Warframe Hidden Messages: How To Solve All Three Riddles?


Hidden Message is an optional quest in Warframe featuring three cryptic poems that you need to solve. To unlock the quest, players need to unlock the Pluto to Sedna Junction. After you open the Junction, the Hidden Messages quest is accessible from the Codex. If you are having trouble with the riddles, our guide will help you complete the Hidden Messages quest and unlock Mirage as the quest reward.

How To Buy the Mirage Blueprint

The Hidden Messages quest rewards you with the Neuroptics, Chassis, and Systems blueprints for Mirage. The main Mirage Blueprint is purchasable from the Market using Credits after you complete the Hidden Messages quest. Since the quest’s release, developer Digital Extremes has also added alternate methods of unlocking the Warframe.

You can complete The Duviri Paradox quest and earn Mirage’s blueprints from The Circuit game mode. The Hidden Messages quest is still the easiest way to get her blueprints, and the quest is a lot of fun to go through, so we recommend completing it.

Warframe Hidden Messages: All Riddle Solutions

Warframe Hidden Messages: All Riddle Solutions

➡️ First Riddle

After you start the quest, Ordis delivers a message reciting a riddle that says: 

Three parts, three acts, three riddles for thee –
to revive the one wielding fantasy
Ancient gods so cruel, once ruled from on high

Can you name their peak where the land meets the sky?

Solution: The solution to the first riddle is Olympus, Mars. Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece and is known as the only place where the land scrapes the sky according to folklore. 

Head to Olympus and complete the special mission that grants the Mirage Neuroptics Blueprint

➡️ Second Riddle

To build the one you think witty,
seek the nymph who sang oh so pretty.
She lured him in with her song and grin,

his wife must’ve thought it a pity.

Solution: The solution is Calypso, Saturn. Calypso is a nymph from the Odyssey, an epic poem by Homer. She enchanted her singing to trap Odysseus, which is what the riddle is referencing.

Head to Calypso and complete the 15-minute Survival mission which grants the Mirage Systems Blueprint.

➡️ Third Riddle

One more act before your prize is caught.
An ancient sea creature, take a whirl or not?
Look for the monster that swallowed sailors of yore.

Make a mistake and you’re sunk. Nothing more.

Solution: The solution is Charybdis, Sedna. Charybdis is a sea monster from Greek mythology. She is capable of creating whirlpools that drag ships and galleons underwater.

Head to Charybdis and complete the special Hive Sabotage mission to get the Mirage Chassis blueprint

Once you are done with all three riddles, you can craft Mirage

How Long Does It Take To Build Mirage in Warframe?

How Long Does It Take To Build Mirage in Warframe?

It takes 12 hours each to craft the Mirage Systems Blueprint, Mirage Chassis Blueprint, and Mirage Neuroptics Blueprints. If you want to speed up the crafting process, it costs 25 Platinum to rush the crafting process for each part. 

Once you have all three Mirage parts, you can craft the Mirage Warframe. It takes 72 hours to craft Mirage, and you can rush the process using 50 Platinum.

How To Buy More Mirage Components

You can get all the components for Mirage from the Hidden Messages quest. If you want extra copies of the components, they are available at Cephalon Simaris’ offerings for 25,000 Standing each.


Mirage is a versatile Warframe with great crowd-control abilities and high damage output. While her survivability is poor, very few Warframes in the game can match her offensive capabilities.

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