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Lanterns in Minecraft are a useful light source for players to light up their virtual world. They are ideal for homes, villages, and caves, as they generate a pleasant ambient light that adds a cozy atmosphere to structures.

The flexibility of lanterns is greater than that of torches in Minecraft since they can be set on the ground for portable lighting or hung from the ceiling to provide ambient overhead lighting. They are ideal for biomes with snow as they do not melt snow or ice.

This article is going to walk you through the process of crafting a cool lantern in Minecraft. We will also explore the various kinds of lanterns in Minecraft and discover their unique features and functions.

Types of Lanterns in Minecraft

“Lantern” and “soul lantern” are the two basic types of lantern in Minecraft. These lanterns will add atmosphere and functionality to your Minecraft world by acting as both aesthetic accents and useful light sources.

➡️ Lantern

Types of Lantern in Minecraft

Regular lanterns are adaptable light sources that emit a soothing glow. It can be made using a torch and iron nuggets. Lanterns are a popular option of light source for structures in Minecraft. You can put them on floors and walls, and you can also add chains to the lanterns to hang them from high ceilings. They are also a fantastic replacement for conventional torches as they do not melt snow or ice, making them ideal for freezing biomes.

➡️ Soul Lantern

Types of Lantern in Minecraft

The unique blue flame differentiates the soul lamp from the standard lamp. It’s perfect for haunted houses, scary buildings, or Nether-themed regions, as it adds a magical and unsettling atmosphere to your surroundings. You will need soul sand or soil, a soul torch or torches, and soul materials to craft a soul lamp.

Materials Required to Make a Lantern in Minecraft

Given below are the materials you require to make a lantern in Minecraft.

➡️ Iron Nuggets

Materials Required to Make Lantern in Minecraft

Iron tools, armor, or iron ore are smelted into iron nuggets using a fuel in a furnace.

➡️ Torch

Steps to Make a Torch in Minecraft

You can make torches in Minecraft from a stick and a piece of coal or charcoal. Torches can also be found in places such as dungeons, caves, and mine shafts in the underworld of the game.

➡️ Crafting Table

Materials Required to Make Chest in Minecraft

To build a crafting table, open a 2×2 crafting grid and insert four wooden planks into each hole.

Steps To Make a Lantern in Minecraft

Use the methods below to create a lantern in Minecraft.

#1. Collect Materials

Gather the required materials listed above to craft a lantern in Minecraft.

#2. Open the Crafting Table

Right-click on a placed crafting table to access the 3×3 crafting grid.

#3. Place the Items on the Crafting Table

Steps To Make a Lantern in Minecraft

Place a torch in the center of the grid, then fill the remaining spaces with iron nuggets in the crafting grid.

#4. Collect the Lantern

When all the pieces are in the right places, the output in the result field will be a lantern.

#5. Place the Lantern

Right-click on the ground or any other surface in the Minecraft world and place the lamp after selecting it from your hotbar.

Various Uses of Lanterns in Minecraft

Here are all the uses of the lantern in Minecraft. Lanterns give players many uses and offer various advantages in Minecraft, thus making them a great addition to any environment.

#1. Light Source

Various Uses of Lantern in  Minecraft

A reliable and attractive light source illuminates the space around the lantern. They emit a warm glow that will give your buildings and structures a homely atmosphere.

#2. Decoration

Various Uses of Lantern in  Minecraft

You can use lanterns as decorative items to improve the mood in your world. They are available in two alternative designs – the standard lantern and the soul lantern.

#3. Versatility

Lanterns can be hung from high ceilings or even as decor on the walls and even the ground. Their adaptability makes them useful for different architectural designs and conditions.

#4. Perfect for Cold Biomes

Various Uses of Lantern in  Minecraft

When placed close, torches do not melt snow or ice like torches. They are, therefore, ideal for lighting snowy biomes without changing the terrain.

#5. Mob Repellent

Lantern light helps prevent enemy mobs from spawning nearby and causing trouble. They can be used to create a safer atmosphere around your base or community.

#6. Nether-themed Builds

Various Uses of Lantern in  Minecraft

With the addition of an ominous blue flame, the Soul Lantern variation is perfect for Nether-themed projects, haunted houses, and other haunted structures.

#7. Aesthetic Lighting

Various Uses of Lantern in  Minecraft

Pathways, garden lighting, street lighting, and other imaginative uses of lanterns can add a pleasant look to your surroundings.

#8. Exploration aid

Lanterns can be used while traveling to dark areas, such as the mine shafts or the caves underground. They act as temporary light sources and help players not lose their way.


➡️ How do you make colored lanterns in Minecraft?

To make colored lanterns, combine a standard lantern with your preferred dyes on a crafting table or in your inventory’s crafting grid. 

➡️ Are lanterns better than torches in Minecraft?

Players usually prefer lanterns over torches in Minecraft due to their flexible nature, classy look, and their ability to be placed on a number of surfaces like snow and rooftops. They are also ideal for winter biomes because they do not melt snow or ice.


In conclusion, lanterns in Minecraft have progressed into a valued and key component of the game. They enrich the player experience with both practical and aesthetic appeal. They are adjustable and ideal for lighting structures and landscapes. Soul lanterns are a new addition to Minecraft. They look very similar to the regular lantern but have a blue glow which is perfect for Nether-themed builds. Their non-melting properties in biomes with snow only add to their charm. Players can make their virtual world look very unique and intriguing just by adding lanterns to it, whether for safety or spicing up creative builds.

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