How to Make Chains in Minecraft | Crafting for Function and Style!


Chains have many uses in Minecraft and present interesting possibilities for both decorative and functional purposes. This item can be made from iron nuggets. Once acquired, players can use chains in a variety of ways to improve their game.

The Nether Update introduced chains to the world of Minecraft, propelling them to the forefront as a valuable addition to player tools. As a result of the update, the game received several new features and blocks, allowing the utilization of chains to be expanded further. Chains have also established themselves in the world of aesthetics. They can be used as an architectural element to provide depth and detail to structures thanks to their unique design.

This article covers chains in Minecraft, including the steps required to create chains in the game, and highlights the many uses and potential of chains. Chains have undoubtedly become an important part of players’ Minecraft experience, enhancing minecart systems, enabling complex Redstone gadgets, and adding aesthetic value to structures.

Come explore Minecraft chains with us and explore their possibilities!

Materials Required to Make Chains in Minecraft

Make sure to collect the following resources to make chains in Minecraft.

➡️ Iron Nuggets

Materials Required To Make Chains in Minecraft Iron Nuggets

Iron nuggets can be made available by simply putting an iron ingot on the crafting table. They can also be obtained by killing specific enemies such as iron golems. The main component for making chains are these nuggets.

➡️ Iron Ingot

Materials Required To Make Chains in Minecraft Iron ingot

You can melt Iron Ore in the furnace to get Iron Ingot.

➡️ Crafting Table

Materials Required To Make Chains in Minecraft Crafting Table

Collect four wooden planks from your inventory, then place them in the grid to form a square. Once you finish crafting, you get a crafting table.

Steps to Make Chains in Minecraft

With the crafting recipe below, you can use iron nuggets to make chains in Minecraft.

➡️ Open the Crafting Table

Place the crafting table on a flat surface and right-click on it to open it.

➡️ Place the Items on the Crafting table

Steps to Make Chains in Minecraft

Place two iron nuggets in the top row, one iron ingot in the middle square of the second row, and two iron nuggets in the bottom row of the crafting table.

➡️ Drag to Inventory

The four chains can be found in the result box on the right after arranging the iron nuggets in this arrangement. Drag chains to inventory by clicking and dragging them there.

Uses of Chains in Minecraft

Chains can be used in a variety of ways in Minecraft. Here are some gaming applications for this item that showcases its versatility.

#1. Decorative Purposes

Uses of Chains in Minecraft Decorative

Players can use chains as decorative elements when constructing buildings such as towers, bridges, and dungeons. They have the flexibility to place chains vertically or horizontally, enhancing the appearance of their structures and giving visual appeal. Also, by putting together iron nuggets, a torch, and other materials in Minecraft, you can create a lantern. Place the lantern in the desired location. To attach a chain to the lamp, right-click on the bottom of the lamp. And voila! You’ve got yourself some beautiful hanging lanterns!

#2. Suspension and Support

Uses of Chains in Minecraft Support

Chains in Minecraft can be used to hang or support several types of blocks. They can support bells, lanterns, and other decorative or useful items, allowing you to create unique chandeliers or hanging arrangements. Players can also create a bridge and make banisters out of chains, as shown above.

#3. Minecart Tracks

Minecart rails can be equipped with chains, enabling the construction of higher tracks and suspension tracks. This allows you to create complex minecart systems for easier transportation over long distances or in difficult terrain.

#4. Redstone Mechanism

Chains play a crucial role in Redstone equipment and mechanisms, as players can attach them to specific blocks like lights and bells. By incorporating chains into intricate circuit designs, they can construct automatic doors, traps, or other Redstone-powered devices, thereby utilizing their functionality in various creative and practical ways.

To create a Redstone device in Minecraft, place the block vertically on top of the chain. Attach a Redstone Torch or Redstone Repeater to the side of the block where the chain is attached. This configuration allows the Redstone signal to travel vertically through the string, giving users another option to activate or power Redstone devices.

#5. Adventure Maps and Games

Uses of Chains in Minecraft Adventure maps

Adventure map creators and mini-game designers can put chains into their creations to enhance gameplay and challenge players with difficult obstacles or puzzles. By strategically placing chains throughout the map or mini-game, they can provide engaging gameplay experiences that require problem-solving skills and clever thinking from the players. Therefore, chains in Minecraft offer a useful tool for designing immersive adventures and exciting challenges within the game.

#6. Multiplayer Role Playing

Uses of Chains in Minecraft

Players can use chains to bypass restrictions or create immersive environments, such as dungeons or prison cells, in multiplayer servers or role-playing games. Chains provide a means for players to create new gameplay experiences by implementing restrictions or constructing detailed environments that add depth and immersion to the server or game world. Through the clever placement and utilization of chains, players can create unique and engaging multiplayer scenarios or role-playing settings.

#7. Collection of Resources

Fishing farms can be built using chains. Players can automate fishing by hanging a fishing rod on a chain to ensure a steady supply of fish and other valuable commodities.

Where to Find Chains in Minecraft?

You can find chains in the following places in Minecraft. However, keep in mind that their availability is not guaranteed as the game world is randomly generated. Also, if you can’t get chains naturally, you can always craft them with iron nuggets using the tutorial we’ve shown here.

#1. Mineshafts

Where to Find Chains in Minecraft? Mineshafts

Mineshafts are created underground and have various rooms, tunnels, and corridors. These areas occasionally contain wooden beams with chains attached to them.

#2. Fortresses and Strongholds

Strongholds are large caverns that house the End Portal and valuable loot. Forts sometimes have chains, usually in libraries or along crosswalks, so that’s where you have a chance to find chains.

#3. Bastions

Where to Find Chains in Minecraft? Bastions

Pigs live in bastions, which are buildings that can be found in the Nether. Some areas in the bastions, like the bridge-like paths or treasure rooms, have chains attached to the ceiling.

#4. Villages

Where to Find Chains in Minecraft? Villages

Chains in Minecraft occasionally appear in blacksmith chests in villages. You can also find other valuable items in blacksmith’s chests.

#5. Fishing

Where to Find Chains in Minecraft? Fishing

There is a small chance of finding chains by fishing in Minecraft, despite the fact that they are uncommon. Try your luck by casting a line into the body of water using a fishing rod.


In Minecraft, chains have both aesthetic appeal and a variety of uses. They prove to be valuable additions to players’ ideas, whether they craft them using iron nuggets or come across them in automatically generated dungeons, bastions, and mineshafts. Players can utilize chains to enhance their constructions, create intricate Redstone devices, and furthermore add unique details to a wide range of structures. Chains add a thrilling element to the game, allowing players to express their creativity and improve their Minecraft experience.

If you’re just starting off on your blocky adventures, check out this tutorial on how to make paper in Minecraft!

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