How to Get Prismatic Jelly in Stardew Valley | Special Order Request for the Wiz


Prismatic jelly is a special monster loot that drops from the rare prismatic slimes. You’ll get prismatic jelly in Stardew Valley when you slay these slimes. What are prismatic slimes, you ask? They are elusive slimes that are special color-changing ones. The chances of encountering a prismatic slime is a mere 0.012%.

Hence, never go into the quest without adequate preparation. In this post, we discuss how to get prismatic jelly in Stardew Valley, with tips for maximizing your winning chances. Let’s start you off with some special bonus information:

  • You can wear the Burglar’s ring and get two prismatic jellies.
  • If you had encountered a prismatic slime spawn in the Quarry Mine or the Skull Cavern, and you died before killing it, you can go back on the same day to slay it a second time.

Now that we have the secret sauce, get ready to find prismatic jelly in Stardew Valley with this guide.

How to Get the Prismatic Jelly Quest


The Prismatic Jelly Quest is a special quest in Stardew Valley set by M. Rasmodius, the Wizard. Here, he sends you a mail or posts it on one of the boards. The note conveys how he wants someone to fetch him the very rare prismatic jelly from the mines!

You’ll have 7 days when the prismatic jelly quest appears on the special order board, in front of Mayor Lewis’s home. And 2 days to complete the quest if it has been sent to your personal mailbox.

How to Find Prismatic Jelly in Stardew Valley


You have to look for prismatic jelly in Stardew Valley when you slay a prismatic slime. But beware! They are truly rare.

Note: You’ll only be able to find a prismatic slime when the Wizard’s Prismatic Jelly quest is on.

In fact, if you get prismatic jelly and give it to the wizard, you’ll receive a reward of 5000 gold coins and a monster musk recipe.

➡️ Everything about Monster Musk Recipe in 3 sentences

Getting the prismatic jelly in Stardew Valley is the only way to get the monster musk recipe.

This crafted item will help you draw out more monsters in hiding. It lasts for ten minutes, and can be used in the mines, Volcano Dungeon in Ginger Island, or the Skull Cavern in Calico Desert.

If you enter a floor in the mines or in any of these places with a monster musk in your backpack, it’ll double the number of enemies you’re facing. So, better not to carry it if you’re trying to avoid monsters, huh?

Where to Find Prismatic Jelly in Stardew Valley?

Here are the three places to find prismatic jelly in Stardew Valley:

➡️ Mines


You can find prismatic jelly in the mines, near the Mountains. It’s not going to be an easy quest. They appear in levels 95 – 120. You encounter numerous monsters as you go down the levels, and the chances of encountering a prismatic slime are really low.

➡️ Quarry Mine


Now, you can also find prismatic jelly in Stardew Valley, in the Quarry Mine. This is only possible when the Quarry is unlocked after completing the Craft room bundles at the Community Center. Go to the north of the Quarry, take the ladder down to the mines, and slay a prismatic slime.

How to go to the Quarry Mine in Stardew Valley❓


Once the Boiler Room bundle is completed in the Community Center, the junimos will repair the bridge for you. Then, you can cross over to the quarry and go north to find your way to the Quarry Mine.

➡️ Skull Cavern


Moreover, you can also find prismatic jelly in Stardew Valley in the Skull Cavern of the Calico Desert. You’ll receive a skull-shaped key when you’re fighting ghosts in the deep bottom of the mines that’ll unlock the Skull Cavern, north of the bus stop in Calico Desert. Try to stay alive in the Skull Cavern. Initially, it can be really difficult as it’s monster-inflicted.

Note: If you have excess prismatic jelly after giving M. Rasmodius the jelly he asked for, they’ll disappear.

How to unlock the Skull Cavern in Stardew Valley❓


After you complete the Vault bundle by paying 43,500g at the Community Center, the bus service in Stardew Valley will be repaired. You can also find the Joja membership form to get it fixed.

Pay 500g for a ticket to Calico Desert when Pam, the driver, is present. Usually, she’s around between 9AM – 5PM. Go to Calico Desert. Keep going north and find a cave entry to the Skull Cavern.

You’ll also need the skull key to open Skull Cavern. You receive it once you reach the bottom of the mines in Stardew Valley. It’ll be stored in your wallet, and a quest will be unlocked to help you discover the importance of the key.

How to Complete the Prismatic Jelly Quest


As you can only find prismatic jelly in Stardew Valley when the Prismatic Jelly Quest is active, accepting the Wizard’s Quest will turn a few portions of special slimes into prismatic slimes. Now, it depends upon your daily luck on whether you’ll ultimately be able to slay a prismatic slime, if at all!

➡️ Check Your Daily Luck

You can know your daily luck by tuning in to the Television>Fortune Teller. Your chances of getting prismatic jelly in Stardew are increased if you receive either of these two responses:

  • The spirits are very happy today! They will do their best to shower everyone with good fortune.
  • The spirits are in good humor today. I think you’ll have a little extra luck.

➡️ Wear Your Lucky Ring


Wearing your lucky ring can increase the chances of completing the prismatic slime quest, and getting prismatic jelly in Stardew. How to get your hands on the lucky ring?

You can get a lucky ring as a monster drop in the Skull Cavern in Calico Desert, or the Quarry Mines. You can also get it by panning. So, you’ll need a copper pan for this, which can be achieved by completing the Fish Tank quest in the Community Center bundles. This will remove the glittering boulder at the bridge.

Go to the site and expect a cutscene to unfold where Willy, the Fisherman, gives you a spare copper pan to collect ores from bodies of water. In fact, you can also buy a copper pan from Willy’s Shop for 2,500 gold coins. You can put it in water and collect a lucky ring, if your daily luck’s treating you well!

➡️ Get the Special Charm from the Secret Note #20


A special charm will increase your daily luck by 0.025 from the moment it’s obtained by the player. It’ll be one of the items in your wallet that helps with the rare chances of getting prismatic jelly in Stardew Valley.

When I started playing Stardew Valley and found the cryptic secret notes, I didn’t do much with them. But, you can!

When you receive the 20th secret note that shows you directions, you can follow the directions. Treat the Town Square as the center and keep going until you hit a permanent obstacle. You’ll find a truck parked beside Joja Mart, where you’ll meet a truck driver.


He’ll ask you for a rabbit’s foot in exchange for a special charm. To know more, check out our guide to the Winter Mystery Quest in Stardew Valley!

How to get a rabbit’s foot❓

You can get rabbit’s foot after upgrading your big coop to a deluxe coop and buying some rabbits from Marnie. The chances of getting a rabbit’s foot are quite rare – like once in a month or two, if you’re lucky.

➡️ Boost Your Daily Luck With Food Items


Food, also known as daily buffs in the Stardew Valley universe, can increase your luck for a certain duration after they have been consumed. Please try to consume them when you’re in the mines, or the Quarry Mine, or the Skull Cavern. Here are the food items that can increase your chances of getting prismatic jelly in Stardew Valley:

  • Banana pudding
  • Fried eel
  • Ginger ale
  • Lucky lunch
  • Pumpkin soup
  • Shrimp cocktail
  • Spicy eel
  • Magic rock candy

While almost every other item on this list gets you +1 luck usually, a magic rock candy gives you +5 (which is the highest), and a lucky lunch gives you +3. A lucky lunch gives you nothing else than just luck, whereas a banana pudding or magic rock candy can give you increased mining, defense, speed, and attack powers.

How to Prolong the Prismatic Jelly Quest

As you know, the prismatic jelly can only be achieved when the Prismatic Jelly Quest is on in Stardew Valley. Now, what happens if you die fighting monsters in the mines, the quarry mine, or the Skull Cavern, and it’s the final day of the quest?

Well, here’s a cheat code for getting prismatic slime in Stardew Valley: Exit the game almost immediately as your character’s dying. Don’t wait until you find yourself on your bed the next day, as it’ll be too late then. Press E, exit the game, and navigate to the title or desktop.


This will make sure the progress for the day isn’t saved. You’ll have a chance to log back in, relive the same day, and go looking for prismatic jelly in Stardew Valley. Not only will it prolong your quest duration, but also you can be better prepared to slay the prismatic slime, or find one, in the first place.

Note: If you died before collecting the prismatic jelly at the Quarry mine, you can still go back and get it.

You can find it in the same spot the next day. However, this will only be applicable if the quest duration of 7 days or 2 days isn’t over.

Prismatic Jelly is a One-Time Thing

The prismatic jelly in Stardew Valley can only be found once, and it disappears if you’ve not been able to deliver it to the Wizard by 11PM. That’s also what happens if you’re lucky enough to find two prismatic jellies.

While other gamers have said this isn’t a repeatable quest, I have personally received the quest twice. I couldn’t complete it when it was on the special orders request. However, I did receive a repeat order in my mailbox several days later. However, this time, the challenge was difficult. Earlier, I was given 7 days to complete my quest. This time, I had only two.

The game might keep giving you the special order unless you have completed the Prismatic Jelly Quest. Or, you might never have a chance of getting prismatic jelly after the first time. Hence, try your best, be prepared, and do everything to maximize your chances.

Next, check out our guide on how to get the Nautilus Shell in Stardew Valley. This is another unique item that isn’t so easily found. Moreover, unlike the Prismatic Jelly, it has special uses in crafting and tailoring.

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