How to Utilize and Tame Pigs in Minecraft | Build a Pig Farm


Pigs are wonderful passive mobs in Minecraft. Their round shape, pink skin, and small eyes set them apart. Pigs are a valuable resource for players as they provide a renewable food source in the form of raw pork chops when killed. They can be found in a variety of biomes, including plains and forests, and are commonly found in small groups. Players can use carrots to breed pigs and produce a population that can later be harvested for meat.

Pigs can also be ridden using a saddle, making them one of the few rideable animals in the game. Their fun and distinctive appearance makes them a beautiful feature of the Minecraft world, providing both practical utility and a farm-like environment to the diverse game world.

This post will guide you through the methods of taming pigs and building a pig farm in Minecraft. Learn how to handle and ride these clipped creatures that will add great flair to your gaming experience.

Steps to Tame Pigs in Minecraft

Taming a pig in Minecraft is a simple process that requires using the appropriate items to gain their trust and follow you. Follow these step-by-step instructions to tame a pig effectively.

➡️ Collect Carrots

Before you start, make sure you have a carrot in your inventory. Carrots are an essential part of domesticating pigs.

➡️ Find the Pigs

find the pigs

Find a herd of pigs in a biome such as plains, forests, or villages. Pigs are often seen roaming around these places.

➡️ Go Towards the Pigs

Approach the pigs calmly. make sure not to startle them with fast movements or loud noises.

➡️ Hold the Carrot

hold the carrot

Hold the carrot in your hand while it is selected in your hotbar.

➡️ Feed the Pig

While holding the carrot, right or left click (depending on your platform) on the pig. The pig will eat the carrot in your hand.

➡️ Tame the Pig

tame pig

After feeding the carrot, you’ll notice a heart above the pig’s head. This means that the pig has been tamed and now trusts you.

Congratulations! You have successfully tamed a pig in Minecraft.

NOTE: A tamed pig will now stick near you. You have some control over its movement, but it’s not as sensitive as other mob tames like dogs or cats.

Steps to Breed Pigs in Minecraft and Start a Pig Farm

In Minecraft, starting a pig farm involves building an environment where pigs can breed, reproduce and provide you with resources. Here’s an easy guide to get started.

#1. Fence the Area to Build the Farm

fence pigs

Choose a suitable location for your pig farm. To keep pigs safe and prevent them from wandering off, create an area with fences, gates, or walls.

#2. Provide a Water Source

water source for pigs in Minecraft

Place water troughs or a water source block in each pen. Pigs require water hydration, which will also help create a more realistic farm.

#3. Tame Pigs in Minecraft

Start by taming a few pigs using the method described above. Pigs that have been tamed will follow you and become an essential part of your farm.

#4. Breed the Pigs

breed pigs

Feed the domesticated pigs carrots to start the breeding process. To feed them, right-click or press the corresponding button (depending on your platform) while holding the carrot. When they are fed, a heart will appear above their head, and soon a newborn piglet will be born.

#5. Harvest the Pork Chop

pork chop harvesting Minecraft

As your pigs mature, you can use your weapon to harvest them for raw pork chops. This will ensure a constant supply of food.

#6. Expand Your Farm

Consider increasing the number of pens and introducing more pigs as your pig farm grows. You can also use Redstone-powered machines to automate farming tasks like harvesting carrots.

How to Ride a Pig in Minecraft?

Riding a pig in Minecraft can be an enjoyable and fulfilling endeavor. Here’s how to do it.

➡️ Get a Saddle

saddling a pig in Minecraft

To ride a pig, you will first need a saddle. Players can discover saddles as relatively uncommon equipment within dungeons, temples, mine shafts, and strongholds. Villages offer the opportunity to trade for saddles, while fishing and defeating mobs can also yield them as loot.

➡️ Mount the Pig

mount the pig Minecraft

With the saddle equipped, approach the pig and right-click on it again (or use the appropriate button on the platform). Your character will automatically mount the pig and sit on it.

➡️ Ride the Pig

You won’t have direct control over the pig as you do with other riding species like horses. Pigs, on the other hand, are a bit more unpredictable. They will walk on their own, but you can control their path by holding the carrot on the stick.

➡️ Use the Carrot on the Stick Method

carrot on a stick Minecraft

Make a carrot on a stick using a fishing rod and a carrot to lead a pig. You can control the movement of the pig by holding down the right mouse button (or the appropriate button on your platform) and pointing it in the direction you want the pig to go. The pig will follow the carrot on a leash.

What Food Items Do Pigs Eat in Minecraft?

food for pigs in Minecraft

Pigs may be fed and produced in Minecraft using carrots, potatoes, and beets. These food items are necessary for taming and breeding pigs. Holding these objects in your hand and right-clicking the pig will force it to consume the food, which could release hearts and tame them. Breeding pigs with these meals also promotes piglet production.


Learning how to use and tame pigs in Minecraft provides practical benefits as well as fun. Tamed pigs offer companionship and bring reality to your virtual world. Their reproductive ability supports the development of busy pig farms and maintains a steady supply of food and resources.

Tamed pigs can accompany you on your travels through different Minecraft landscapes and enrich your experience. You can develop a vibrant farming operation that not only feeds you but also enhances the rich and dynamic environment of Minecraft using effective pig farming techniques.

Like pigs, horses can also be tamed and used in the game. So, check out our guide on how to breed horses in Minecraft to know more!

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