How To Make A Bowl In Minecraft in 3 Easy Steps!


In Minecraft, players have the opportunity to design and explore their own virtual environments. The game offers a wide range of opportunities for creative gamers thanks to the availability of numerous crafting recipes. 

Crafting a bowl in Minecraft is a key skill that allows you to collect and use food as well as express creativity and personal character. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the steps of making a bowl so you can extensively use your imagination while playing the game.

Using wooden logs and a crafting table, you can quickly create a bowl by following the straightforward instructions provided in this guide. 

Play around with numerous uses of bowls in your Minecraft world and let your imagination flow.

Materials Required To Make A Bowl In Minecraft

Materials Required To Make A Bowl In Minecraft

The best part of procuring a bowl is that the bowls feature a straightforward craft design that only includes three wooden planks and a work table. During the production process, 4 bowls will be produced at once. Given below are the materials required to make a bowl in Minecraft and how you can obtain them.

#1. Get two or more wooden logs🪵

Cutting down trees, which are present in almost every biome in Minecraft, with the exception of deserts and oceans, is the easiest way to get logs.

#2. Make wooden planks from the logs

After opening the survival inventory, place the logs in any available location. Drag the wooden planks that appear on the right into your inventory.

#3. Build a crafting table

Enter your survival inventory and then place wooden planks in each of the four crafting slots. To add it to your inventory, drag the crafting table that appears on the right.

Steps To Make A Bowl In Minecraft

Steps To Make A Bowl In Minecraft

Making a bowl in Minecraft is one of the simplest things you will ever accomplish, given that it serves many purposes. The simple procedures you can use in Minecraft to make a bowl are mentioned below. So why are you still waiting? Start making your first bowl right away!

#1. Open the crafting table

Place a block by performing a right-click while holding the crafting table in your hand. To open it, right-click it once more.

#2. Place wooden Logs

Put a wooden plank in the center of the bottom row, one in the leftmost position of the middle row, and one in the rightmost position of the middle row. This will produce four bowls, which will show up in the space to the right. 

#3. Obtain the Bowl

Click and drag the bowls to your inventory to obtain them.

Once you’ve made a bowl, you can use it multiple times to prepare and eat various foods. Until you lose it or drop it, it stays in your inventory and can be utilized endlessly. 

Uses of Bowls In Minecraft

Uses of Bowls In Minecraft

After successfully creating the bowl, you can now try its uses in Minecraft. When it comes to meeting your demands for food in the game, bowls are an interesting choice. The primary function of the bowl is to store different types of food. Beetroot soup, mushroom soup 🍲, rabbit stew, and suspicious stew are just a few examples of the many soups that can be prepared and consumed in bowls. The recipes to make the soup mentioned are given below.

#1. Beetroot Soup 🥣


  • 6 Beetroot
  • 1 Bowl

To craft Beetroot Soup, simply place 6 Beetroot and 1 Bowl in any crafting grid. The crafting recipe will yield 6 Beetroot Soup.

#2. Mushroom Soup 🍄


  • 1 Red Mushroom
  • 1 Brown Mushroom
  • 1 Bowl

To craft Mushroom Soup, place 1 Red Mushroom, 1 Brown Mushroom, and 1 Bowl in any crafting grid. The recipe will give you 1 Mushroom Soup.

#3. Rabbit Stew 🐇


  • 1 Cooked Rabbit
  • 1 Baked Potato
  • 1 Carrot
  • 1 Mushroom (Any type)
  • 1 Bowl

To craft Rabbit Stew, arrange the Cooked Rabbit, Baked Potato, Carrot, Mushroom, and Bowl in any crafting grid. The recipe will result in 1 Rabbit Stew.

To make these soups, have a 2×2 crafting grid or a crafting table in your inventory. Use the bowls you just created for your Minecraft culinary explorations.

You can fill the bowl with the selected food by right-clicking on the food source while holding the bowl.

In addition, the bowls can be used to decorate buildings or make other things, such as flower pots🪴. Feel free to play around with the different options and get creative when it comes to incorporating bowls into your Minecraft adventures.

Fun fact:  When you use a bowl on a mushroom, you either get suspicious stew or mushroom stew. They can also be utilized as furnace fuel. 


And that’s it! You are now aware of all the fundamental and straightforward methods outlined in this guide for creating a bowl in Minecraft.  Now that you have a bowl and you know its uses, feel free to use your imagination and play with various materials to create some interesting bowls.

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