 Golf

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V1 Golf app enables golfers to take advantage of IoT devices as well as artificial intelligence to improve the game. With thousands of coaches available, you’ll have access to expert guidance and support.

Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, V1 Golf has you covered. The app harnesses the capabilities of artificial intelligence to provide an in-depth analysis of your game performance. With a vast database of over 4 million golfers and 500,000+ lessons delivered.

Through high-end sensors, V1 Golf captures essential metrics, from ground pressure data to swing analysis. It comes with a video analysis functionality. You can record your swing videos using the app and compare them to standard swings, to see the differences and make necessary corrections. The app acts as a virtual coach, providing personalized golf lessons to help you refine your skills.

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In addition to the app, V1 Sports provides advanced hardware to further enhance your game on the course. From pressure mats that analyze foot pressure and position-related statistics during shots and swings, to smart accessories like swing aligners, hit detectors, high-definition cameras, camera mounts, tripods, mobile holders, and laptop system bundles, everything can be connected with the app.


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SwingU is a popular golf app available for both Android and iOS, claiming a user base of 6 million golfers. The app offers different plans, including Plus and Pro, each with its own set of features and pricing.

It provides GPS-tracked courses, allowing you to accurately measure distances to greens and hazards. The app also offers strokes gained analysis, a comprehensive scorecard, and detailed statistics. It also offers green-reading maps in partnership with StrackaLine. These maps showcase contours and slopes of greens, resulting in accurate reads and improving the putting game.

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SwingU goes beyond basic features such as monitoring your handicap, checking wind speed, and elevation data, and tracking shots throughout the round. On the app, you will find a great learning resource with over 600 videos from top golf instructors. Additionally, the app offers a newsletter to keep you updated on the latest trends and news in the golfing world.

Choosing the Best Golf App

When choosing a golf app, there are several important things and features to consider. Evaluating these aspects helps you select a golf app that aligns with your needs. Here is a list of things to consider while choosing a golf app: 

#1. GPS and Course Coverage 🛰️

Ensure that the app offers accurate GPS functionality and covers a wide range of golf courses. Look for precise distances to greens, hazards, and other key points on the course.

#2. Data Accuracy🗄️

Golf apps should provide reliable and accurate data. Precise shot tracking, scoring, and statistical analysis are a must to look into.

#3. User-Friendly Interface👍🏽

See if the app has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. Organized menus and options must be there. 

#4. Scorekeeping 💯

Detailed scorekeeping capabilities are necessary to have in a golf app. See if it records detailed scores for each hole, tracks fairways hit, putts, penalties, and other relevant statistics. 

#5. Statistical Analysis 📊

Your golf app must offer robust statistical analysis and visually summarized data about your game.

#6. Training Resources 📗

Golf apps with extensive libraries will help you learn smoothly. Try to look for an app with training videos, tips, drills, and instructional content.

#7. Social Features 📱

Some apps include social features that allow you to connect with other golfers. It allows you to participate in challenges and improves your game.

#8. Compatibility and Integration 🟰

How your golf app is integrated with different devices, such as wearables and rangefinders, is a necessary thing to check.

#9. Pricing and Value 💵

Consider the pricing structure of the app and evaluate whether the features and benefits offered justify the cost.  

#10. User Reviews and Ratings ⭐

User reviews can tell you what the app itself never says. So always check out the reviews by the existing users of the app.


A plethora of golf apps are available, but you need one that fulfills your requirements and fits into your budget. All the golf apps we discussed are amazing in their own way, but you need to consider your requirements, expectations, budget, as well as experience while choosing the one for you. Evaluate and compare the apps based on factors such as accuracy, data reliability, user-friendliness, pricing, etc. and make an informed decision. 

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