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It’s been around 10 years since GTA Online’s launch, but the game is still relevant due to its regular updates and fresh content. In simple terms, GTA Online is an extended version of GTA V where you get to work in groups and even create one to wreak havoc.

And to your surprise, there are multiple tasks in the online version that cannot be completed until you are a part of a crew. For example, to accomplish the criminal mastermind challenge, you need to be a part of a crew, and that too with the same players you started the mission with.

While we understand that most of you are familiar with how the crew works, a majority still need a little guidance regarding it. So, if you are someone who is looking for ways to make a crew in GTA online, then you are at the right place. Here, we will explain step by step how you can create a crew in GTA Online. But before that, we will have a look at the reasons why one should join a crew. 

Reason to Join/Create a Crew in GTA Online


➡️ Crew Actions

This is something that you are going to love for sure. To create an impact in the game and ensure you are at the top of the city gangster list, you can simply take your crew and challenge any crew before kickstarting a full-fledged war. While setting up a crew, the leaders have the authority to create a universal emote that can be used by all crew members while taunting the enemies or instigating a fight. The emote is entirely customizable, and you can choose from a plethora of options to perter your rivals in the game. 

➡️ Custom Crew Emblems

Are you even in a crew if you don’t have an emblem that makes you stand out of the crowd? Rockstar Social Club also lets you design the crew emblem for GTA Online. The most intriguing part here is that there are more than enough options to customize the whole emblem, and these designs are eye-catching. You can mix and match multiple elements to create something that has never been seen before in the game. The crew emblem could be used to be represented on multiple in-game accessories to let your rivals know from a distance regarding your crew. 

➡️ Leveling Up

Now, this could be your main reason behind joining or creating a crew. All the players in a crew get a bonus percentage of RP per job when any crew member completes it. According to the official figures, Rockstar provides 20% RP for a friend and an extra 10% RP for the crew members in GTA Online. In order to make the most out of the same, you can complete adversary modes or races with crew members to gain 2x or even 3x bonus in a single go, coupled with humongous amounts of RP. 

➡️ Crew Emblem Vehicle Deals

All the players associated with a crew will get the opportunity to wear their crew emblems while riding a vehicle. You can visit any mod shop in GTA Online and spray your crew’s logo on your cars. This is one of the multiple ways of showing off your crew in the world of Grand Theft Auto (GTA). 

➡️ Crew Sessions

Crew sessions help in systematic gameplay and conducting meetings with your crew members before taking on a rival. You can create open crew sessions in the game in order to indulge in a nail-biting encounter against your rival crew. Or you can even get into a closed crew session for healthy competition to find out who is the most experienced one in a crew. 

➡️ Fun Factor

Another thing that you are going to love while playing with a crew is the increased fun factor. Playing GTA Online with a crew will always give you a decent amount of adrenaline rush compared to playing solo. Moreover, being a part of a crew opens the door for crew-based activities in the game, where you will learn coordination and teamwork as well. 

How to Create a Crew in GTA Online?

  • First things first, you need to visit the Rockstar social club and sign in to access the exclusive stuff.
  • Now, click the hamburger menu available at the top left corner of the screen and then select the Crews option.
  • After that, you will see three options – My Crews, Search, and Emblem Editor. Click on My Crews from here. 
  • Now, you will see the New Crew page, where you can either create a crew or join one.
  • You will see the page where you can select Motto, Crew Rank Titles, and Crew Actions.
  • After making all the changes, click on the Save Crew button at the bottom. 

GTA Online Crews Ranks


You can create a crew with only your best buds in the beginning. However, as soon as you advance in the game, you will understand the need to have a bigger crew. The maximum number of crew members that one can have is 1000, which is obviously not that easy to manage and demands a lot of experience. 

These crews work on the default rank titles assigned by the Rockstar Social Club. These titles, along with ranks, are as follows:

  • Thug: 1 – 10
  • Hustler: 11 – 20
  • Solder: 21 – 30
  • Trigger: 31 – 40
  • Enforcer: 41 – 50
  • Facilitator: Rank 51 – 60
  • Public Enemy: Rank 61 – 70
  • Shot Caller: Rank 71 to 80
  • Street Boss: Rank 81 to 90
  • Kingpin: Rank 91 to 100

GTA Online Crew Internal Roles


Apart from that, there are four internal roles in every crew, including Commissioners, Lieutenants, Representatives, and Muscles. One thing that you should know is that a crew can only have one leader despite the rank and size. There, crew leaders can change their roles and even promote members based on their performance and sense of loyalty towards the group. Moving forward, we will discuss the duties and responsibilities of these internal roles in a GTA Online crew.

➡️ Commissioners

Undoubtedly, Commissioners are the most powerful ones after the crew leader. They enjoy all the perks of a leader and have to take the crew in a new direction.

➡️ Lieutenants

These members of a crew also have special privileges, but a little less than what the Commissioners enjoy. They are supposed to keep all other junior members of a crew in check. In addition, they also have to stop any kind of chaotic activity and remove rebellious activity from the crew. 

➡️ Representatives

The members in a GTA Online crew do not have any special privileges but are there for the recruitment of new members. They can simply invite other players to be a part of the Muscle or the Representative group and strengthen their crew. 

➡️ Muscle

These members are entry-level parts of a crew, and they don’t have a definite role. Nevertheless, with time, these members can be promoted to higher ranks based on their performance and image in front of crew leaders. On top of that, muscle members can also invite other members to the crew, but they cannot promote any members due to the absence of authority. 

GTA Online Crew Types


While joining or creating a crew, you also need to know which type of crew you want to be a part of. In general, there are four crews in GTA Online – Chatter Box Crews, Thrill Seeker Crews, Soldier Crews, and Rebel Crews. Here, we will understand the basic principles of all these crews and how they are going to work. 

➡️ Chatter Box Crews

Chatter Box Crews are the ones where the crew members devote most of their time indulging in social interaction. This clearly means that you will challenge other crews or hang out in social spots – popular raid locations like garages. In these type of crews, relationships and bonding with other crew members is seriously important for the success of the crew. 

➡️ Thrill Seeker Crews

As the name suggests, these crews comprise members who get into activities bound to give you an adrenaline rush. Thrill Seeker crews believe in pulling off super risky and dangerous stunts with their focus on bagging the highest wanted level or creating a scene. The most amazing part here is that GTA Online offers all the players a decent amount of chances to get all the thrill in one place and show the risk-taking capacity of their group. 

➡️ Rebel Crews

These crews have a primary goal of committing crimes and ruling the gangster table. The rebel crews are a nightmare for the good guys in the game, and they give the legal authorities in the game multiple occasions to show who rules the town. 

➡️ Soldier Crews

These crews in GTA Online are one of the most organized ones and have a systematic mechanism of working. They refrain from causing chaos in Los Santos and prefer cleaning up the mess and executing jobs without taking a step away when it comes to confrontation.

Wrapping Up

Creating a crew or joining one is not rocket science on GTA Online. Nonetheless, while adding crew members, you have to keep a check on their performance and decide if they are adding any value to the crew. Managing the crew could be difficult, so you can also take the help of players on internal roles like Commissioners and Lieutenants.

If you’re already part of a crew and want to get stronger, check out our guide on how to increase strength in GTA Online!

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