How to Escape from Slayton Aerospace HQ and Neon | All That Money Can Buy Quest [Part-3]


In one of my ongoing Starfield sessions, I was able to secure Artifact Nu from the seller called Musgrove at the Astral Lounge while trying to complete the All That Money Can Buy quest. That was a big deal for both Walter Stroud and me; we thought that persuading Musgrove successfully at the originally agreed amount for the artifact was the hardest part of the quest. But little did we know that the questline would later take us to Slayton Aerospace HQ in Neon and we would be trapped there!

That’s what my main focus would be in this Starfield guide, where I walk you through the third and final part of the All That Money Can Buy quest. Trapped inside Nicolaus Slayton’s office, your one thought would be to figure out how to escape from Slayton Aerospace HQ located in the Trade Tower, and ultimately, from Neon.

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All That Money Can Buy: What Happens After The Artifact Nu Deal

Me and Walter were happily getting out of the Astral Lounge VIP suite with the Artifact Nu in our possession when a man stopped us in our tracks and demanded that we return Slayton Aerospace property to him. He is a Slayton Agent.

All That Money Can Buy: What Happens After The Artifact Nu Deal

The Artifact Nu? A Slayton Aerospace property?

Oh, so Slayton is the original owner of the artifact, and Musgrove stole it from him? We never saw this problem cropping up.

But we bought Artifact Nu from Musgrove; it was a legit buy, and we didn’t do anything wrong from our end. We didn’t know Musgraove had stolen it from Nicolaus Slayton. We also hadn’t told him to steal it on our behalf. But Nicolaus Slayton does not know this. He needs to know the truth. But before that, we need to get this Slayton representative off our backs. And how do we do that? By persuasion.

How to Persuade the Slayton Agent Successfully

To persuade the Slayton Agent into letting you go peacefully with the Artifact Nu, first choose this option from the dialogue box –

How to Persuade the Slayton Agent Successfully

I wanted to sort things out with him without resorting to violence. That’s the reason I went with the first comment in the dialogue box. However, the Slayton Agent will put a legit point forward: that the artifact was his boss’ property.

slayton agent refuses - all that money can buy quest

Now you have to tell him that Mr. Nicolaus Slayton did not understand what he had, and The Constellation would be happy to share its secrets with him if he lets us go.

persuading slayton agent

The agent will be somewhat mollified by your response.

slayton agent agrees

Next, you have to show him that Neon Security is on your side. He surely wouldn’t want it to get messy and let the news about the artifact spread.

bringing neon security into the mix - all that money can buy quest

He would see the sense in refraining from creating trouble for you two inside the Astral Lounge. The mention of Neon Security would work like a charm.

slayton agent reluctantly agrees to let go

And he will step aside and let you go, but not without a warning.

slayton agent warning - all that money can buy quest

Congrats, you have him off your back now. Persuasion successful! But the Slayton Agent would warn you that getting out of the Astral Lounge does not mean Slayton is appeased.

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➡️ Bounty On Your Heads: Trouble Is Here To Stay

When you reach the dance floor in the Astral Lounge, you will meet Issa Eklund. She will tell you both that Slayton has put a bounty on our heads, and also impounded our spaceship at the spaceport. You can’t get out of Neon now.

Bounty On Your Heads: Trouble Is Here To Stay - all that money can buy quest

Walter would suggest talking it out with him. Issa thinks Slayton might be in his office at the Trade Tower itself, the same building that has the Stroud-Eklund office.

walter stroud wants to talk to Nicklaus slayton - all that money can buy quest

Our next stop is Slayton Aerospace HQ. You just have to take the lift from outside the Astral Lounge.

Persuade Ryleigh at Slayton Aerospace HQ

Ryleigh, the receptionist at the Slayton Aerospace office, will be a bit challenging to tackle. We are here to make an appointment with Mr. Slayton, and she won’t be willing to give you a slot.

Persuade Ryleigh at Slayton Aerospace HQ - all that money can buy quest

To get her to your side, begin by choosing this option-

persuading ryleigh slayton receptionist starfield

Then, go for this option –

talking about slayton to ryleigh - all that money can buy quest

You need to give her some facts to convince her. Ergo, go with this option-

"i wouldn't be here if slayton hadn't impounded my ship" - starfield

That would do it. You have successfully persuaded her. She would ask you to take the elevator.

➡️ The Surprise Inside The Elevator

You and Walter will get in the elevator, thinking of clearing things out with Slayton. But he will cause the elevator to stop at a different level. You would also hear his voice inside the lift, and his tone would be accusatory. He really is in a bad mood. Seems like he didn’t like the idea of you two coming down to his office.

slayton doesn't want to talk - all that money can buy quest

➡️ The Help

Suddenly, Issa Eklund’s voice will break through. She’s managed to grease the palm of someone at Slayton Aerospace and thus has been able to patch into their comms network. She would suggest that you and Walter both follow her instructions to the letter if you want to get safely out of Neon.

issa helps walter stroud and player - starfield - all that money can buy quest

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Follow Issa’s Instructions

You’ll have to travel through secret passageways where you can’t be seen. For this, first you have to get inside a vent.

Follow Issa's Instructions - all that money can buy quest

In the end, you would drop inside a room and may have to fight off some of the security people and robot dogs at Slayton Aerospace (this is optional).

getting out of slayton aerospace hq

Once they are dead, make way for the door that leads to outside. You’ll have to climb up the Trade Tower now.

climbing the trade tower starfield - all that money can buy quest

➡️ Pro Tip

You could do without shooting and killing at this point in the game and escape to the outside of the Trade Tower just by being stealthy and doing what Issa says, when she says. I’m talking about hoodwinking the security personnel and the robot dogs.

Confront Nicolaus Slayton

Take out the Slayton Security people, those on the roof outside and on the balcony of the Tower.

Confront Nicolaus Slayton

Then, enter the Slayton Aerospace HQ again. Issa will help you get directly to where Slayton is by calling in an elevator whose roof you need to walk on and cross through.

Slayton will be there on the first floor along with his security guys.

finding nicolaus slayton and his guards - all that money can buy quest

You could choose to talk with him. He would reveal that he’s captured Musgrove and would give you the choice to decide his fate. That is one way to approach the game.

But in my case, I had been shooting my way out of the office, and when I saw the red bar on the armed security guard standing next to Slayton, I opened fire, thinking that if I crossed over the lift and came inside the room, they would start shooting at us. That ended with everyone on the opposite team, including Slayton, dead.

nicolaus slayton dead - all that money can buy quest

I found Musgrove in the next room, but I had to unlock a door to get to him.

Someone had already shot him. He lay there inside the room, injured.

finding musgrove

You don’t have to kill him. Just let him go and live with his crime.

freeing musgrove starfield

Slayton Aerospace HQ: The Loot

There is some good loot in Slayton’s office. Get that. By that, I mean the wine bottles too.

Slayton Aerospace HQ: The Loot - all that money can buy quest

There is a contraband cache you could try to unlock.

contraband stache slayton starfield

The industrial crate could get you an epic-tier item.

rapid rescue axe starfield

After you have snuffed out the lives of all the security guards on that level, their armory will have a lot of useful stuff like a weapon case, weapon racks, etc. You may loot those too. Make sure to loot the dead bodies of the Slayton guards as well, if you want to earn money fast in Starfield!

weapon rack slayton hq

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Escape From Slayton Aerospace HQ

The funny thing is that after I killed Slayton, the security people in the lobby room had no idea of what happened and just let me and my team pass through. They are bitter towards me, but don’t know about the shootout that happened above!

Escape From Slayton Aerospace HQ - all that money can buy quest

Escape From Neon

Your ship will be waiting for you at the spaceport. Board it and leave Neon. If you or Walter had to kill Slayton, then it wouldn’t feel like a great experience to talk about. Things did really go south in Neon. The good thing is that both of you are leaving Neon in one piece, with the Artifact Nu.

Escape From Neon

➡️ The Starborns!

And that’s how all the action ends for the All That Money Can Buy quest in Starfield. Money got you the Artifact Nu, but you had to go through a lot of unpleasantness on Neon. Thanks to Walter Stroud’s wife, Issa Eklund, both of you managed to escape from Neon with the artifact. Yet, another, bigger drama is waiting for you as soon as you take off.

As soon as you reach space, a ship of unknown make will order you to surrender the artifact to them. The flyers would call themselves The Starborn. According to them, you are not worthy to possess the artifacts!

the starborn starfield

You have two options: to grav jump quickly and escape or fight off the ship.

My advice: you worked so hard to get the artifact, so just get to The Lodge and evade a fight at this point.

Plus, you have no idea how strong their ship is, so if there is an option that leads you to notify your Constellation buddies about the Starborns, it’s best that you take it. Get to know something about your enemy first.

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The Lodge: Add Artifact Nu to the Collection

Back at The Lodge, an emergency meeting would be called. Add the artifact to the Collection, however, to complete the questline.

The Lodge: Add Artifact Nu to The Collection - all that money can buy quest

The Constellation has to look into the mystery of the Starborn. Barrett thinks they are aliens. Sam does not. There is a lot that needs investigation now. We will try to uncover the truth about the Starborns soon. For now, I’ve got more artifacts to collect.

Wrapping Up

That was quite the adventure, wasn’t it? Well, it seems like nothing in Starfield can ever go truly straightforward. Now, with the addition of this new group called the Starborns, things have taken a more delicate and intricate turn. Nonetheless, we’ll uncover their secrets soon enough!

For other artifacts in Starfield, you can check out our guides for Artifact Zeta and Artifact Iota as well!

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