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Dirt blocks are essential blocks in Minecraft. It is the base for player creativity and ideas to flourish. Players can build structures, harvest crops, and craft equipment using these blocks in Minecraft. In fact, dirt blocks give players a blank canvas to build a rich landscape through farming and landscaping. 

We will walk you through the many methods of collecting dirt blocks in Minecraft, as well as an in-depth study of the various types of dirt blocks available in the game, in this article. 

You’ll learn about the various qualities as well as uses of dirt, coarse dirt, podzol, and other materials in the game as well.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a curious newbie, this article will improve your understanding of one of the most basic features in the Minecraft universe. Get ready to dive into the depths of dirt and discover its many possibilities!

Various Types of Dirt Blocks in Minecraft

There are different types of dirt in Minecraft, each with its own set of properties and functions.

➡️ Block of Dirt

Block of dirt in minecraft

The most common type of dirt is found throughout the Overworld. It is easy to get it with a shovel.

➡️ Coarse Dirt Block

Coarse dirt

Mixing regular dirt and gravel creates coarse dirt, which exhibits a rougher texture. However, it cannot be cultivated for agriculture, making it suitable solely for decoration or use in specific biomes.

➡️ Podzol


In the Mega Taiga biome, Podzol is most commonly found, showcasing a light gray appearance with patches of grass and spruce needles on top. Breaking the dirt blocks in the Mega Taiga biome will give you Podzol.

➡️ Mycelium


Mycelium can spread to nearby dirt blocks and is found in Mushroom Island biomes. It has a purple hue and is essential for mushroom growth.

➡️ Dirt Path

dirt path

When players keep stepping on grass blocks, they turn into dirt paths. These trails have a dirt texture and are great for creating ornamental walkways.

Materials Required to Make Coarse Dirt in Minecraft

The following items are required to create rough dirt in Minecraft.

➡️ Blocks of Dirt

block of dirt

Dig or use a shovel to get plain dirt blocks. Throughout the Overworld, players can find dirt, which is one of the most abundant and readily available resources in the game.

➡️ Gravel

Gravel in Minecraft

Gravel is another resource that can be found in various biomes, especially caves, riverbeds, and mountains. Break up gravel blocks with a shovel to collect suitable material.

➡️ Crafting Table

crafting table

To create a crafting table in Minecraft, place one wooden plank in each hole in the top and bottom rows of the 2×2 grid.

Steps to Make Coarse Dirt in Minecraft

Once you’ve gathered the things above, follow these steps to create some rough dirt in Minecraft.

#1. Open the Crafting Table

To open a 3×3 crafting grid, approach the crafting table and right-click.

#2. Place the Items on the Crafting Table

coarse dirt recipe

To get coarse dirt in Minecraft, two blocks of dirt and two blocks of gravel can be placed as shown in the image above in the crafting grid.

#3. Craft Coarse Dirt Block

After properly depositing dirt and gravel, the item Coarse Dirt will appear in the result field.

#4. Pick Up Coarse Dirt Block

To add Coarse Dirt blocks to your inventory, simply click on it in the result field.

In the game, players can find dirt throughout the Overworld, where it stands as one of the most abundant and readily available resources.

How to Gather Dirt in Survival Mode in Minecraft?

In survival mode in Minecraft, you can gain land by shoveling or breaking dirt blocks with your hands. Here’s how to do it.

#1. Using a Shovel

➡️ Make a Shovel

creating a shovel in Minecraft

First, you need to make a shovel. You can craft a wooden shovel from two wooden planks and one rod, or you can craft more durable shovels from stone, iron, gold, or diamond.

➡️ Find Dirt

Look for places where dirt blocks are exposed in the ground. Most biomes in the Overworld have dirt on the surface.

➡️ Dig Up Dirt Blocks

To dig up a dirt block, right-click (Java Edition) or press the action button (Bedrock Edition) with a shovel in hand. A dirt block will appear in your inventory as an item.

#2. Using Your Hands

use your hands for getting dirt blocks in Minecraft

➡️ Find the Dirt Blocks

Look for areas with dirt blocks on the ground, just like you did with the shovel.

➡️ Dig Up Dirt Blocks

Approach the dirt block with your bare hand and press the attack button until it breaks. The dirt block will appear as a collectible.

NOTE: Using a shovel will allow you to gather dirt more quickly and efficiently than using your hands.


To summarize, gathering dirt blocks in Minecraft is a simple but necessary component of the game that allows for limitless creativity. The humble block of clay serves as a canvas for players’ artistic endeavors, whether gathered with a trusty shovel or physically broken by hand in survival mode.

There are various kinds of dirt in Minecraft, such as Podzol and Mycelium. Mastering the art of getting dirt blocks in Minecraft allows players to customize their virtual environment and engage in exciting experiences, from building structures to farming and landscaping.

You can use both dirt and clay blocks to create buildings in Minecraft. So, check out our guide on how to get clay in Minecraft next!

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