Where to Find Rocky Seven in Red Dead Redemption 2?


When it comes to quests in Red Dead Redemption 2, most gaming aficionados know that the game hits the story out of the park. Moreover, the game gives you ample opportunities to obtain rewards. It offers you enough scope to perform different acts of theft to get some extra money. One such quest in the game is known as the Rocky Seven Home Robbery, which many RDR2 aficionados have labeled as puzzling. One major reason behind this confusion is the fact that the game does not give players any clear-cut instructions. 

So, I’m providing you with this walkthrough so that you can easily locate Rocky Seven and do the needful to rob the house to obtain the available loot.

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What is Rocky Seven?

Rocky Seven is a home that you can find in the open world of Red Dead Redemption 2. It belongs to a wealthy couple – Charlotte Balfour and Cal Balfour, who have passed away. 

Cal asked if his wife Charlotte would like to live a life devoid of all the unnecessary pomp in the wilds. Needless to say, Charlotte was up for it. That is the reason why the couple decided to buy the homestead in the Willard’s Rest in Roanoke Ridge.

What is Rocky Seven?

While playing the various quests in the game, you will learn about some affluent couple purchasing a homestead north of Annesberg, close to the hills. 

What I found amusing about this homestead is the fact that although Charlotte resides in Willard’s Rest, the game still names the robbery tip about the widow as ‘Rocky Seven’. Later, I got to know that this region was initially called ‘Rocky Seven’ (during the beta phase) before being renamed to what it is today.           

Where is the Rocky Seven House in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Luckily, players can easily discover the house in the northeastern part of the map. To be more precise, head to the place known as Willard’s Rest, situated north of Annesberg, and you will find the homestead you are looking for.

Location of Rocky Seven House - Rocky Seven Red Dead Redemption 2

To reach the place, you have to traverse far north of Van Horn and northeast of Brandywine Drop. Upon arriving at the place, you will see a medium-sized cabin with an outhouse. For your info, this outhouse should be on the left side of the property in question. 

Sometimes it can be difficult to make out whether you have reached the right place or not. I suggest you check the place with the image found in your player’s log’s home robbery section and see if they match. If they do, you are in the exact place. If they do not, you need to plan your route again. 

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How to Rob Rocky Seven?

While locating the Willard’s Rest or Rocky Seven is easy, here comes the tricky part: robbing the house of Charlotte and Cal. Why did I call it tricky? Well, it is because the game does not offer any instructions to players regarding the burglary. Also, despite getting to know about the Rocky Seven homestead pretty early in the game (Chapter 2), you cannot access it until you have reached Chapter 6. 

But once you have come across RDR2’s Sixth Chapter, you can rob the house. To do so, simply enter the homestead and complete Charlotte’s two stranger missions.


The first mission is about teaching the widow how to hunt. Read this carefully: you have to mark the woman on the map you discover there. If you fail to do so, you will not be able to rob Rocky Seven once the missions are over. 

Upon completing the first mission, come back to the house after a few days to trigger the second mission. This one requires you to teach Charlotte how to shoot. After both missions are over, you can rob the house. 

Now, Charlotte will offer you an invitation for dinner. However, at this point, you will collapse after coughing a lot due to tuberculosis. After walking up, you will find yourself in Charlotte’s room, as she decided to look after you during this tough time. You will also find a letter from Charlotte expressing her gratitude for your kind help and telling you to grab the money from her nightstand. Loot the house, and rest assured, it will not disappoint you.                

Charlotte Balfour’s Stranger Missions 

As I have already mentioned, the prerequisite to looting the homestead in Willard’s Rest is the completion of Charlotte’s two stranger missions

I noticed that unlike other stranger missions available in RDR2, Charlotte Balfour’s missions do not have any names. Instead, the game simply categorizes them as parts of the ‘Home Robbery’ mission. Pretty weird, isn’t it?

Anyway, her missions and the Rocky Seven itself become accessible as soon as Chapter 6 of the game begins. 

➡️ The First Mission 

During your and Charlotte’s first encounter, you will see her sitting by a grave, crying and lamenting over the loss of someone special outside the cabin. This special one is none other than her spouse Cal. She will inform you about the passing of Cal and her inability to provide for herself. She does not even know how to catch a mouse.

Charlotte - Rocky Seven Red Dead Redemption 2

After you decide to teach her how to hunt for survival, the two of you will visit the nearby woods to hunt some small animals. Along the way, Charlotte will inform you about the tragic fate of her husband, which involved surviving a bear attack and succumbing to his fatal injuries a week later. This disastrous event has turned Charlotte Balfour’s life upside down and has made it difficult for her to stay alive. 

After the widow successfully takes down a rabbit, you have to give her clear instructions on how to skin that rabbit. While Charlotte is noticeably diffident at the thought of skinning the tiny animal, she soon starts to do so by separating the rabbit’s fur from its body, albeit with hesitancy.

Charlotte bringing back the hunted rabbit

Once done, you and Charlotte begin heading back to the homestead. But on your way, you come across a pack of wolves. Protect her from the scary wolves, and she will express her appreciation for your kind aid. 

After coming back, she will show obvious signs of fatigue, and as a result, will ask you to come visit her again in the future.  

➡️ The Second Mission

When you go back to Charlotte’s cabin after a few days, you find her in the midst of a rifle practice session. For your info, the rifle belongs to her deceased husband. 

As you see her shooting at a few glass bottles on the anterior part of her cabin, you cannot help but spot her lack of experience. Plus, she has a bad form and cannot hit the targets even after attempting for so long.

Charlotte using Cal's gun - Rocky Seven Red Dead Redemption 2

What seemed the most comical to me here is when Charlotte points the barrel of the gun at herself. Talk about the height of inattentiveness!    

Soon, she will ask you to teach her how to shoot properly using the rifle. You will have to provide her guidance, and the woman will manage to shoot a lot closer than before because of your guidance on your second attempt. 

During this, a rat will come scurrying next to the cabin. Upon noticing the rat, Charlotte will mention that this is the same rat that has been annoying her and her spouse ever since they moved in. 

If you decide to shoot the rat, Charlotte will say that you are a bragger. If you do not shoot the rat, the two of you will pay no heed to the pesky creature, and focus on the shooting training again. Luckily, at last, Charlotte Balfour’s third try sees her successfully shooting a bottle.

Charlotte learning to shoot a gun

Once that is done and dusted, Charlotte will invite you to have dinner with her so that she can share the stew she made from the rabbit you two hunted earlier.

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What Happens After You Get Inside Charlotte’s House?

After you get inside, things will not go well, and you will start having an intense fit of coughing as a result of your tuberculosis. Before long, you will collapse to the ground and lose your consciousness. 

During this time, Charlotte will care for you in her room, and upon waking up, you will discover a letter from her. The letter will contain Charlotte’s bid to take the money kept on her nightstand. 

She will also express her immense appreciation for your help in teaching her how to survive alone. You will love to learn that she is currently out on a hunting expedition on her own. Seems like your tutoring worked! Great! Now all that remains for you to do is to take the loot and leave the shed.                    

Is it Possible to Access Rocky Seven Early?

I know what you have been thinking while reading this guide. You are wondering, “Is there a way to access Rocky Seven before Chapter 6?” Well, do not think you are alone; I wondered the same thing. Hence, I went to the place during Chapter 3, since I came to know about the location in the previous chapter. 

However, to my discontent, I found the shed locked. There was no way to enter the homestead and do the looting. So, you are bound to return empty-handed if you visit the Rocky Seven cabin earlier than intended. 

Even though this inability to access the homestead ahead of time made me a bit upset, there is a viable reason behind it. Now that I think about it, if the game had let you enter the house before Chapter 6, it would have given major spoilers. Thus, the developers barred players from accessing and robbing Rocky Seven before Chapter 6. 

While the wait may seem a little too long for you, I suggest you not get impatient. All I can say is that the wait will be absolutely worth it.

Final Words

As you can see, looting the Willard’s Rest or Rocky Seven cabin in Red Dead Redemption 2 can be beneficial in giving you money and valuable items. However, the homestead only becomes available when you reach Chapter 6 of the game, and attempting to access it early on will inevitably fail. 

In this walkthrough, I told you about the exact location of Rocky Seven and how to help its occupant Charlotte in her quest for survival. I also told you how you can loot the cabin after your second encounter with the widow. 

Hope it will be of great help in the progress of your RDR2 journey and eliminate any confusion you might have regarding the quest. Good luck, gamer!

Since Charlotte is out hunting, it’s high time that you start hunting as well. For your benefit, you can check out all the moose locations in Red Dead Redemption 2!

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