How to Get Pearls in Stardew Valley?


The pearl is a special and almost-rare treasure item in the Stardew Valley universe. Being a sea item, it has numerous uses that I’ll get to later. I didn’t even know you could find pearls in Stardew Valley until I came across the mermaid show and saw clamshells.

Lucky for you, I’ve rounded up all the ways in which you can find a pearl in the Stardew Valley universe. From easy ways to more complicated ones, this post mentions it all. In fact, the easiest way to get a pearl is to receive it as a gift. However, if you’re someone who’d love to harvest and sell pearls and reel in a long-term income, I’d suggest building a fish pond to have a continued supply of this rare and ingenuous item in Stardew Valley.

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Anyway, let’s take a look at all the ways in which you can get a pearl in Stardew:

Find Pearl as a Gift at the Night Market


The night market is a special winter festival that happens in Stardew Valley between the 15th Winter – 17th Winter. The night market opens at 5PM on these days, and there are numerous merchants and docks crowding the Stardew Valley beach.

Two top attractions include the Mermaid Show and the Submarine Ride. You can receive a pearl as a gift from the mermaid show if you’ve unlocked the magnifying glass and secret notes after completing the Winter Mystery Quest.

Secret note #15 reveals the secret to the pearl gift in the mermaid boat. Once you go inside, click on the clamshells in the correct sequence: 1-5-4-2-3 from left to right. You’ll earn a pearl from the Mermaid Boat.

Note: You can collect only one pearl per player from the Mermaid Show in Stardew Valley, and it’s not a repeatable quest.

Though the night market stays open until 2AM on these days, you’ll need to visit the Mermaid Boat at the far right before 12.30AM, as it closes down after that.


The Mermaid Show is all about a mermaid singing to the players, and while you can hit the same sequence year after year to hear the melody, you won’t receive any more pearls.

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Fish a Pearl at the Night Market


If you have received a pearl as a gift at the Mermaid Show already, your next best shot is to try fishing it out at the Night Market. Go for the submarine ride, and while you’re out there exploring the depths of the ocean, you’ll have a 0.4% chance of fishing out a pearl.

In fact, you can increase your chances of fishing a pearl by using the curiosity lure in Stardew Valley. What’s the curiosity lure? It’s a tackle that’ll increase your chances of finding rare and legendary fishes and special sea treasure items.

This isn’t a tackle you can purchase from Willy, the Fisherman’s Shop. It’s received as a monster loot in the Skull Cavern, the Volcano Dungeon, or the Quarry Mine.

Keep in mind that you can use the curiosity lure only if you have an iridium rod in Stardew Valley.


The first time I took the submarine ride at the Night Market in Stardew Valley, I didn’t even know you could fish in the deeper depths of the ocean. It wasn’t until my Year 2 in the game that the opportunity presented itself again.

So, don’t miss your chance to fish rare varieties once you hit the bottom of the ocean. You can start fishing then. It usually takes 30 odd minutes to reach the bottom, and a bar on the right of your screen will show you your current depth and position.

Remember to carry your fishing rod and curiosity lure tackle (if you have it) on the submarine ride. It should cost you 1000 gold coins.

Get a Pearl in the Ginger Island


Similar to secret notes, the advanced levels of the game unlocked another special feature called the journal scraps. They’ll lead you to different quests in and around Stardew Valley and reward you with unique gifts on completion.

The journal scrap 6 asks you to go to the southeast corner of the Island House, and dig there. Once you do, you’ll find a pearl and a golden walnut.

Note: You don’t need to unlock journal scrap to go and dig out a pearl in this location.

You can only find the pearls this way, if you have unlocked your way to the Ginger Island in Stardew. You have to complete the Community Center Fish Bundle that’ll repair Willy’s boat. Go to Willy’s backroom, pay him 500 gold coins, and he’ll take you to Ginger Island where a new adventure will unfold.

Build a Fish Pond to Get Pearls in Stardew


If you would rather not wait until the end of the year to find a pearl in Stardew Valley, you can build a fish pond to guarantee the production of pearls in your farm in Stardew Valley. In fact, it’s a long-term investment option that’ll allow you to have a steady flow of this rare item.

Once you have enough pearls, you can sell them for 2500 gold coins and make a steady income. Moreover, building fish ponds and harvesting pearls is a quicker option that doesn’t take continued effort.

There are two types of fish that can help you produce pearls: Blobfish and the Crab.

➡️ How to Build a Fish Pond in Stardew Valley


To cultivate blobfish or crab, you’ll need to build a fish pond first. Follow these steps:

  • Gather 200 pieces of stone by mining them using your pickaxe. You can find stones on your farm or on the different levels of the mines. Stones will also be present in the Quarry and the Skull Cavern, but you have to wait for advanced levels to unlock them.
  • Get your hands on 5 pieces of seaweed. You can collect them on the beach as forage items, or you can fish them out as sea rubbish.
  • Next, grab 5 pieces of green algae. You can get green algae as monster loot while you’re busy mining through different levels, and you can also get green algae when you’re fishing in the Stardew Valley.
  • Save up to 5000 gold coins by selling crops, fish, or rare gems. You can also earn money by completing quests, raising animals, and selling their produce (farm products and artisan goods).
  • Go to Robin’s Carpenter Shop between 9AM – 5PM next to the mountain lake with all these items in your backpack. Click on Build, and navigate through the arrow buttons until you find the Fish Pond.
  • Robin will take 2 days to finish building your fish pond after you have selected a space on your land to build it.

➡️ How to Build a Crab Pond to Find Pearls

When I started harvesting blobfish to get pearls and saw how difficult they were to fish, I desperately searched for an easier option. And that’s when I came across crabs. They are easier to find, and populating their fish pond can guarantee pearls, thereby making the process way easier than blobfishes.

Where to Find a Crab❓

Once you have built the fish pond, you need to find a crab. You can leave a crab pot in the sea, load it with bait, and come back the next day to find crabs.

Moreover, you can craft a crab pot once you have reached Fishing Level 3 and unlocked the recipe, using:

  • 40 pieces of wood
  • 3 iron bars

You can also find crabs in the mines when you kill a rock crab or a lava crab. There’s a 15 – 25% chance that these crabs will drop a crab as monster loot.

You can also find them as a part of rotating stock in the Travelling Mart.

How to Get Pearls in Stardew Valley From Crabs❓

Crabs don’t release pearls. However, when you populate the crab pond to its maximum capacity, Willy will gift you a pearl. To reach the maximum capacity of your crab pond, you have to finish quests:

  • Add 5 clay pieces to increase the population from 3 to 5 crabs.
  • You’ll also be asked to add either 5 pieces of quartz or 10 pieces of bug meat to go from 5 to 7 crabs.
  • Then, add either 1 sea urchin or 5 solar essences to go from 7 crabs to 10 crabs, which is the maximum capacity.

➡️ How to Build a Blobfish Pond to Get Pearls in Stardew Valley

Blobfishes naturally produce pearls. Hence, your best shot to get a guaranteed supply of pearls in Stardew Valley is through these fishes. Now, blobfish can be difficult to find to put them in your fish pond.

How to Find a Blobfish in Stardew Valley❓

You can find this rare fish when you go fishing in the deeper bottoms of the ocean. Take the submarine ride at the Night Market to find a blobfish. How to increase your chances of capturing the rare blobfish?

  • Use an angler to increase your chance of catching a blobfish by 10%.
  • You can also use the curiosity lure to increase your chance of catching a blobfish by 20%.

If you would rather not wait for the Night Market on Winter 15, you can try looking for blobfish in the sea. Go to the southwest corner of the beach, or go to Ginger Island and use magic bait to lure in rare blobfishes.

How to Increase Blobfish in Your Fish Pond❓

You can complete several quests to increase the number of blobfishes in your fish pond. Do the following:

  • To take the number from 1 to 3, you might need either 2 corals, 2 sea urchins, or 2 frozen tears.
  • Next, to go from 3 to 5 blobfishes, use 5 coffee beans, or 1 mayonnaise, or 1 pizza, as asked.
  • To go from 5 to 7 blobfishes, you can use 1 cookie or 1 green tea or 1 wine as asked by the game.
  • For the final leap to 10 blobfishes, you’ll need 1 rainbow shell or 1 rice pudding.

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You Might Get Pearls in an Artifact Trove


An artifact trove is a special treasure trove you can purchase from the Desert Trader at Calico Desert. To go to Calico Desert, the bus service in Stardew Valley must be repaired, and you have to buy a ticket worth 500 gold coins. Pam, the bus driver, will drive you to the Calico Desert, and the bus will wait until you have to come back to Pelican Town.


Anyway, you can get an Artifact Trove, a special chest of ancient curiosities, for 5 omni geodes. You can collect omni geodes mining in the Skull Cavern, or in the deeper pits of the mines between levels 90 – 120.

Carry the Artifact Trove to Clint, the Blacksmith’s Shop, between 9AM – 4PM, and he’ll break it open for you. There might be a 25% chance of finding a pearl inside an Artifact Trove.

➡️ Other Ways to Procure Artifact Trove

You can get an artifact trove in Ginger Island’s dig sites, if you dig the artifact spots listed. You can also get an artifact trove washed up as supply crates if you have a beach farm layout.

Uses of Pearls in Stardew Valley

Now that you know all the ways of getting pearls in Stardew Valley, let me take you through its uses in the game universe.

➡️ Sell them for 2500 Gold Coins

You can sell your pearls for a high price (2500 gold coins) by placing them in your shipping bins.

➡️ Pearls in Stardew Make for a Universally Loved Gift

All players universally love the pearl as a gift. You’re sure to increase your friendship points, and earn their love and admiration if you get them a pearl.

➡️ Pearls in Stardew Valley make your Bridal Veil for your Wedding

If you’re a fashion lover and you’d love a bridal veil (the headwear for a bride) on your wedding day, use a pearl to tailor a bridal veil. You can go to Emily’s house and use a pearl and a piece of cloth to tailor this unique item.

It’s one of the most interesting ways to prove how far ahead in the game you are, though it’s not essential or mandatory.

➡️ Pearls can be Exchanged for a Unique Bed


Go to the desert trader who prioritizes unique finds. They might be ready to exchange a beautiful birch bed with you for a pearl. The bed might add to your modern home’s aesthetic and turn your interiors into a bespoke one!

Conclusion: Pearls Are Rare

You already know how rare pearls are in the Stardew Universe, and it has some unique uses, like creating the bridal veil. However, you can also find pearls as monster loot when the Shrine of Challenge or Danger in the Deep quests are activated.

You can forage pearls in the deeper pits of the mines. But be sure that you’ll have to kill a lot of monsters on your way to this rare item!

Next, check out how you can upgrade tools in Stardew Valley to ensure that you have the necessary equipment to mine for pearls!

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