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Paper is a useful resource in Minecraft that can be used for a variety of purposes. In order to craft paper in Minecraft, players must collect and process Sugar Cane. They must get near bodies of water where Sugar Cane is common vegetation.

Players’ options in the game are increased by crafting paper through careful harvesting and processing of Sugar Cane. Paper is an essential material for budding builders and explorers in the pixelated world, whether they’re using it to create maps to explore the vast world of Minecraft or crafting magical books to upgrade their tools and weapons.

So, actively utilize paper as a flexible resource in Minecraft, as it can be used in a variety of recipes, including banners, books, maps, and fireworks. These items have the potential to greatly enhance exploration, gameplay, and aesthetics, especially when used in tandem with the Elytra for exciting flight experiences.

Materials Required to Make Paper in Minecraft

You will need the following resources to craft paper in Minecraft.

➡️ Sugar Cane

Materials Required To Make Paper in Minecraft Sugarcane

The main material used to make paper in Minecraft is Sugar Cane. You can actively find them thriving near water, including rivers, lakes, and even small ponds.

➡️ Crafting Table

Materials Required To Make Paper in Minecraft Crafting Table

To make paper in Minecraft, players require access to a crafting table. You can actively combine four identical wooden planks in a 2×2 production grid to create a work table.

Steps to Make Paper in Minecraft

Once you have the materials you need, use the following steps to craft paper in Minecraft.

#1. Find the Sugar Cane

Steps To Make Paper In Minecraft finding sugarcane

In plains or swamp biomes, look for Sugar Canes growing near water sources such as rivers, lakes, or even small ponds. The Sugar Canes are about three blocks tall and have a distinctive appearance.

#2. Sugar Cane Harvesting

Break the central block of Sugar Cane with any tool, either your hands or an axe. The top two blocks become objects as a result.

#3. Collect Sugar Cane

Steps To Make Paper In Minecraft Collecting sugarcane

Collect enough Sugar Cane products to make the appropriate amount of paper. You will need at least three Sugar Canes to craft one piece of paper, as each one drops one item.

#4. Craft Paper

Steps To Make Paper In Minecraft crafting paper

Open the inventory crafting grid or crafting table. As seen in the image above, arrange the Sugar Cane objects in a horizontal row across the bottom row of the 3×3 grid. When everything is set up correctly, three pieces of paper will appear in the output box.

#5. Collect Paper

Drag the paper from the crafting table into your inventory. If you need more paper, repeat the process.

Ways to Make Paper in Minecraft Without Harvesting Sugar Cane

You can actively harvest and process Sugar Cane to make paper in Minecraft, which is also the primary and most reliable method. However, if Sugar Cane is not readily available or present in your game, there are other ways listed below to obtain paper.

➡️ Trading with Villagers

Find a village with residents who are librarians. Villagers who work in libraries can trade paper as one of their options. Furthermore, they will trade you for paper in exchange for emeralds.

➡️ Loot Chest

Ways To Make Paper In Minecraft Without Harvesting Sugarcane Loot Chest

Explore different buildings such as mine shafts, fortresses, dungeons, or temples. You could occasionally find loot chests with paper, among other rare items.

➡️ Fishing

Ways To Make Paper In Minecraft Without Harvesting Sugarcane Fishing

In Minecraft, you can catch trash along with paper once in a while fishing. Although this might be a less reliable strategy, if luck is on your side, it can still give you the occasional paper.

Uses of Paper in Minecraft

Paper can be used in various crafting activities and recipes in Minecraft. Here are some of the main uses of paper in the game with its recipes so you can use these crafts in your Minecraft builds.

#1. Creating Books

Uses of Paper In Minecraft

Paper is an important part of book production. Building shelves that can increase the power of ranged spells requires books. You can also actively use them to create enchanted books, which are utilized for enchanting tools, armor, and weapons. To create a book in Minecraft, place 3 pieces of paper in the middle row of the crafting grid and 1 leather on the bottom row. The book will appear in the result field.

#2. Making Maps

Uses of Paper In Minecraft Making maps

Map-making involves the use of paper. Besides, players can create maps that auto-fill as they explore different parts of the Minecraft world, using a combination of paper and a compass in the workbench. Maps can be upgraded and expanded to include more paper for a more accurate representation of the terrain. Therefore, to make maps in Minecraft, fill the outer edges of the crafting grid with 8 pieces of paper, leaving the center empty. Place one compass in the center slot of the crafting grid. A map will appear in the result field.

#3. Creating Banner Pattern

Uses of Paper In Minecraft

Colorful banners are made of paper. So, players can create distinctive shapes and patterns on the banners by mixing the paper with different colored dyes and other materials. This allows players to customize their decorations.

To make a banner pattern in Minecraft, put 1 piece of paper in the top row left column and 1 enchanted golden apple in the top row middle column, as shown in the image above.

#4. Production of Fireworks

Uses of Paper In Minecraft producing fireworks

Fireworks are made of paper, which is a key ingredient. Players can create fireworks with different colors and effects by mixing paper with gunpowder and other materials. Also, these fireworks can be set off to create spectacular spectacles or to celebrate. 

To make fireworks in Minecraft, actively fill the middle bottom slot of the crafting grid with 1 piece of paper. Insert one piece of gunpowder into the center slot of the production grid. Additionally, you can fill the remaining holes of the grid with other materials, such as colors, fireworks, and special effects. A rocket firework will appear in the result field.

#5. Trading

Paper is a highly sought-after item when dealing with village librarians. They often include a request for paper in their trade offers. Players can gain access to more valuable items and resources in exchange for giving them paper.


Making paper in Minecraft is a skill that may be mastered for an infinite number of uses. Therefore, players can access a variety of purposes by taking the easy procedures to harvest sugar cane and make the item. This versatile can actively enhance gameplay and customization in various ways, such as making flags, books, maps, and amazing pyrotechnics. Players may explore, trade, and customize their Minecraft adventures by embracing the power of paper.

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