9 Best Free Meta Quest 2 Games for an Immersive VR Experience


In a world where everyone is chattering about Apple’s Vision Pro, VR gaming and experience have been budding for a long time. This was before the Apple Vision Pro, which is still due to reach consumers in 2024. It also comes with a hefty price tag. Nonetheless, VR experience has been making strides much before that. We have seen the likes of HTC’s Vive and Oculus’s Rift and Quest series.

While you may want to try Apple’s next pinnacle in the mixed-reality experience, that is long due until next year. But, if you’ve been dreaming of escaping into virtual reality but don’t want to break the bank, you know that the Meta Quest 2 is a good pick. This standalone VR headset offers immersive games and experiences, with no external hardware or sensors required. And it’s not just convenient; it’s also powerful and stunning. Meta has also announced its latest Quest 3 headset, but that also arrives later in 2023.

Virtual Reality Gaming

Coming back to the Meta Quest 2, it is the successor to Oculus Quest and Rift series and has undergone impressive upgrades. It features a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 CPU, 6 GB of RAM, and a fast-switch LCD display. For the screens per eye, it has a resolution of 1832 x 1920 pixels refreshing at up to 90Hz. So you can expect smoother performance, sharper graphics, and lifelike colors in VR.

Oculus Quest 2 is now Meta Quest 2

Meta Quest 2 was not always called that way. It was originally launched in October 2020 as the Oculus Quest 2, the successor to the first Oculus Quest that debuted in 2019. The Oculus brand was established by a VR startup that was acquired by Facebook in 2014 for $2.3 billion. However, in October 2021, Facebook announced that it was changing its corporate name to Meta, reflecting its vision of building the Metaverse, a virtual environment where people can interact and socialize.

As part of this change, Facebook also decided to phase out the Oculus brand and rename its VR products under the Meta umbrella. Starting in 2022, the Oculus Quest 2 product line became known as the Meta Quest 2, while the Oculus App became the Meta Quest App. The company also removed the Facebook login requirement for its Quest headsets and replaced it with a Meta account login.

Oculus Quest 2 is now Meta Quest 2
Source: Meta Store

The Meta Quest 2 also has a larger storage capacity than the original Quest, with options of 128 GB and 256 GB. That gives you more space to download and store your favorite VR titles from the expansive Quest content library, which features hundreds of games and apps across various genres and categories.

But what makes the Meta Quest 2 truly remarkable is that it can deliver all this without requiring any additional devices or accessories. The headset has everything you need built-in, including four cameras that track your head and hand movements, two controllers that let you interact with the virtual environment, and a battery that lasts up to three hours on a single charge. You can also connect it to your Wi-Fi network and access social features like voice chat, multiplayer modes, and friend lists.

Of course, if you do want to enhance your VR experience, you can always opt for some optional accessories like the Elite Strap for more comfort and stability, the Link Cable for connecting to a PC and playing PC VR games, or the Air Link feature for wireless PC VR streaming. The Meta Quest 2 is designed to be versatile and adaptable to your preferences and needs.

High Quality Games and Cross-compatibility

Oculus Quest 2 games are not only fun and diverse, but they also demonstrate the quality and performance of the standalone VR headset. The Quest 2’s powerful processor, high-resolution display, and fast refresh rate enable it to run VR games smoothly and beautifully. The games also take advantage of the Quest 2’s features like hand tracking, room-scale tracking, and spatial audio to create immersive and interactive VR experiences.

But you know that good experiences come at a cost, so the best of Quest 2 games are not always free. But that does not mean you are left out. Do not worry, as there is still some freeware available for the VR headset that will offer you a great experience even if they are free. What’s more interesting is that some of these free Oculus Quest 2 games also offer cross-platform compatibility. This means you can connect and play with users on other VR platforms like PSVR, PC VR, or even non-VR devices. This makes VR gaming more accessible and social for everyone.

So here goes a list of free games that are worth trying:

Gun Raiders

Gun Raiders is a free-to-play VR shooter that offers multiple game modes and allows you to chat with friends while mowing down enemies. You can jetpack through the air or climb from wall to wall monkey-style while racing to the top of the leaderboards. The game also features an Item Shop where you can customize yourself with awesome meme skins. The newest Season 6: Doompeak Battle Pass offers 100 levels of loot and up to 500 Raider Coins free.

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The game provides several modes, such as Battle Royale, where you can test your worth and outlive your opponents. Hub & Chill is for those looking for something slower pace where you can hang out in the hub with other players and make new friends. Assault mode allows you to raid enemy bases. At the same time, you’ll have to defend your own base to score points for your team.

Control mode is a fast-paced dogfight gameplay where teams face off to capture and control the point. Free For All is the go-to arena mode for instant action and a great way to show off your skills. Team Deathmatch is less thinking and more action, where the team with the highest points wins.

Gun Raiders is a fun and exciting game that offers a variety of game modes that cater to different play styles. Join now and experience the thrill of mowing down enemies while chatting with friends!

➡️ Check it out on the Meta Quest Store.

Rec Room

Rec Room is a social app that allows you to build and play games together with friends from all around the world. You can chat and hang out with millions of people online. There are also plenty of player-created rooms to explore. Moreover, players are encouraged to build something new and amazing to share with everyone. The app is free and cross-plays on everything from phones to VR headsets, including Quest 2.

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You can customize your cute Rec Room avatar to express your personality and style. Creators like yourself also provide a plethora of unique games to try out. You can also use the Maker Pen, which is a tool used by Rec Room creators to build everything — from animals to helicopters to entire worlds!

Rec Room is the best community for people from all walks of life! It’s a fun and welcoming place where you can find people you’ll love to hang out with.

➡️ Check it out on the Meta Quest Store.

Cards & Tankards

If you love collectible card games and social VR, you might want to check out Cards & Tankards. It is VR’s first social collectible card game, set in a fantasy tavern where you can meet and chat with other players, customize your character, and play card games in an immersive atmosphere.

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You get over 160 cards that belong to four mechanically unique factions, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Players can build their own deck and use their cards to summon mini-figures on the tavern table, where you can battle against other players or the computer in turn-based matches.

You get cross-play between Quest and PC VR, so you can play with your friends regardless of their platform. You can also earn progression rewards, unlock new cards, and buy outfits, gears, and accessories to customize your avatar and show off your style.

This is a game that combines strategy, adventure, and social interaction in a fun and immersive way. Whether you’re looking for a friendly competition or just hanging out with friends, Cards & Tankards is a game that will keep you entertained for hours.

➡️ Check it out on the Meta Quest Store.

Gods of Gravity

Gods of Gravity is a social, arcade-style RTS game, featuring an epic showdown of celestial beings. As the commander of your own fleet of ships, you’ll embark on a journey to capture moons, invade enemy planets, and strategize to build your advantage and conquer the enemy’s home planet.

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The game features quick, intuitive gameplay and a high skill ceiling, as you master the art of space combat. Ships can be flung to capture a nearby planet. You can also open wormholes to teleport them across the solar system. You can also hold planets and moons to boost your production. Other than that, asteroids can be mined for powerful resources. However, if you dare, you can capture the sun for the ultimate buff. Then send a massive fleet to crush your enemy’s defenses.

The game also supports 2 to 8-player multiplayer, where you can team up with friends or fight against bots. You can also socialize with built-in, spatial voice chat, or switch to spectator mode to hang out with friends. Players can watch epic battles and also play single-player campaigns, ranked matches, and challenges. They can also earn cosmetic rewards and customize their god’s title and crown.

Gods of Gravity is a game that calls for strategy and teamwork. If you’re looking for friendly competition or a fierce challenge, this game will keep you hooked.

➡️ Check it out on the Meta Quest Store.


GYM CLASS is the leading VR basketball simulator. It allows you to enjoy high-flying dunks and play on NBA team courts. You can also engage in pickup games with friends from all over the world. The game offers an opportunity to compete and become a star within the largest VR sports community. Additionally, GYM CLASS is the best-rated experience on Quest 2.

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The game features realistic physics, graphics, and sound that immerse you in the thrill of basketball. You can use the Quest 2’s motion controllers to dribble, pass, shoot, and slam dunk with your own hands. Players can also customize their avatars with different outfits, accessories, and emotes.

You do get support for cross-play between Quest and PC VR, so different platforms? No problem. Players can also join matches, chat with other players, join clubs and leagues, and earn rewards and trophies in the social lobby.

➡️ Check it out on the Meta Quest Store.


Do you want to make exercise fun? Then you should try Hitstream, a free-to-play game that’s available on Meta Quest and Quest 2. It’s also available on PC VR via Steam.

Hitstream is an immersive 360° game. It transports you to breathtaking locations worldwide. In the game, you must engage in punching, stretching, squatting, and stepping to achieve fitness goals. Your objective is to hit objects, catch orbs, and avoid walls. If you’re up for an intense workout, you can even incorporate squats. Just make sure you keep an eye out for where they’re coming from next! It’s like a rhythm game, but with more movement and variety.

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The game is super fun and addictive, and it also gives you a great workout. You can burn calories, improve your coordination and reflexes, and challenge yourself with different levels of difficulty. You can also track your progress, earn achievements and unlock new songs and environments.

Hitstream is a game that combines music, action, and fitness in an immersive way. Whether you’re looking for a casual game or a serious challenge, Hitstream is a game that will keep you moving.

➡️ Check it out on the Meta Quest Store.


If a VR laser tag game with lots of action and multiplayer is your thing, then you might want to check out MissionX, a free-to-play game (with trial) that’s available on Meta Quest and Quest 2.

MissionX is an arena-scale VR system that allows you to transform any open area into a shared-space, free-roaming VR arena. The game is also often used for family entertainment centers, VR arcades, malls, theme parks, laser tag arenas, and more.

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The game features action combat gameplay that challenges you with real competitors in a virtual arena. You can explore various VR environments as a future soldier, and combat with your team in different missions to fight back opponents. The game also supports up to 10 players per match. It offers multiple game maps and modes that are family-friendly, highly engaging, and competitive. You get options for different maps such as Space Ship, CS Military Camps, Ghost Castle, and more.

The game also supports cross-play between Quest and PC VR. Thus, you can play with your friends regardless of their platform. You can join tournaments, chat with other players, track your progress, and earn rewards in the social lobby.

While the game is not exactly free to play, users can try it out by signing up for the trial option.

➡️ Check it out on the Meta Quest Store.

PokerStars VR

Players who love poker, socializing, and VR, might want to check out PokerStars VR. You get the ultimate VR casino experience here. This game lets you play poker, blackjack, roulette, slots, and craps with no limits.

You can study your opponents, pick up on their calls, chat in real-time, and handle your chips or cards just as you would in the real world. The table is kept fun with interactive props and toys that can be summoned instantly.


This experience is sure to change the way you look at casinos forever. You can join tables with players from around the world. Players can chat using voice or gestures, and bluff their way to victory. You can also customize your avatar. If that is not enough, you can buy drinks, smoke cigars, throw food and shoot guns.

The game features a variety of game modes, such as cash games, tournaments, sit & go’s, spin & go’s, and more. You can also choose from different poker variants, such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, 5 Card Draw, and more. There are different locations as well, such as a casino, a yacht, a saloon, and a space station.

➡️ Check it out on the Meta Quest Store.


Step into the cockpit of a massive robotic warrior and experience heart-pounding battles in this VR game. With its captivating storyline, deep customization options, and stunning visuals optimized for the Meta Quest 2, Ultimechs delivers an immersive gaming experience like never before.

Ultimechs is the latest multiplayer VR game from Resolution Games. It combines the excitement of professional athletics with the precision of purpose-built machines. In this futuristic sport, players remotely pilot high-performance mechs. They compete in adrenaline-fueled matches where the objective is to score goals by getting the ball into the opposing team’s net.

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As you navigate the arena, you’ll unleash the power of GauntJets. These are rocket-powered fists attached to your mech, bringing a whole new level of verticality and agility to the game. Using motion control, you can guide your GauntJets through the air. This allows you to gain a strategic advantage or swiftly respond to the opposing team’s moves. To maintain the incredible pace of the game, Resolution Games has implemented a dash system. This ensures accessibility for players of all skill levels.

Ultimechs offers thrilling 2v2 action. You can team up with a partner for coordinated plays. Alternatively, you can go solo for individual glory in intense 1v1 matches. Customize your mech with a wide array of accessories, paints, and GauntJet trails, showcasing your unique style on the field. Test your skills and climb the competitive leaderboard, aiming to become a top player in this exhilarating VR sport.

With its seamless compatibility with the Meta Quest 2, Ultimechs ensures that you can experience the thrill of mecha combat.

➡️ Check it out on the Meta Quest Store.


These are some of the best free VR games for Meta Quest 2 that you can download and play right now. Whether you want to explore immersive worlds, shoot robots, or socialize with friends, there is something for everyone in this list. So grab your headset and dive into the virtual reality of your choice. You won’t regret it!

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