12 Best Gaming Podcasts That Redefine Your Gaming Experience


With the number of gamers increasing with each passing day, gaining knowledge about different aspects of gaming is becoming increasingly significant too. That is why, in today’s era, the online world is experiencing a flood of gaming podcasts.

Be it casual or professional gamers – there is a podcast for every gamer. These podcasts are interesting to listen to, as they talk about gaming and provide answers to many gaming-related queries one might have.

With a plethora of such podcasts out there, people feel overwhelmed and confused regarding the ideal one for them. To ease things up a bit, we have curated some of the finest gaming podcasts that are bound to open the door to a new dimension for all gaming heads.

➡️ What are Gaming Podcasts?

As we have just mentioned, with new gamers arriving in the gaming world, gaining more knowledge about it is seeing a massive boost.

Since its inception, this industry has always strived to new media platforms to showcase itself. The motivation for such utilization gave birth to what we know today as gaming podcasts.

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To put it simply, gaming podcasts are all kinds of shows revolving around video games. These include streaming, reviews, deeper analysis, and more. Twitch, YouTube, etc., are some popular platforms to look for if one is searching for this type of podcast.

Although every gaming podcast focuses on games, they may vary in terms of tonality, subject matter, and so on. 

➡️ Why are They Important?

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It is a no-brainer that gaming podcasts possess a lot of significance for the gaming industry. Here are a few reasons why:

  • They help gamers get familiar with the newest title releases and obtain a thorough idea regarding their worthiness.
  • Gaming podcasts are an excellent way of gathering information about the latest advances in the world of gaming. Besides new title announcements, listeners get a chance to obtain important game-related news all in one place. 
  • They acquaint their listeners with the historical and cultural aspects of various games.   

➡️ The Growing Popularity of Gaming Podcasts Among Gamers

Let’s be real; the popularity of gaming podcasts has been on the rise throughout the years. In today’s world, gaming podcasts have appeared as one of the most sought-after forms of online content. Why? It is because they have played the role of trailblazers in establishing a platform for like-minded people to share their mutual love and admiration for video games.

They have also provided scope for gamers to give tips and tricks and create a harmonious community that is not afraid to help a fellow gamer in need.

gamers listening to gaming podcasts

Gaming podcasts are not only easily accessible but also have made it easier for gamers to create interesting content and share it with the world. All they need is a device to play games on (computer, smartphone, etc.) and a mic. It is all that is required for individuals to start their gaming podcasts.

Moreover, the gaming community is known for being among the most ardent, devoted fanbase ever. Gaming podcasts have given these dedicated fans to assemble and talk about their favorite titles without any barrier. 

Besides being a platform for in-depth conversation, gaming podcasts have risen as indispensable resources for game-related info. From news regarding the latest title releases to expert interviews to unknown behind-the-scenes tales – these podcasts assist gaming enthusiasts in gathering knowledge, making informed decisions, and answering numerous queries.

➡️ The Future Looks Good for Gaming Podcasts

Nearly 47% of gaming buffs today are known for listening to their favorite podcasts every month. And nearly 29% listen to podcasts regularly. These people have made these podcasts a part of their daily habits and contributed to the development of the gaming podcast scene.

Statistics have also revealed another remarkable info. Multitasking has become a part of a majority of individual’s lives today. FYI, gaming is not out of its influence as well. Hence, a huge number of gamers like to listen to gaming podcasts while playing actual games. Among them, these podcasts have amassed massive fame by enriching their gaming experience. 

The timely arrival of several live streaming platforms, like YouTube Gaming, Twitch, etc., has also been a contributing factor to the increasing popularity of gaming podcasts. Some podcasts often opt for live streaming. It empowers the creators to interact with their audience in real-time via the chat feature. This boosts engagement and adds depth to the whole conversation by making the audience feel more connected to the content creator.

Let us now turn to the most fun yet informative podcasts to listen to at the moment: 

Giant Bombcast

Giant Bombcast ranks among the foremost names in the entire gaming podcast realm. In case you were unaware, it is a reputed podcast that talks about gaming titles, news, forums, expert interviews, and many more.

When it comes to diversity, Giant Bombcast is almost unparalleled. One of the best things about this podcast is perhaps its entertainment factor. The podcasters present shrewd commentary in a fun, hilarious way that is simultaneously engaging and informative.

Besides, the hosts share their personal experiences, display praiseworthy chemistry, provide detailed analysis, and so on to make Giant Bombcast a pleasurable, must-listen experience for all gaming aficionados worldwide.      

Castle Superbeast

If you have been watching gaming-related videos on YouTube for a good while, chances are that you may have heard of ‘Super Best Friends Play.’ It gathered huge popularity during its stint, and when the OGs decided to break up, two of the team members – Pat and Woolie started another collab, namely Castle Superbeast.

This podcast quickly grabbed the attention of the fans of the original channel and deemed the podcast its rightful heir. Apart from the discussion of gaming titles, industry news, latest developments, etc., the duo often talk about off-topic things, giving them their own unique, hilarious twist. This keeps listeners thoroughly entertained while staying informed of all the newest happenings in the gaming world. 

Axe of the Blood God: An RPG Podcast

True to its name, Axe of the Blood God: An RPG Podcast is a show where the hosts discuss role-playing games. This includes a wide range of PC RPGs, JRPGs, MMORPGs, and so on.

If you are a sucker for RPG games, Axe of the Blood God is a must-listen for you. From classic RPGs to the latest ones – the podcast focuses on titles from many different periods.

Interestingly, the hosts of this show are established gaming journalists. Thus, listeners can expect knowledge combined with entertainment when they give this podcast a listen.

Also, Axe of the Blood God sometimes goes for extensive deep dives that allow their audience to know in-depth about the hottest titles in the gaming industry.             

Kinda Funny Gamescast: Video Game Podcast 

Kinda Funny Gamescast: Video Game Podcast is a weekly podcast that focuses on all the latest occurrences in the gaming industry and the up-to-the-minute subjects while keeping it ‘Kinda Funny’.

YouTube video

The podcast blends humor with informative discussions regarding various topics on video games. The comedic touch throughout the entire show is laudable and keeps viewers hooked till the end.

Although Kinda Funny Gamescast is a weekly show, it has another podcast, namely Kinda Funny Games Daily, that is in a daily-episode format. It is quite remarkable, as it invites industry veterans to share their vast knowledge.                                                                

The GamesIndustry.biz Podcast

The GamesIndustry.biz Podcast revolves around international trends in terms of politics, society, economics, etc., and their impact on the gaming industry. It is a valuable podcast for industry insiders by other industry insiders.

Although the subject matters of discussion here are complex, the hosts do a commendable job of keeping it comprehensible and open.

This podcast will appeal to you even if you are not an industry insider but a dedicated gaming aficionado interested in learning about enthralling behind-the-scenes stories on the development of popular titles and the gaming industry as a whole.      

8-4 Play

8-4 Play is a fun, bi-weekly podcast that came into existence as a way of familiarizing the Western audience with the enchanting realm of Japanese games.

For your info, the podcast gets its moniker from the final level in the still-popular OG Super Mario Bros. called ‘World 8-4’. The hosts of 8-4 Play are avid enthusiasts of Japanese games. So listeners will be able to sense an intense passion in their voices.

In its episodes, 8-4 Play dives into numerous acclaimed titles coming from Japanese game developers. Besides games, the hosts also often talk about Japanese culture as well. So, the podcast can appeal to anyone keen on knowing about Japan and its people.        

Game Scoop!

You must have heard about IGN, right? But did you know it has its own gaming podcast? Yes, named ‘Game Scoop!,’ this podcast strives to bring its audience news about industry developments, hot topics, new releases, and more while exuding an optimistic vibe.

In today’s world, where everything is fast-paced, people tend to move fast. People do not have the time or patience to sit and dedicate hours to a podcast. Game Scoop! knows that perfectly well. That is why all their episodes are tailored to suit this inclination, timed about 45 minutes to an hour at most.

Plus, Game Scoop! prefer to maintain a format that is easily consumable so that the audience never gets bored and enjoys learning new things about the gaming biosphere. 

Play, Watch, Listen

Each of the hosts of Play, Watch, Listen is proficient in their respective fields and brings to the listeners awesome insights on a large variety of topics.

While the podcast primarily focuses on video games, it also dives into other areas of interest, including films, music, and TV shows. And to keep the entertainment in the episodes alive, they frequently opt for humor and banter.

Along with personal experiences, hearsay, etc., the hosts attempt to give a vivid picture of the creative processes that go into making masterpieces.

Play, Watch, Listen also invites guests that share what they have to say regarding their particular industries.           

The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast 

If you are into tabletop games, such as the Dungeons and Dragons board games, The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast can be your perfect buddy. This unique podcast focuses on tabletops and takes a deep dive into the bottomless ocean of card games, board games, tile-based wargames, and everything tabletop.

Apart from providing listeners with the latest industry news and developments, reviews, etc., The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast also discusses strategies and offers appealing tête-à-têtes about tabletop gaming and culture.

Whether you are a casual or hardcore tabletop enthusiast, this show can be an enjoyable experience for everyone. Provided that you are a fan of analog games, The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast should be your go-to destination.           

Sacred Symbols

This one is for all the PlayStation heads. Sacred Symbols is a podcast that is completely focused on PS games. Sacred Symbols is a great podcast for everything PlayStation.

From PS4 to PS5 to PS Vita, the expert hosts steer through the gigantic collection of PS titles and franchises out there.

The episodes are a bit lengthy for the impatient, with most episodes being about two hours long. But the humor sprinkled across the episodes makes up for it. Sacred Symbol is a classic example of the harmonious coexistence of info and comedy.

The hosts also love to make the show more engaging by including the listeners and attending to comments from the audience.          

What’s Good Games

What’s Good Games has a women-only lineup of hosts and offers a shrewd analysis of the gaming world and titles.

The listeners of this podcast can find in-depth discussions on a plethora of topics, such as game-related news, reviews, industry trends, and whatnot. Authentic passion oozes out of the hosts when they speak on a certain topic.

YouTube video

Furthermore, What’s Good Games also engages in active interaction with its audience so that they feel a strong connection with the hosts and assemble as a friendly community.       

Spawn on Me

Spawn on Me is an exciting show that focuses not only on video games but also on race and culture. The host of Spawn on Me gives priority to those who do not get proper representation in the gaming industry – the people of color.

YouTube video

Spawn on Me is dedicated to bringing social justice, and as a result, discusses various topics ranging from diversity and representation in the gaming industry to current affairs to other significant issues.

If you want to listen to something more meaningful and eye-opening than your day-to-day podcasts, Spawn on Me is a must-listen.                                                     


No matter their dedication and passion for video games, gaming podcasts can be a hidden treasure for every gamer. From informative explanations to hilarious jokes to deeper assessments of popular titles – gaming podcasts offer a great scope of expanding your comprehension and awareness of different cultures and social norms. They even talk about the behind-the-scenes processes that give birth to the titles we all cherish.

Taking it one step forward, some morally upright podcasts give a voice to the voiceless, contributing to the preservation of social justice. Hence, branding gaming podcasts as only platforms for entertainment will be a misevaluation. They are much more than that and endeavor to make gaming a more enriching experience.

Now, if you’re listening to these podcasts while commuting, don’t forget to check and purchase one of our recommended gaming earbuds. Not only is the sound quality perfect for podcasts and general audio, but the extra features make them a delight for gaming!

Samyak Goswami
Samyak Goswami
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