How to Get a Daedra Heart in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim?


To the dedicated fans of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Daedra Hearts are pretty well-known. These hearts are an important component in various sophisticated smithing and alchemy recipes. They are capable of giving birth to some of the most potent and rarest potions in the game.

Daedra Hearts are rare. So, Skyrim enthusiasts often feel puzzled regarding the locations to find them. This post is intended to serve as a guide to such players in their quest to find Daedra Hearts and benefit from them.

So, without delay, let us list out all the locations where you can find Daedra Hearts.

What are Daedra Hearts❓

In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Daedra Heart is a type of ingredient that comes in handy while making superior potions and gear.

daedra heart

These rare hearts look similar to the human heart but have a few differences. First, they have many additional arteries, and second, their color has a much deeper shade of red than human hearts.

The sources of these hearts are Dremora, who mostly appear during Daedric quests and the Conjuration Ritual Spell quest. 

Where to find Daedra Hearts in Skyrim❓

Due to their rarity, Daedra Hearts are quite hard to find. This makes gathering sufficient Daedra Hearts for brewing all your required potions take a lot of effort without proper guidance.

That is why, to ensure an easy discovery of all the Daedra Hearts you need for smithing and potion-making, we are mentioning all Daedra Heart locations in Skyrim:   

Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon

First, players have to visit the Dawnstar City – the capital of Pale Hold. There, when Silus Vesuius gives them the quest called ‘Pieces of the Past’, they must accept it.

Upon starting the quest, they will reach the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon – a Daedric Shrine. For your info, players can locate the shrine between The Lord Stone and Skyborn Altar.

Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon

After slaying Silus, the Dragonborn will obtain the key that is the sole means of entering the cavern. Both inside and outside the shrine, four Dremora appear every ten days.

After killing these humanoid beings, they each drop a Daedra Heart that players can pick.

The fact that the Dremora appearance here is a recurring event, the shrine becomes a perfect location for all Daedra Heart hunters for a steady, unceasing Daedra Hearts collection.


Players must accept the ‘Straw That Broke’ quest that Narfi, a Nord beggar, gives the Dragonborn at the river in Ivarstead.

The quest revolves around Narfi asking the player to examine his sister Reyda’s dead body, which is currently in the river, southeast of Ivarstead.


This quest gives players the opportunity to get a Daedra Heart either from the remains of Reyda, or they may get one from Narfi as a reward by completing the investigation.

In some cases, players can get lucky and obtain Daedra Hearts from both sources.

Shrine of Azura

Situated at the southern side of Winterhold, the Shrine of Azura is a sure-shot Daedra Heart location in Skyrim.

The ‘Black Star’ quest that Aranea Ienith – a Dunmer priestess of Azura, gives players at this place requires them to combat a Dunmer mage, namely Malyn Varen, and three of her Dremora henchmages.

Shrine of Azura

After destroying Malyn’s soul and cleansing Azura’s Star, players will obtain not one but three Daedra Hearts as rewards.    

Nightcaller Temple

When the ‘Waking Nightmare’ is active, players can obtain two Daedra Hearts from the laboratory within the Nightcaller Temple.

Nightcaller Temple

Upon entering the room, the Dragonborn will notice four shelves in the corner to their right. On these shelves, there are two Daedra Hearts that players are free to take.

Hall of the Vigilant

If players visit the Hall of the Vigilant that is located on the southside of Dawnstar before the vampire outbreak happens, they can find what they are looking for.

Right atop the table in the main room, there will be a Daedra Heart up for grabs.


Inside Jorrvaskr – the chief base of The Companions in the city of Whiterun, Kodlak’s room has a Daedra Heart on a plate.

Players have to head downstairs of the building without speaking to anyone and explore the rooms, as they have no markings. So, how can someone locate which room belongs to Kodlak? They have to simply enter the room where two men are having a deep conversation and steal the Daedra Heart from the plate.

Remember, if the men talking to each other refuse to leave, you need to fight your way out.

Also, there is an opportunity to gain two additional Daedra Hearts by pickpocketing Farkas and Kodlak. While the chances are slim, Jorrvaskr would offer you three Daedra Hearts back-to-back, if you luck out. 

Valerica’s Study

Inside Castle Volkihar, the Dragonborn can locate Valerica’s Study.

For the unaware, players can find Castle Volkihar on an island situated northwest of Solitude. One Daedra Heart is available in this place.

Sinderion’s Field Laboratory

Far northeast of Blackreach, there is the Sinderion’s Field Laboratory.

After entering the room, one will see a Daedra Heart on the alchemy table. They can pick it up and exit the lab.

Midden Dark

Once players have accepted the ‘Forgotten Names’ quest received from a bizarre gauntlet found in The Midden beneath the College of Winterhold, they may progress as usual.

The Midden

During the climax of the said quest, they will come face-to-face with a Dremora pirate called Valehk Sain, who is trapped in the Midden Dark.

After eliminating Valehk, players can pick the Daedra Heart he drops.

Soul Cairn

Soul Cairn is one of the finest places to visit for all Daedra Heart hunters.

During the quest named ‘Chasing Echoes’, players are capable of entering this place through the portal in the dungeons of Castle Volkihar.

This plane has plenty of options when it comes to these treasured items. Some of the creatures residing here will drop Daedra Hearts when defeated. The chests may contain some hearts as well.

Drelas’ Cottage

Northwest of Dustman’s Cairn, there is Drelas’ Cottage, which is a Daedra Heart location. Inside this cottage, the Dragonborn can find a Daedra Heart.

Also, if players kill Drelas, he may drop a heart.  


In Folgunthur, southeast of Solitude, players can get one Daedra Heart on the remains of Daynas Valen during the quest ‘Forbidden Legend’.  

Castle Dour

In Castle Dour, after the completion of the Dark Brotherhood quest, namely ‘To Kill an Empire’, players will see the Writ of Passage and obtain a Daedra Heart.

Even if players have not finished the quest yet, they can get the Daedra Heart by pickpocketing or murdering the traveler.

Shalidor’s Maze           

After annihilating Dremora Valkynaz and completing the Shalidor’s Maze in the Nordic city of Labyrinthian, the slain Dremora will drop a Daedra Heart for the players the pick.

Last Vigil

During the quest ‘The Ebony Warrior’, the Dragonborn has to fight the Ebony Warrior in the Last Vigil, a campsite on the Velothi Mountains, and fight him to death.

After defeating the Ebony Warrior, he will drop a Daedra Heart.

Alchemy Labs

Inside the Alchemy Labs, one can find Apothecary Satchels that may contain a Daedra Heart.

Alchemy Labs for daedra hearts

However, the chance of obtaining it this way is irritating, as Apothecary Satchels rarely have a Daedra Heart inside them.

Wolfskull Ruins

West of Solitude, Wolfskull Ruins lets players take a Daedra Heart while on the quest ‘The Man Who Cried Wolf’.

During this quest, you will encounter a necromancer down the stairs, who will drop a Daedra Heart once killed.

Apart from these places, players may sometimes also obtain Daedra Hearts from Thalmor Wizards, Alchemists, Vigilants of Stendarr, Hagravens, and Hunters.

Plus, the quests ‘Coated in Blood’ and ‘The Cursed Tribe’ present two distinct opportunities to find Daedra Hearts.

Besides, a random encounter with Balbus – a Nord on the streets of Skyrim will be beneficial in your Daedra Heart hunt, as Balbus will give you a Daedra Heart as a gift if you have Gourmet’s Writ of Passage. Otherwise, you may kill/pickpocket him to obtain the heart.  

➡️ How to Craft Daedra Hearts?

Crafting Daedra Hearts is only possible using the Atronach Forge in Skyrim, which is located in the Midden beneath the College of Winterhold. The recipe for crafting one Daedra Heart includes the following components:

  • 1 Sigil Stone
  • 1 Human Heart
  • 1 Black Soul Gem 

The Sigil Stone comes as a reward for completing the ‘Conjuration Ritual Spell’.

Atronach Forge in the Midden

Players can find numerous Human Hearts scattered across the game world, for example, in the Volkihar Castle. And for the Black Soul Gems, you can look inside chests and caves.

Creatures like Giants, Hagravens, Draugrs, Necromancers, and Forsworn Briarhearts may drop these gems as well.  

➡️ How to Buy Daedra Hearts?

In case you did not know, Skyrim allows players to buy Daedra Hearts from merchants scattered across the game. 

You can find one such merchant named Enthir – a Wood Elf sorcerer at the College of Winterhold. He resides on the second floor of the Hall of Attainment. From Enthir, players can buy two Daedra Hearts that restock every two days. So, players can come back to him as many times as they want and buy a pair of Daedra Hearts each time. 

Also, Babette – a Breton vampire and the Dark Brotherhood merchant, typically sells a Daedra Heart or two. No matter which seller you choose out of the two, the base value for these hearts will be 250 gold per heart. Nonetheless, as you improve your speechcraft skills, this cost will decrease.

Alchemy Shop in Markarth

Lastly, players can visit the Alchemy shops in the game to purchase Daedra Hearts. Usually, all these shops should have some Daedra Hearts in their stock when you visit.    

➡️ Uses of Daedra Hearts in Skyrim

Daedra Hearts have many uses in the world of Skyrim. They are as follows:

  • Daedra Hearts can restore Health by 5 points, damage Magicka by 3 points, hurt Stamina Recovery by reducing it to 0 for five seconds, and induce fear in creatures up to level 1 for thirty seconds.
Daedra Heart's uses in Alchemy
  • They are vital ingredients in making some of the most extraordinary and potent potions in Skyrim. 
  • Daedra Hearts are also necessary for smithing select high-tier armor and weapons.     

Final Words

As is clear from the above discussion, Daedra Hearts possess several alchemical effects, such as health restoration, damage stamina recovery, damage Magicka, and fear inducement. These effects make Daedra Hearts a must-have component for alchemy aficionados in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

By empowering players to create the rarest potions or swiftly reducing an enemy’s power, these hearts help them get an instant upper hand. Plus, using Daedra Hearts, players can craft some remarkable gears and weapons.

In this guide, we told you about all possible locations to acquire Daedra Hearts. Refer to our post next time you are on a hunt for this potent ingredient, and you should have no trouble getting a handsome quantity for all your needs.

I am sure that if you follow all the above-mentioned steps, you will run out of carrying capacity for carrying all the Daedra Hearts. For that reason, you may want to read how to increase carry weight in Skyrim!

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