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You love playing Valorant, isn’t it? But wouldn’t it be interesting to know about Valorant Lore to make the game more engaging?

Valorant’s Lore refers to the fictional universe, consisting of the historical details and background of each character and setting. The agents and maps have backstories coupled to form the Valorant organization under the name Valorant.

Valorant agents are the center of this story revolving around Alpha Earth. The Lore refers to the stories related to different earths, Valorant protocol, and the side characters in the game. To understand the Lore completely, you must follow up with different aspects like maps, teasers, battle passes, and gameplay trailers. All of these work as the building blocks of Valorant’s story.


However, these aren’t necessarily reflected in the few gameplays represented in the cinematics, which are just for storytelling. According to the developers, this is necessary for the storytelling, but these abilities can have unfair advantages in the game.

The Lore consists of canon and non-canon elements for storytelling. Canon are the elements in the Lore that factually refer to the Lore. The few canon references in the game are Kingdom Skins and Recon Skins. On the other hand, non-canon elements do not have factual representation in the Lore. Elements that fall under fanfiction denied by developers to be in the game or gameplay are called canon elements.

Valorant’s Lore: The Elements

Valorant’s Lore consists of various elements that are the building blocks of the Valorant Universe. These elements are a crucial part of the storytelling for the Lore.

➡️ Agents

Agents are the primary focus of storytelling; it includes various agent lines and conversations between the agents to describe the Lore.

➡️ Maps

The maps in the game consist of various easter eggs that directly connect with the central Lore. Moreover, it includes audio clips, sounds, agents’ messages, billboards, and interactive message cards in particular locations.

➡️ Battle Pass

Battle Pass is a great way of storytelling; each battle pass comes with various player cards, gun buddies, and stickers, each narrating some story.

➡️ Teasers

Teasers are the prominent way to expand the Lore inside and outside the game. It includes various clips and interactions between agents and objects that link to the game’s future.

Valorant: First Light

First Light is a historic event in the Valorant universe covering Alpha and Omega Earths. The event occurred around 0 YFL, ten years later than the findings of Radianite and the Venice incident. The Valorant universe uses the Gregorian calendar, and without mentioning any specific dates, it is speculated to be the events from near-future Earth. The Lore uses references such as BFL, AFL, and YFL.

  • BFL – It refers to the events before the event of Before First Light.
  • YFL – It refers to the Year of the First Light.
  • AFL – It refers to the events before the event of After First Light.

According to the history of the Valorant universe, the modernization on Alpha Earth is due to the First Light. The First Light caused a supercharged Radianite light event that changed and modernized the Earth. The flash gulped the Earth, followed by a blackout for a few hours. After power restoration, people started gaining supernatural powers and were called the Radiants.



Radianite has been a crucial substance of the future Earth since its discovery on the Alpha and Omega Earth. Currently, in the Lore, the origin story of the Radianite still needs to be discovered. Shortly after the discovery of Radianite, Kingdom Co. was able to harness the energy of radianite into a clean energy to power the systems on Alpha Earth.

However, the First Light incident caused climate collapse on the Omega Earth. To restore the climate, Kingdom Industry attacks in search of Radianite on the Alpha Earth and plants the spike to mine the Radianite in the surroundings. The gameplay of Valorant adapts from this part of the Lore; the attacking team plants the spike, and the counterpart tries to defend their world against evil.


Green-black boxes store Radianite on Alpha Earth. On the contrary, orange-black boxes show the storage of Radianite on Omega Earth. The reason behind this difference is still undiscovered, but it is speculated to be the climate difference on both the Earths.

Initially, this substance was used to channel the power into a green energy source, but later, it was discovered that it could be used to fuel the deadliest bombs on the planet and cause the destruction of life.


Radiants are supernatural individuals who gained their superpowers through the First Light event. These individuals are referred to as children of the First Light and were accepted by the people to be the saviors of Earth. There are ten radiant agents in Valorant: Jett, Astra, Reyna, Yoru, Sage, Skye, Omen, Phoenix, Neon, and Fade. Radiants are infrequent individuals with supernatural powers. Further, these radiants can be categorized into Valorant protocols as follows:

  • Duelists: Reyna, Jett, Neon, Phoenix, Yoru
  • Controllers: Omen, Astra
  • Initiators: Fade, Skye
  • Sentinels: Sage

Duelists make the most of Radiant agents, consisting of 50% of all the Radiant agents in the game. They are followed by 20% of Controllers and Initiators, while Sentinel makes up 10% of all Radiant agents. Raze is the only Duelist, not a Radiant agent, as she uses technology for her utility, like Boombot, Blastpack, Paint Shell, and Showstopper.

Valorant Protocol

The Valorant protocol is a group of individuals consisting of Radiants and non-Radiants to protect the Alpha Earth in the Valorant universe. This protocol was formed after the events of the First Light and with the primary objective of protecting Earth against evil and Radianites.

The founding members of this protocol included Brimstone and Viper, along with Omen, who played a crucial role in contacting and recruiting agents across the globe. Brimstone is the protocol leader and is taking command in the lores, while Viper is the second to him and is taking command.

Source: Valorant

Around 10 AFL, Brimstone, and Viper recruited ten agents up to Jett, including Radiant and non-Radiant individuals. Currently, there are 22 Agents in the Valorant protocol concerning patch 7.06, consisting of 6 Duelists, 6 Initiators, 5 Sentinels, and 5 Controllers.

Each agent is assigned a unique identifier from number 1 to the most current being 23. However, agent number 8 remains a mystery and has been reported absent in the Lore.

The early operations involved defusing the spike surrounded by the Radianite. Venice Mission, which involved Phoenix and Sage, was unsuccessful as they failed to meet the objective. However, Killjoy, Phoenix, and Viper had to defuse the spike for the second mission. The mission was successful, and Phoenix discovered they had counterparts from Omega Earth. Moreover, the other notable missions included Project Omega, The Journey to the Omega Nexus, etc.

Kingdom Corporation

Kingdom Corporation is a well-known company in Alpha Earth, with the core objective of channeling the power from Radianite as an energy source. They were also known as Kingdom Co., founded the Radianite in 0 YFL and were able to produce immense amounts of clean energy through it. Through Radianite, they could fulfill three-quarters of the total needs of the Earth.


Kingdom Corporation has a counterpart on Omega Earth known as Kingdom Industries. Moreover, following the events of Project Omega, they could communicate with each other and set up a research lab. However, they distrust each other and have set communication and technology exchange protocols. Furthermore, the venture was suspended after the lab radian collider was destroyed by snipers, causing a large explosion at the facility.

Venice Incident

The Rise of Venice, or the Venice incident, is the aftermath of the events of the First Light. The event occurred ten years after the First Light event (10 AFL). It is known to be the first strike from the team of Omega Earth onto Alpha Earth in a bid to steal the Radianite.

Team Omega planted the spike to steal the Radianite following the explosion of the spike. At the time of the incident, Valorant protocol used to have a solo mission for the agents. Therefore, Phoenix was chosen to save the spike from detonating, but he failed, and the spike caused a massive explosion. Moreover, due to the explosion, the city of Venice started to float around 300 feet above the ground.


During the event, Phoenix was tracking down Jett from Omega Earth with the early prototype of the spike. He lost the fight, and Omega Jett successfully planted the spike in Venice. The explosion followed all this, and Kingdom Co. was blamed for hiding potential danger from the city’s civilians and the world. Following the Rise of Venice or Venice Incident, the floating land mass above Venice City was later named Ascent.

Ascent is currently the map with two sites and one mid that was launched with patch 1.0 as a part of Valorant’s official launch. Moreover, the Valorant protocol also recruited Jett on Alpha Earth to fight the team from Omega Earth around that time. However, both the agents from Alpha Earth didn’t cross paths during their solo missions.

Mirror Earth and the Fracture


Mirror Earth, called Omega Earth in the Lore of Valorant, is an alternate version of Alpha Earth. It is believed to have been created during or after the First Light event, and in the alternate version, the climate collapsed due to the First Light event.

To restore the climate, the Valorant legion was used to send the task force to detonate the spike on the Alpha counterpart to steal Radianite. It will help Kingdom Industries regenerate the required power to fight the collapsed climate. However, to fight the collapsed climate, Kingdom Industry and the Valorant Legion worked together to create Geo-domes to ensure survival on Omega Earth.


Furthermore, they could contact Kingdom Corporation, their counterpart on Alpha Earth. Both of them worked together on trying to restore the climate on Omega Earth. One of the renowned projects was the Radian collider, which would help the Alpha and Omega Earth.

The top-secret facility, Everett-Linde Facility, was built near Diablo Canyon, New Mexico. The facility was known for its Radian collider, which was meant for the advanced study of Radianite and its particles. The facility is divided into a beautiful crosspath between both the biomes, from Alpha and Omega Earth. Alpha Earth had this lush green biome, whereas Omega Earth added the barren desert biome to the site.


An event due to Chamber from Alpha Earth and Omega Earth caused a power surge. Because of snipers, the Radian collider collapses. Moreover, this power surge on the Radian collider caused a massive explosion and caused the death of most scientists working at the facility.

Following the event, a large crater was left at the facility’s center and fractured the site. Hence, the incident site was called Fracture, referred to in the game as map Fracture. Moreover, the site was abandoned after the incident of the Radian collider, and all that was left behind was the crosspath biome from both the earths.


Valorant has a very creative lore around the game; it has become more than just an FPS game. Moreover, this Lore is now a crucial part of the game and will significantly influence the future of the game. It is useful to narrate and create the future scenarios of the game. Additionally, these backstories can help as the building blocks for future series and movies based on the Valorant universe. The Valorant universe looks promising, with numerous timelines and events for the future.

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