How to Make Coins Rain in FC 24?


EAFC 24 has been in the headlines since its September 2023 launch. The game is nothing less than bliss for all the football fans. Keeping the glitches and bugs aside, we can say that the game has all the elements that can captivate any gamers who are even a little bit into the sport. The most loved feature of EAFC is the Ultimate Team mode, where you have the capability to create a team of your favorite players (from different clubs, countries, and leagues). But to do that, you need to make coins in FC 24 that will help you purchase packs.

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You can make coins in EAFC through multiple ways, of which the most prominent ones are trading, playing the matches, and getting done with tradeable SBCs (Squad Building Challenges). if you are beginning your journey with EAFC and have negligible experience with the past editions, then this post is for you. Here, we have tried to mention all the ways you can adopt to make coins in FC 24, and we’ll explain each one of them in detail.

But before starting with all that, we would like to bust a myth (and stay away from clickbait): there is no way you can make coins in FC 24 without grinding and dedicating a decent amount of hours. The only way out is to purchase FIFA points (which can cost you an arm or leg) and then unpack packs that come with tradeable rewards. Other than that, there are slow and steady ways that are heavily rewarding in the long run.

How To Make Coins in FC 24 From the Transfer Market?


Getting to understand the transfer market of FC 24 is one of the most promising ways to make a decent amount of coins in no time.

  • What you can do in the first place is get your playing 11 and subs sorted and then look out for the tradeable players that you are left with.
  • Now, visit the transfer market and compare the prices of the players you have, with other cards (of the same player, and same edition) in the market.
  • Come back, decide a Buy It Now and starting price for the player (make sure the Buy It Now price is lesser than other cards of the player in the market).
  • List your player on the transfer market and wait for someone to buy it.
listing a player in the UT FC 24 market

Note: Keep the duration of the card not more than three hours, as this makes your card show up in the first few places, and it has worked for us every time.

In case you have a card that could not make decent money in the transfer market, then you also go for the quick sell option. However, keep in mind that the quick sell value could be near to (or even) less than half of what you can make on the transfer market. For example, I packed a Hugo Sanchez Base Icon card that has a quick sell value of around 66,000 coins but fetches up to 1,50,000 coins (at the least) in the transfer market of the game.

How To Make Coins in FC 24 by Sniping Filters?

sniping filters in FC 24

This one is a sure-shot way of trading to make coins in FC 24. For this, you need to have a more advanced level of knowledge of the UT transfer market. Just keep an eye on the prices of the players with different ratings, leagues, clubs, and nations. The main objective of sniping is to get the steal deals, which means purchasing a high-performing card listed recently at a lower price and then selling the same card at a higher price.

For example, If the actual price of Harry Kane (90) is 52,000, then you can easily snipe him around 47,500 (and if you get lucky, around 45,000). But to do that, you need to set sniping filters on the card by typing the player name and limiting the Max Buy Now price to 47,500.

If there’s no luck, then you can keep increasing the price until you get the card available at a lower price than the market price. The only thing this method requires is that you have to be lightning quick so that no one else buys out the lower-priced players before you.

How To Make Coins in FC 24 When the Market Crashes?

How To Make Coins in FC 24 When the Market Crashes?

FC 24 rewards are something every player waits for. And that’s the time when you get to see a lot of extraordinary cards available in the market at cheaper rates. The transfer market mostly crashes at the time when serious promo events like Black Friday, Team of the Year, and Team of the Season are live.

At these times, gamers get good tradeable players, but due to the high supply on the transfer market, these players are listed on the market at pretty low prices. Now, what you can do is purchase these players and then patiently wait for the right time.

And as soon as the cards hit a better market value, sell them. This method is something that can make you a lot of coins, but you also have to consider the time factor combined with it and avoid any hasty move.

How To Make Coins in FC 24 by Below BIN Trading?

How To Make Coins in FC 24 by Below BIN Trading?

The Below BIN (Buy It Now) trading method has been popular in past editions of the football simulator as well. This method starts with you checking the Buy It Now price of a particular player on the transfer market.

Here, you have to check the lowest Buy It Now price. Take note of the price average and then mass bid on the player at a price lower than that. Most probably, you’ll win a few cards of the player and then list them again on the transfer market at the average buying price.

Here, the goal is to make a minute profit on the sale of every card, resulting in considerable gains over time.

For example, if Otamendi is available in the market at an average price of 750 coins, then you can aim to buy him around 500 coins and sell him again at the average price. This way, you can make at least 250 coins in a go. Now, following the same process with a large number of players is undoubtedly the profit you want.

How To Make Coins in FC 24 With the Bronze Pack Method?

How To Make Coins in FC 24 With the Bronze Pack Method?

The Bronze Pack method is especially for beginners. In this method, you just need to visit the Ultimate Team in FC 24 and then go to the store and purchase the Premium Bronze pack. The pack is available in the game at a price of 750 coins, and all the items are tradeable.

Now, what you have to do is transfer all the players to the transfer market and compare the prices of the players with the same listed cards.

List your players on the market at a slightly lower price, and you are done already. High chances are that you will make more than what you invested (750 coins). This method is not going to make you earn a lot of coins in a single go.

But yes, you can go for this one if you are a beginner in FC 24 or you are a few bucks short of buying your favorite pack or player.

How To Make Coins in FC 24 by Playing Matches?

How To Make Coins in FC 24 by Playing Matches?

This one is a method that you will use every day in FC 24 (who buys the game to not play it?). You just need to play Ultimate Team Matches in the game in order to get coins. You will get around 400 to 700 coins for the wins in different game modes like Squad Battles, Division Rivals, Ultimate Team Draft, and more.

Out of the lot, if you are only playing to make money, then Squad Battles are your best bet; these matches are shorter than others as the halftime is four minutes.

And they reward you with a decent amount of coins in less time. On average, you can play up to 6 to 8 games in an hour, which means somewhere around 3000 coins. Now, if you are someone who spends more than a couple of hours every day, then you can easily make up to 5000 coins a day, which will result in 150,000 coins in a month.

That amount of coins will help you get the best tradeable packs in the game, further resulting in more money.

squad battles in FC24

One thing that you need to know is that you also get squad battle points for the first 32 matches. A high amount of points can make you earn additional rewards like more coins, XP, and packs as well. The highest amount of points you get in the game comes from matches played at high difficulty.

For example, if a match at the Semi-Pro level is awarding you 600 points, then the same game at the World Class level will offer somewhere around 1300 points. But don’t get greedy, as higher-difficulty matches often adjust to your gameplay.

Winning a decent amount of points and coins in a fathomable difficulty is always better than getting negligible rewards at a difficulty you cannot play properly at.

Wrapping Up

So these are the few ways that can help you make coins in FC 24. Nonetheless, you need to be patient as none of the methods can flood you with coins in a day. The methods mentioned here in the article will work for sure if executed in the right way.

And trust us when we say that your trading skills will improve with time until and unless you lose touch with it. That being said, if you are a football fanatic and want to explore more games based on it, then have a look at our list of websites to play football online.

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