Starfield: How to Join the Freestar Rangers?


Life in Starfield is not just about chasing down leads on magical-looking artifacts, but it also can be about getting more involved with the society you are a part of. To make the world of Starfield more secure, there are various factions you can join. One such group is the Freestar Rangers.

Freestar Rangers is a faction in Starfield based out of Akila City, the capital city of the Freestar Collective. Akila City is on planet Akila in the Cheyenne system.

In Starfield, if The Constellation missions are your priority, then you’ll get a chance to visit Akila City early on with Sam Coe as part of the mission The Empty Nest.

But here, in this post, my focus will be on the Freestar Rangers, the elite force tasked with protecting the citizenry of the Freestar Collective, and how you can join them. The entire thing involves you first completing the Job Gone Wrong mission in Starfield. So, let’s get to it.

The first thing you need to do is land in Akila City on planet Akila in the Cheyenne System. Now, if you start the Constellation mission called ‘The Empty Nest’, you will go there with Sam Coe. But if not, you can set a course for Akila City alone too.

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What to do After Landing in Akila City?

So, you have landed in the capital of the Freestar Collective. What next? From the spaceport, make your way to the city. You will find that the security guard at the city gate will stop and warn you before entering. There is some trouble at GalBank, and you’ll be advised to stay out of the area. The orders have come directly from Marshall Daniel Blake.

What to do After Landing in Akila City?

Robbers in Galbank!

You soon learn that there has been an attempted robbery at GalBank. The robbers have taken people hostage inside the bank. The guard tells you that it is a stalemate between both sides now, and some outside help might do some good. You, of course, would offer to help, and the guard would relent and allow you to enter the Akila City area.

The Shaw Gang

GalBank is not that far from the city entrance. You will see the Marshal standing with some of the troops. You soon learn that the robbers are from the Shaw Gang, a big group that has hideouts outside the city and is into smuggling. Now that they have taken people hostage inside GalBank, they want Marshal Daniel Blake to cave in to their demands. The problem here is they won’t open a dialogue with someone with a badge.

Marshal in Starfield

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A Neutral Negotiator

Initially, Marshal Daniel Blake will be a bit reluctant to take your help, you being a total stranger, after all. But he also knows that if the matter can be resolved through talks, the robbers would only talk to someone who’s not associated with the police force, someone who is neutral. That’s where you come in.

time to negotiate with the robbers at GalBank

The Marshal knows that you have somehow appeared in the city at the right time, and that too, an outsider who’s eager to help the people trapped inside GalBank get to safety. There are high chances of him agreeing to take your help, which he will eventually do.


Talk With the Leader of the Robbers

The Marshal will, after some time, allow you to go and talk with the robbers via the intercom to know their demands and to see if the matter can be resolved peacefully.


You’ll interact directly with the leader of the robbers via the intercom.

bank robber leader in Starfield

You could choose to persuade the robbers or directly suggest to the Marshal that you could take them out or subdue them by secretly entering the bank. It is up to you.

A Job Gone Wrong

You will learn from the robber leader that they couldn’t execute the robbery properly. It was supposed to be a clean hit, but since they were seen by a guard, the job went wrong.

One thing is clear: the Marshal will not cave in to any kind of demand from the Shaw Gang, so if the persuasion fails, you’ll have to fall back upon using force against the robbers.

david blake against the GalBank robbers

When that happens, Blake will give you the key to the backdoor of Galbank so that you slip in unnoticed and do what you promised to do.

using the backdoor of GalBank - Freestar Rangers starfield

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When Talking Doesn’t Help

Sneak inside and take out all the robbers. You can take at least two of them down right from the staircase.

taking out the robbers starfield

Not many of them are there, maybe 4-5. After you have secured the area, exit through the front gate of Galbank.

killing the robbers at galbank - Freestar Rangers starfield

Congratulations, Akila City folks now think of you as a hero. And why not? You single-handedly took care of a hostage situation in GalBank without the loss of a single civilian life. Many thanks would come your way from Akila City folks like William Crowley and Marko Jansen.


“You’re Freestar Ranger material!”

Report to the Marshal. He will be glad you did the job and protected the civilians. Since you have shown combat skills and presence of mind, he would recommend you to join the Freestar Rangers. He will tell you to meet Emma Wilcox at The Rock should you choose to join the Freestar Rangers sometime in the future.

daniel blake asks you to join the freestar rangers

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Meet Emma Wilcox at The Rock

The Rock is a pub not too far from Galbank. Go there, take the stairs and meet Emma.

meeting emma wilcox at the rock

News of your heroics at GalBank has reached her, but still, she needs to test if you are Ranger material herself. Emma will then ask you to choose a mission from the Mission Board in the pub. This is her test, and you have to clear it to get recruited in the Freestar Rangers.

emma asks the player to choose a mission starfield - Freestar Rangers starfield

You’ll see that four such missions are listed there. You have to complete one. Pick anyone and complete it. It is going to be dangerous, and more shooting will be there, but the savior of lives at GalBank can handle it, can they not?

choosing a mission from the mission board freestar rangers

Time to Become a Freestar Ranger

Once you complete the mission, come back to Emma Wilcox at The Rock. She will take you to Daniel Blake upstairs.

emma wilcox talks to daniel blake

He is the one who will formally recruit you as a Freestar Ranger. You will be made a Deputy Ranger, Emma Wilcox being your superior. As for new items, you will get a pistol called DeadEye, some ammo, and a Freestar Deputy badge.

That’s it; you are a Deputy Freestar Ranger now. You can now choose to embark upon more of the missions associated with the faction.

taking the badge from daniel blake starfield - Freestar Rangers starfield

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Wrapping Up

Wait, didn’t I come to Akila City on another mission? You guessed it right. Sam Coe of The Constellation came with me along with his daughter, Cora, and we are on a quest to find another Artifact. We found the Artifact Beta before that, when Sarah Morgan accompanied me.

This is the nature of Starfield – where you’ll end up completing a lot of side missions on the way to a main quest. Truth be told, that’s the sign of a good sci-fi RPG. And, if you need a bit of credits to make your playthrough a bit easier, make sure to check out our post on how to earn money in Starfield!

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