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A piston is a flexible and fundamental mechanical block in Minecraft with numerous applications in Redstone building and gameplay. It functions as a small, extended tool that can push or pull nearby blocks, which lets players build complex contraptions and automated systems. Redstone can drive pistons signals directly or indirectly via other components such as Redstone torches, repeaters, or comparators. They are classified as standard pistons, sticky pistons, and observer pistons, which respond to block updates. 

The advent of pistons transformed Minecraft by allowing the creation of secret doors, trap mechanisms, elevators, farms, and other structures. Because of their mechanics, they serve as a foundation for players to create intricate Redstone devices, enabling creativity within the game’s virtual world.

This article shows how to make and use Minecraft pistons, as well as answers frequently asked questions. Continue reading for an in-depth look into piston design and application.

Materials Required to Make a Piston in Minecraft

The following items are required to craft a piston in Minecraft.

➡️ Wooden Planks

wooden planks minecraft

You will need three wooden planks of any kind (oak, birch, spruce, jungle, acacia, or dark oak). Placing wooden logs on the crafting table will yield wooden planks. Simply place a wooden log in any position on a 3×3 grid to get four wooden planks of the same type of wood.

➡️ Cobblestone


You will need four pieces of Cobblestone. In Minecraft, players can acquire cobblestone by mining ordinary stone blocks, which are usually located underground or on mountain slopes.

➡️ Iron Ingot

iron ingot

You will need one Iron Ingot. Smelt iron ore in a furnace to produce iron ingots. Miners usually locate iron ore underground and extract it using a rock pick or a more advanced tool.

➡️ Redstone Dust

redstone dust

You will need one piece of redstone dust. Mining ore blocks create redstone dust that can be found deep underground. When you mine redstone ore, it releases redstone dust that you can collect.

➡️ Slimeball (For Sticky Piston)


You will need one slimeball. Slimes, enemy cube-shaped creatures located in specific game areas like swamps or dungeons, drop slimeballs.

Steps to Make a Piston in Minecraft

Here is a step-by-step tutorial for making a piston in Minecraft.

#1. Gather the Required Materials

Before you start creating the piston, make sure you have all the necessary materials listed above.

#2. Open the Crafting Table

To open the crafting table, access the desktop and right-click on it. Materials will be arranged on a 3×3 grid on the crafting table.

#3. Place the Items on the Crafting Table

piston recipe

At the crafting table, place three wooden planks in the first row. Place an Iron Ingot in the center slot of the middle row, then fill the remaining slots in the middle row with four cobblestones, and finally, place Redstone Dust in the center slot of the bottom row.

#4. Collect the Piston

When you arrange all the items correctly, a piston icon will appear in the crafting result field. Simply drag the piston from the crafting table to your inventory.

How to Make a Sticky Piston in Minecraft

sticky piston recipe

In Minecraft, combine 1 piston and 1 slimeball in a crafting table to make a Sticky Piston. Using the procedures outlined above, construct a piston. By defeating slimes, you can obtain a slimeball. Open the crafting table interface, position the piston in the middle slot of the middle row, and place the slimeball beneath it. Take the created Sticky Piston and put it to use in various Redstone-powered contraptions.

How to Use a Sticky Piston in Minecraft

Follow these steps to use Sticky Piston in Minecraft.

➡️ Location

Right-click (or the appropriate key for your platform) to place the sticky piston on the appropriate surface. The flat end of the plunger should point in the direction you want it to extend.

➡️ Power Source

sticky piston and redstone

Connect the sticky piston to the Redstone signal to provide electricity. You can get this using Redstone Dust, Torches, Buttons, Levers, Pressure Plates, or any other Redstone component.

➡️ Extend and Retract

When activated, the sticky piston extends and pushes any block directly in front of it. When the piston retracts, it retains attachment to a solid surface if the block presses against it. The connected block is then pulled back as the power to the Redstone is deactivated, causing the piston to retract.

➡️ Automation and mechanisms

Create numerous devices using the sticky piston’s ability to move and hold blocks. Hidden entrances, trap doors, elevators, mechanized farms, and other devices fall into this category.

➡️ Block Interactions

Sticky pistons can interact with blocks by pushing and pulling doors, stairs, railings, and even entities like minecarts and boats.

NOTE: Remember that proper Redstone connections are required for the piston to function correctly. Experiment with different settings to get the results you want and get creative with sticky pistons in your Minecraft projects.


#1. Can sticky pistons be crafted with honey in Minecraft?

Sticky pistons in Minecraft cannot be made using honey. They are crafted using regular pistons and slimeballs. Honey has different uses, such as crafting honey blocks. 

#2. Can sticky pistons move obsidian?

In Minecraft, sticky pistons cannot move obsidian. Pistons, whether regular or sticky, cannot move obsidian due to its immovability. The hardness and structural properties of obsidian render it impervious to piston mechanics, making it one of the blocks that cannot be pushed, pulled, or manipulated.

#3. Can you make a sticky piston with magma cream?

You cannot craft sticky pistons with magma cream in Minecraft. Craft sticky pistons by combining regular pistons with slimeballs. While magma cream finds its use in crafting potions and fire-resistant items, it’s the slimeballs that play a crucial role in creating sticky pistons.


To sum up, making a piston in Minecraft is a simple process that combines common materials and inventiveness. By arranging three wooden planks, four cobblestones, one iron ingot, and one redstone dust in a specific pattern within the crafting table, players can create this versatile component. Pistons serve as essential tools for automation, machinery, and creative projects, letting players interact with the game world in creative ways. Understanding the recipe and its potential applications empowers players to harness the power of pistons, enhancing their gameplay experience and allowing them to craft intricate contraptions limited only by their imagination.

Since pistons can be used to make secret doors in the game, you should also check out our guide on how to make a door in Minecraft!

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